Bump Diary #20 – 38 weeks

third trimester

How far along are you? 38 weeks and 5 days (I can’t believe it’ll be 39 weeks on Wednesday!!)

How big is baby? This week Baby is as long as a leek. On average around 49.8cms long and weighing just over 3kg still in a head-down position.

Body and changes:

Weight gain I haven’t weighed myself this week so nothing to report here except I’ve been eating heaps of Weetbix lately and I haven’t had it for ages. This week I had it for breakfast nearly every morning with half a banana sliced up, some blueberries, low fat milk and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

– Stretch marks Same as last week and still using both moisturizer and oil on my belly.

Sleep At the start of this 38th week I was officially feeling to heavy to fall asleep comfortably. Every time I tried to move in bed my tummy felt so heavy like I had eaten the whole China Bar buffet! The past couple of days have been a lot better.

Maternity clothes Bought some big comfy undies from Kmart this week amongst other things (they have so many amazing things there and I may have gone on a little shopping spree with mum buying homewares and stationery…damn #kmarthacks hashtag on Instagram has got me wanting to buy everything!)

The Other Stuff:
Nothing too different this week except just feeling a little more heavy like my belly is a lot lower ie. when I sit down I can’t sit with my knees touching each other! – they’re so far apart in order to make room for my low belly. It has been such a hot start to October that I am so glad I’m not pregnant during the middle of summer. Ahhh mama life! I’m going to miss all the movement inside once this little one decides to meet us – Baby was moving so much on Saturday night that I thought she was going to come out! But nope…we’re still playing the waiting game.

Sorry for the blurry pics! Uggh I though I just cleaned the mirror the other week…why is there still dust on it?!

 Feeling exhausted but at the same time wanting to get out and about before Baby comes as I know I’ll be stuck in the house for a little bit post partum.

Needing to make some adjustments to our budget and book our next holiday already!

Wanting to meet and play with Baby.

Watching some funny stand up comedians and TED talks

Bookmarking outdoor area decor ideas now that our new pergola is up! Bring on summer!! :)

Noticing how grown up Mr D is putting on his own shoes and pants etc. He is constantly questioning everything!

Enjoying the backyard and picking fresh veggies and herbs to eat. Also enjoying these few weeks off work with Mr D before baby number two comes – mother and son bonding time. It’s been so nice but now I think he’s getting a little too attached as we couldn’t even leave him with grandma tonight to go on a date without him being upset.

  Caught up with some of the girlfriends and their little bubbas this week and had an amazing smoothie from HealThy Self Co, Mr D went swimming heaps this week and loved it, the talented and hardworking guys from JPT Kitchens hard at work, can’t go past chocolates, strawberries ad churros!

Date night in Yarraville :) 

gratefuldaniel #18
Daddy: What are you grateful for today Daniel?
Daniel: Thanks to God for my monster trucks and Monster Jam on October 10 (he knows the date of Monster Jam more than his own birthday!). Thanks for Mummy and Daddy and cousins, and Kumar (Wait, what!? How did the name of the pizza store owner make it into our gratitude journal this week? The hubby and I cracked up laughing so hard! I guess Mr D must’ve have been impressed with the pizzas or parma night last week haha!).

Have you been continuing to practice gratitude in the past week? What have you been grateful for?

Mama Mondays – Party season just got better!

This product talk is brought to you by Nuffnang and ILLOOMS Balloons.Ilooms balloons party planning decor

Mama Mondays – A little something special this party season

The end of the year is coming around so quickly and so are all the birthday and party invitations. I have a couple of special birthdays to plan for and was so excited to get my hands on some of these illuminated LED balloons courtesy of Nuffnang and Illooms Balloons.

For both the young and young at heart, balloons have always been a sign of celebration and fun times with loved ones. These Illooms Balloons illuminated our decking area making everything look so pretty and festive as we tested them out the other night. I am pleased to report back that they were a hit! They come in such bright colors and even ones with marbled swirls on them – there are designs to suit all occasions. When you pull the tag, the magic happens as the LED (light emitting diode) is activated. Like a cross between a glowstick and a balloon, this year’s party season just got turned up a notch!
Backyard party Illooms balloons reviewWe tested out the Illooms Balloons when our new pergola was completed and I can’t wait to use them for a couple of parties coming up in the next month!

Not only was my little almost-three-old toddler super excited by these “magic balloons” we blew up for him, but my cousins were just as impressed. It says on the packet that they last for up to 15 hours – I blew up one of the alien themed ones and it lasted five days with the light still faintly glowing by the fifth day!

If you want to add an easy pop of colour and light to your next party to make it extra special, these Illooms Balloons are now available at your local Big W, Kmart and Woolworths stores!



Ilooms ballons unique party decor

Ilooms balloons instructions party inspo

This product talk is brought to you by Nuffnang and ILLOOMS Balloons.

