Wellbeing Wednesdays – Little moments


If you missed my post on Monday you can check it out here!

The above quote sums it up nicely.

Be grateful for the little things because when you’re sick in bed, or feeling your worst, it’s the little things that will put a smile on your face and make your day brighter and less blue :)

#wellbeingwednesday – What’s a quote that has motivated or inspired you lately?

Work Lunch #10 – Bombay Duck in Melbourne’s CBD

IMG_8372[1] Daniel Bombay Duck The Urban Ma blog IMG_8374[1] IMG_8375[1]

Bombay Duck, Emporium Melbourne
Upper Level food court, 287 Lonsdale st.

As with a lot of the other eateries we’ve tried in the upper level food court at Emporium, Bombay Duck is above average when it comes to taste, quality and service of what you normally expect for food court fare! Definitely a fav for a warm, satisfying, winter work lunch. Also open for dinner!

We ordered:
– 3 curries with rice and naan bread (So good!!)
– mango lassi (smooth and creamy)

– better than average food court service :)

– busy and lively

– Bombay Duck has their own seated section for customers which is a plus when looking for a seat in this busy area of Emporium

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Mama Mondays – Starting them early 

   This is what life is has been looking like lately. :) Cold winter days where 5.30pm looks like 10pm with such darkness covering the city is somehow always brightened by coming home greeted by Mr  D’s  radiant, smiling face!

Everything is new to him. Everything is a wonder. Everything that he sees, feels and hears is an opportunity to explore.

And can you believe it, he is already so grateful!

How do we know this? Because every night in bed after his shower, his reading time and his prayers, the hubby has been asking Mr D if he wants to say thanks for anything that day.

When he first started about a month ago I was in such awe! Still am. I can’t get over all the little things he lists that he is thankful for so thought I’d start writing them down in order to remember such precious little words :)

#GratefulDaniel #1

Daddy: Daniel do you want to say thank you for anything today?

D: Yes! Uhhhh….thank you God for Daddy’s arms. And thank you God for Mummy’s lips and nose and two hands.

Mummy: Mummy’s two hands?

D: Yah! And Mummy and Daddy’s two arms, oh! – where’s the other arm? (He looks for my other arms that’s under the pillow under Daddy’s head and proceeds to run his face along it)

Awwwww my heart melts!

Never too early to start saying thank you :)

Nothing better than ending a freezing Monday night in a warm, cozy bed with my two wonderfuls.

What are you grateful for today?

  1. A “Rewind” chicken pie that my friend’s husband made for us girls as we took over the house for a girls night in complete with drinks, candles and cuddles with the latest addition to our Rewind dance family! 2. Re- vamped our veggie patch on the weekend with some new additions 3. Found this little Francesco Bernoulli racing car in my bag lol! (Mr D is obsessesed with the Cars movies by Disney) 4.  This is what 5pm looks like in Melbourne’s CBD on the way home…so dark, so early!A road trip to Philip Island to help celebrate a 30th and 3rd birthday of some more wonderful dance friends!

Top photo: 1. A big, fat and oh-so-good Parma for lunch at work last week 2. Mr D can’t get enough of Granny Smith apples lately, and that purple rug from Ikea lol! (he loves sitting on it and puts all his toys on it!) 3. Work mode – love the views of the city, the Yarra and the bay 4. Mr D and Daddy lying on the jumping castle at PlayZone in Noble Park for a 1st birthday party – that place is huge!!! – thanks for having us John & Tam :)

Saturday Styling – Cozy in our winter knits 

Winter warmers OOTD

This photo was taken on Mothers Day :) Even though it’s only autumn, Melbourne has truly embraced the cooler seasons with so many days already being cold enough to really rug up with not just layers, but thick layers.

Chunky winter knits and comfy boots are our pick f

or the winter months this year and here’s what the family and I are loving right now.

Master D wears:
– blue shirt and knitted sweater from H&M
– Bottoms from Rhubard
– Converse All Stars from Platypus

Ma wears:
– black singlet from Cotton On (this has lasted me ages and still shows no signs of pilling! – great bargain buy!)
– black leggings from Cotton On Body
– chunky, cozy, warm, winter knit from Valley Girl, Emporium
– comfy ankle boots from Spendless

Work Lunch #9 – Don Don’s bento box and more! 


Don Don’s, 26 Francis st, Melbourne CBD

Tasty food served with lightning speed? Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that you can get it at Don Don’s!

Infamous for serving your meal faster than you can put away your change. And yes you’ll get change from a $10 note! – their bento box and rice dishes are under $10 :)

We ordered:

– a bento box filled wi h beef and chicken plus some rice, salad and even prices of fruit! Entree, main and dessert all in one dish!

– sukiyaki beef with rice

Service: super fast

Ambience: casual

A favourite of the office folk, Don Don’s is a place you can repeatedly rely on to serve you delicious Japanese dishes that will keep you within your weekly lunch budget!

Warning: it can get addictive and you’ll be wanting to try everything on the menu or stick to your favourite.

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Don Don Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Lippy, heels and my mamma friends

IMG_5535Ms Collins, 425 Collins st, Melbourne

Saw a post on Instagram last week which got me thinking… Once upon a time we went out on a Thursday (to Odeon), a Friday (to Next Blue), a Saturday (to Zos) and a Sunday (to Mercury Lounge). 4 nights in a row, I don’t know how we did it. These days with full time work, a 2 two year old, extra curricular activities and a house to make feel like a home, it take me 2 weeks to recover from even just one night out let alone a couple in a row!

But once in a while we just want to throw on those heels, a pretty dress and take to that dance floor with drinks and girlfriends in hand.

The scene has changed quite a lot with higher entry (I remember paying $8 plus a free drink card at some clubs), a change in music (from sexy rnb tunes to EDM), and a toilet full of girls wriggling around taking 120 selfie pics before they’re satisfied with one that they filter, edit and crop before posting online. The below Instagram post had me giggling thinking about all the gossip and friendly ladies in the bathroom happily chatting to each other acting like they’re best friends, even though they know nothing about each other except their expensive taste in designer handbags. No camera phones to distract from the babbling about boyfriends, jealous rants or the excited feelings of being bought a free drink from a cute stranger. Ahhh I wonder what they’re all up to now! :)