A new Filipino cafe hits Braybrook 

   Pusong Pinoy – Filipino Cafe, Groceries, Catering
168 Churchill avenue, Braybrook

This new little cafe shines brightly among its fellow neighbors along this short strip of shops where the longstanding Masarap (delicioustasty) Bakery can be foumd. It occupies the old location of Quiapo, a Filipino/Asian grocery, who are now focusing on distribution. Pusong Pinoy (Filipino Heart in English) has transformed the space into a clean, welcoming and cheery cafe complete with USB ports and power points right next to the tables!

My cousin and I took the kids to get some lunch however being so new, the shop didn’t have their gas connected and as such the bain marie was empty. Jocelyn and her sister inform us that once everything is up and running they’ll be serving up some Filipino favorites such as adobo, pancit and other Pinoy staples.

In the meantime they offered us some sandwiches however the Filipino desserts and cakes caught my eye so we ended up trying out there coffee and sweets while Daniel bought a packet of cheesy Clover chips! The dessert fridge was filled with classics such as suman, puto and espasol – hopefully next time we visit they’ll have some egg pie! The cappuccino and cassava hearts were such a good combo and it was lovely to meet and chat with the excited new owners.  We’re told that Pusong Pinoy also provide catering so if you’re interested in ordering, you can find their details on Facebook :)

The annual Philippine Fiesta is coming up this weekend so for those of you who can’t get out to Braybrook to check out Pusong Pinoy, you can find this year’s fiesta at the Royal Exhibition Building in the Carlton Gardens. Jocelyn and her sister are multi-talented busy bees! Jocelyn informed us that she’ll be performing with a Pinoy choir this weekend in Geelong for Panunuluyan 2015 Celebrating the Joy of Christmas, while her sister is performing some Zumba moves at the Philippine Fiesta on Saturday!

  Daniel liked the cute little teacup lights above the counter :)Grab some cofee and cake from Pusong Pinoy or you can walk a few shops down to Masarap Bakery for some fresh pan de sal bread!

And right across the road is a great park for the kids to play to run off some of the sugar from the desserts! Braybrook Park features a huge wooden airplane structure and a BBQ area.

Pusong Pinoy Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Mama Mondays – 1 month post partum update

Bump photo 1 month post par1 month post partum update The Urban Ma


Mama Monday – 1 month post partum update

We’ve survived the first four weeks of sleep deprivation and life with two little ones! At times it was so hectic but all the cuddles and cute little baby coos and ahhhhs helped us to momentarily forget how tired we were and just take it all in. This newborn time is so fleeting. If we spend too much time focusing on the negatives, we’ll regret it later when our babies are teenagers and no longer want to hang with us!

So here is our 4 week update!

Height/weight: Baby – At Hannah’s 4 week check up, the nurse was happy to see her gaining lots of weight and growing well. Hannah measured 4.1kgs and 54.5cms long putting her just above the 50th percentile of girls length-for-age for her weight and 75th percentile for her height. Compared to Daniel at his 4 week check up, Hannah is a lot lighter with Daniel weighing 5kgs and measuring 56cms long.
Hannah is just starting to grow out of her onesies that are sized 0000! Daniel he grew out of them within the first two weeks! Onesies are my current fave item of clothing for her as they’re so easy to wear…especially the ones with the zip! Only recently have I started to dress Hannah in separates.
Mama – I haven’t weighed myself recently but I don’t think I’ve lost any more weight than in my last post…I actually feel bigger around the belly than last week but that’s probably because I’ve been so bad lately – I can’t stop eating sweets!!! Macarons, chocolate, vanilla ice cream with chocolate cake warmed up in the microwave, OMG somebody stop me! So sizes-wise I’m still wearing my maternity jeans on the rare occasion that you see me changed out of my pj’s and leggings!

Routine: Baby – Hannah doesn’t really have a set routine as yet – I feed her every 2-3 hours after which she is awake only for a little while and then straight back to sleep. Lately she’s stayed up a little longer for some play time with us! Mama – We stayed home for the first 4 weeks post partum with the exception of a couple of outings to the hospital and photoshoots and so I try to start my morning routine off with a load of laundry, breakfast and some more decluttering around the house (I try to declutter as much as possible before going to bed). Then in the evenings I try to get my blog posts done which as you can tell by this late 1 month update, I’m still trying to work on!