Saturday Style – Matchy-matchy shoes with Daddy

The Urban Ma kidswear boyswearFathers Day ootd The Urban Ma


Matchy-matchy shoes with Daddy

Found these pics on my messy desktop and can’t believe they were taken exactly a year ago. One of my favourite things to do is watch the hubby playing around with our little one. They can go for hours running around or playing with cars with Mr D chattering away non-stop!

They wore:

-blue flannelette shirt from Pumpkin Patch
– printed tee from Target
– jeans from Cotton On Kids
– hi tops from Charlie & Me (these are so sturdy and easy to wear – Mr D has been wearing them for over a year now!)

– black jacket from FCUK
– tee from Zara
– jeans and shoes from Topman


Styling Daniel The Urban Ma playtime things to do school holidays The Urban Ma father and son The Urban Ma The Urban Ma fathers day

A kid-friendly bakery in Kyneton

Country Cob Bakery Kyneton Styling Daniel

Country Cob Bakery, 130-132 Mollison St, Kyneton

Whenever we can get the whole family together, we spend a few days at an old family favourite getaway less than an hour’s drive from Melbourne. Kyneton Bushland Resort is a place we’ve been going to since I was baby – fresh air, loads of trees and wildlife roaming around and activities for the whole family.

The past two times we’ve been, the family and I have been taking the time to check out some of the cafes and eateries in Kyneton’s town centre. There are loads of great places to choose from and a stroll down Piper street is a must. Gastrology blog even shares a few different places in their post here.

homemade pies Country Cob Bakery KynetonLunch with the parents Kyneton brunch The Urban Ma

We were hungry and had just gotten off the freeway and stopped at the first bakery we could find as Papa loves his pies! Country Cob Bakery seemed the ticket as it was just on the road that we turned into with ample parking spaces and loads of options. It sort of felt like a cafeteria with a large range of hot and cold options to choose from.

We ordered:

– pies

– a roast beef roll

– roast veggies and roast beef (Mr D loved the roast veggies)

– eggs florentine

– and some cakes (vanilla slices and beestings, yum!!)


Kyneton Bakery The Urban Ma Country Cob Bakery Melbourne eats

The Details:

Lots of seating options and space for prams. Service was friendly even though the bakery was busy when we first ordered. We even ordered some loaves of sourdough to take with us for our BBQ sausages and burgers we were going to cook for dinner that night. The bread was so fresh and soft. Country Cob Bakery have been operating for almost 20 years and also offer catering.

Country Cobb interiorRoast sandwich Kyneton Melbourne Country Cob eggs benedict Country Cobs vanilla slices Country Cob Bakery Melbourne's west Kyneton

Country Cob Bakery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Bump Diary #19 – 37 weeks

How far along are you? 37 weeks and 5 days
How big is baby? This week Baby is as long as a stalk of chard. On average around 48.6cms long and weighing just under 2.8kg in a head-down position. We were excited to see Baby on the ultrasound scan last week and she was measuring in at around 2.6kg give or take 15%.

Body and changes:

Weight gain Ok so I weighed myself at the doctor’s this past week and I’m 79.6kg so I’ve gained around 19kgs in this pregnancy so far.

– Stretch marks I think I’ve got a few new stretch marks right underneath my belly button. I’ve found that I have a lot more this time than last time. I’m still using Bio Oil in the evenings and Palmer’s Stretch Mark moisturiser.

Sleep This week I’ve been sleeping well but feeling really heavy when getting in and out of bed and finding it hard to turn from side to side because of how heavy my tummy feels! C’mon Baby we want to meet you already!!

Maternity clothes I bought a long line grey vest and a pretty white dress from Sportsgirl during the Highpoint shopping night last week. I also about some tan-colored flats from Novo and some things from Cotton On Kids for the kids. I also bought a surprise for the hubby but I’ll give it to him for his birthday :)

The Other Stuff:
I’m really feeling the weight of my tummy this week – if I’m standing for some time my pelvic area aches and I feel like I have to hold the bottom of my belly for extra support. Quick-Eze has been my saviour in the evenings during bedtime when I’m feeling reflux and heartburn. I’ve also been trying to remember to continue regularly working on my pelvic floor exercises so I don’t accidentally pee when I sneeze or cough lol!


 Feeling more and more tired this past week and have still been trying to walk everyday in order to get even just that little bit of exercise in.

Needing to sit down and relax…maybe a movie night is in order as there are a few recent releases I still haven’t watched.

Wanting to get my hair colored but I’ll let it grow out and wait until next year.

Watching some videos on the net of numbers and letters games I can play with Mr D. I also watched one episode of The Bachelorette last week.

Bookmarking organization tips and courses.

Noticing how observant our little toddler is and noticing that when he’s seemingly “nagging” me about something, I should really listen because he actually has something important to say or explain to me.