Sleeping: Baby Hannah is still feeding and sleeping all day and night long but I’ve noticed that recently instead of going straight to sleep after a feed, she’s awake a little longer. We normally start our day at 6 or 7am and go to bed at 9pm. Hannah then wakes up around twice at night – once at 12-1am and another time at 3-4am. It’s such a big change from when I got to sleep in every morning until 8:30-9am with Daniel on those 5 weeks of maternity leave I had before Hannah was born! Mama – I try to nap whenever Hannah is asleep but we had Daniel’s birthday parties and some events to attend recently and I was unable to nap during that day. I am really going to try my best this week to take a break and sleep during the day…wish me luck!

Eating/feeding: Baby –  Hannah is still feeding every 2-3 hours throughout both day and night, hence the lack of sleep for me! I’m still exclusively breastfeeding on demand and my milk supply has regulated now and my boobs don’t hurt as much thank goodness. Like Daniel, sometimes Hannah seems really irritated after feeding and it seems to be because sometimes I haven’t got that burp out of her so I really need to be diligent with that.
I really want to go to my work Christmas party this week but I haven’t left Hannah longer than an hour or two yet and also haven’t yet tried giving her the bottle eeeek! Looks like there won’t be any partying for me anytime soon!

1 month post partum The Urban Ma bumpHow cute is Hannah’s Urban Junior pink and red elephant muslin wrap? – It was a present from one of the hubby’s thoughtful work colleagues.
1 month The Urban Ma blogHow cute is this onesie Hannah received as a present. It’s from Next and I love the polka dot pattern all over with the bunny detail and those cute, little pink bows at her feet!
Next baby girl outfit The Urban Ma

Milestones:  Baby – Hannah has been smiling a lot more lately and I’m still not sure whether it’s just coincidence and reflex or if she really means it! From baby acne and now cradle cap (ugh it’s so hard to resist picking at it!), Hannah’s skin feels a little rough and dry but the nurse and my other mama friends say this is normal for newborns. I guess Daniel was just lucky that he never got it. Sometimes it looks like Hannah’s going to roll over from her back to her tummy but I’m sure that’s not the case as it’s way too early right?
Mama – We went on our first outing the other day and it was so tiring! – it felt like our car was full of bags – mine and Hannah’s and Daniel’s. I felt stressed out every time I saw a red light approaching as Hannah cries each time the car stops…arghhh! We really need to get a new car!
We went to Highpoint the other day and thank goodness I know exactly where all the bathrooms and lifts are located. With Daniel needing to all of a sudden go to the loo and Hannah requiring nappy changes or a feed, I’d be so stressed if I had to fight the crowds and search for these life-saving rooms! It feels like even a short ten minute trip to the shops has expanded to take an hour just by adding a newborn to the mix.
I’m feeling a little better down there but I’m still not lifting anything heavier than Hannah as I feel like everything will fall out if I do! I’ve been doing my pelvic floor exercises consistently everyday and can’t wait to get back to dance class/gym classes.The Urban Ma 1 month post partum updateSelfies with my little lady and discreetly breastfeeding on our trip to Santa’s Magical Kingdom
IMG_7200Daniel at one of his birthday parties! I’ll post some pics from his birthday celebrations soon!

Santa’s Magical Kingdom 2015 – Melbourne

The Urban Ma at Santa's Magical Kingdom 2015

Santa’s Magical Kingdom 2015
Caulfield Racecourse

People who know me know I tend to get quite excited come Christmas time, heck I have my Christmas tree and decorations up around the house by the end of October! We decorated our Christmas tree early one year because I wanted it to be up by Daniel’s birthday party (his birthday is at the end of October). Once up, our whole home immediately brightened up! From then on Christmas arrived early in our home because:

  1. The tree and Christmas decorations gave our home a merry, festive feel!
  2. It gave us time to just enjoy Christmas and the festivities and traditions, and I didn’t feel like I was rushing around in December trying to get everything done all at once
  3. Having the tree up reminded me of any presents I needed to buy and gave us a place to put them!
  4. With all the Christmas decorations in full view around our home, it’s always easy for me to figure out if I needed to purchase any other decor (ie. wreaths, garlands, nativity scenes, candles, etc) and then take advantage of the early Christmas decor sales as the stores put up their Christmas sections!
  5. We just love Christmas time! :)

My cousin has told me that in the Philippines everyone actually puts up their Christmas decorations in the “Ber” months (months ending in ‘ber’!). So that means we’re not so early starting in October because they’re singing Christmas carols by September lol!

Anyways I digress…back to talking about the opening night we were invited to on Friday night – see how side tracked I get with all this Christmas stuff!

Santa's Magical Kingdom Her Lust Palette

Santa’s Magical Kingdom opened yesterday at Caulfield Racecourse and this year my husband and I took along our 3 year old son, 1 month old baby daughter and my sister, brother, sister-in-law and my 2 year old niece. It was so cute seeing Daniel and Madison enjoying the magical kingdom together! They got up to quite a few things!

Loads of rides for both the little kids and big ones :)

Gingerbread men decorating

Photo opportunities everywhere!

Roving mascots

Craft – Christmas bauble decorating

Ice princesses and fun in the falling snow

The spectacular circus featuring talented and super entertaining acts

Letter writing to Santa

Santa photos and meeting Mrs Claus

A truly magical experience as you enter the two big tents with colorful lights and Christmas carols playing everywhere!


Santa's Magical Kingdom 2015 snowThis year I had baby girl in tow so here we are in front of the Snow land with falling snow! Always a hit with the kids!


Santa's Magical Kingdom 2015 review ridesSomeone’s a little excited riding in the teacup! Daniel with Katrina Pia and Madison from Her Lust Palette  
The Urban Ma Santa's Magical Kingdom craft DIY The Urban Ma Santa's Magical Kingdom Melbourne eventsBauble decorating – a little something to put up in our Christmas tree this year


 Santa's Magical Kingdom Euro SlideThe huge Euro slide! I didn’t get to ride on it this year because I was busy tending to Baby Hannah but this slide is super fun and very popular!

Fun under the big top with the kids and their big light wands and swords! ($10 each)

IMG_0772Melbourne bloggers invite The Urban Ma Santa's Magical Kingdom

We love the Santa’s Magical Kingdom experience as all the rides and craft activities are all included in the entry price! It is such a well organised kid-friendly event with easily accessible bathrooms and ATMs. No wonder it sells out every year! Get in early so you don’t miss out on your tickets!

The Details

Address: Gate 21 Station st. Caulfield Racecourse

Dates: Saturday Nov 21 – Thursday Dec 24, 2015
Three sessions per day to choose from:
10am – 1pm or 2pm – 5pm or 6pm – 9pm

You can find all the tickets and extra information on the Santa’s Magical Kingdom site.

Have you visited Santa’s Magical Kingdom? How was your experience?


Priceline make up haul – November 2015

Priceline Haul beauty make up

It’s that time of the year again when Priceline have 40% of their cosmetics. Even though there are plenty of online stores that you can get discounted make up, this 2-day Priceline sale always attracts loads of customers with the cosmetic aisles always packed. My two previous hauls can be found here and here.

I thought I’d use this opportunity to get some more of my Christmas present shopping done  so here is my haul for November 2015. The sale ends today so make sure you get in early to grab some great bargains! I think my favorite item in this haul is the Nude by Nature Complexion Wonderland set because it was only $29.95 with 9 items inside!

Max Factor lipstick Priceline haul

Max Factor Elixir Lipstick in Mystic Mocha 760 down to $12.57 – This lipstick goes on smoothly with a beautiful brown color. With a blend of conditioners, antioxidants and Vitamin E, this lip product actively moisturises for smoothe, fuller lips!

Models prefer lip and cheek tint priceline

Models Prefer Color Infusion Lip & Cheek Gel tint in Sugar High down to $7.79 – I’ve never tried this product before but thought it was a really pretty color and something that I could use during these summer months.Natio lip liner Priceline haul

Natio Long Lasting Mechanical Lip Liner in the color Nude down to $8.37 – I like that you don’t have to sharpen this liner and the color is a nice nude brown color which from first impressions feels like it will stay on the whole day.

Mini Velour Lips travel set Priceline Haul

Australis Mini Veloulips Matte Lip Cream in the colors “Darks and Reds” and “Brights” down to $8.97– These are so cute and such a great gift idea! You get five different colors in each pack with five different packs to choose from with the third pack consisting of nude colors. I haven’t swatched them here for you as I intend to give these away as presents. If you search for Velour Lips swatches in Youtube you’ll find heaps of beauty gurus and their reviews on this product!

Darks and Reds
Colors: Mel-Burn, Mum-Bai, Buda-Pash, Doo-Bai and NY-Cee

Colors: Tok-i-o, Shang-Hii, Mal-i-boo, Bar-tha-lona and Rio-D

Nude by Nature Complexion Wonderland gift set Christmas gift guide IMG_7466 IMG_7467

And finally the Nude By Nature Complexion Wonderland tin down from $