Enjoying hearing Mr D talk about his monster trucks – he’s so excited that he’s going to Monster Jam next month that he even knows the date he’s going and has a backpack and cap all prepared to wear!
This little man was so happy last week on his trip to the city visiting Mummy, Daddy and Grandma’s work places and work friends. He wanted to pay for this coloring paper roll at the counter with Grandma serving him heheh!

Mr D was also lucky to visit the show this year with his cousin and aunties and uncles and came home with a huge minion bigger than himself and a Monster Jam showbag. Our local shopping centre also had a petting farm in the middle of the shops – I love it when they have piglets!
The weather was up and down at the start of the week and really brightened up towards the weekend! Absolutely beautiful so made sure we took full advantage and stayed outside in the garden and had fish and chips at Williamstown. We found a nest in one of our ficus trees with three brand new green eggs. We had a yummy Filipino style Sunday brunch eating tocino (cured pork), salted egg and tomato in a sweet bun.
In the gardenLittle C showing Mr D the pic of the birds nest filled with eggs from the tree right behind them. So cute!

gratefuldaniel #17
Daddy: What are you grateful for today Daniel?
Daniel: Thanks to God for my monster trucks and Mummy’s work friends. Can we see them again? (He had a blast this past week!).

Have you been continuing to practice gratitude in the past week? What have you been grateful for?

Saturday Style – Matchy matchy with my little man

The Urban Ma and Mr D Styling Daniel Pumpkin Patch

Saturday Style – Matchy-matchy with my little man

It was a last minute decision to go along with the family to Buxton Trout Farm and with a long drive and day ahead of us, Mr D and I got dressed into our comfy new stripey tees! Armed with suncreen, caps and sunnies we had a great day out and loved running around playing with our cousins.

We wore:

– Custom made Rewind cap
– Vertical striped boyfriend tee from Miss Shop
– Leggings from Bonds
– Denim shirt (around waist) from Forever 21
– Nike trainers

– Cap from Target
– Vertical striped long sleeved top from Pumpkin Patch
– Red bottoms also from Pumpkin Patch
– Converse kids

The Urban Ma Style Saturdays Kid friendly The Urban Ma

Beechworth Bakery
316 Maroondah Highway, Healesville

On the way home from the trout farm we stopped by Beechworth Bakery in Healesville for a light dinner – we were so full from all the fresh fish we ate!

They were closing up and we were lucky to get there just in time to order some pies, coffee and cakes. I ordered a beesting, a Beechworth pie and some peppermint tea. The pie was ok but the beesting was delish! I took one home for the sick hubby as a treat :)

The cafe was spacious and even had an outdoor area around the back with some picnic tables and benches. There were couches inside next to a couple of fireplaces and high chairs available for those needing them. I’d like to visit the original one in Beechworth that was established in 1984.

Beechworth Bakery Styling Daniel Beechworth Bakery pies Beechworth BakeryHealesville town Beechworth Beechworth Bakery Healesville

Beechworth Bakery Healesville Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Phi Phi Restaurant, St Albans

Phi Phi Vietnamese & Chinese Restaurant
28 Alfrieda st, St Albans Phone: 9366-5686

Even though I’ve been in the area for a long time I must admit I haven’t eaten at even half of the restaurants along the Alfrieda strip let alone the other streets in St Albans. I’ve clearly been missing out! – I normally just grab a trusty banh mi and donut and am fully content. Mr D and I headed out for a mid-week lunch a few weeks ago with Consider the Sauce blog writer Kenny,  to Phi Phi Restaurant. I couldn’t believe I’d never eaten here before as it is quite a favorite with the locals along with a few other restaurants on the strip. I just had to try the roast pork and duck and soup dishes!

We ordered:

Mixed Roast on rice (2 kinds) – I ordered roast duck and roast pork. It was such a tasty meal accompanied by a bowl of soup which I poured over the rice and some sauce and pickled veggies

BBQ Honey Pork with Egg Noodle (soup or dry) – I ordered it with soup because Mr D loves soup and noodles! The BBQ honey pork was so good, I’m going to order this again next time but for myself lol!

Rice vermicelli with stir-fried beef – Kenny ordered this and it looked packed with crunchy spring rolls and flavorsome beef pieces

The Details:

As soon as we walked in we were greeted with a smile by all the waitresses. When I first looked through the menu I was overwhelmed by the extensive list of dishes but with Kenny’s recommendations I found my way around it and spotted the rice and noodle dishes. We even went around the back to the kitchen to see the huge ovens that roasted all the meat. Just be careful to tread the floors to the toilets lightly as they were a little slippery. The rest of the restaurant was modestly decorated and clean, nice!

As soon as our orders were taken the waitress also placed an extra little bowl and soup spoon on our table ready for Mr D to use! How thoughtful :) There were high chairs also available if needed and a few big round tables which I’m thinking I’ll book next time so the whole family can come for dinner and maybe we’ll check out the different banquet options.


Phi Phi Vietnamese & Chinese Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato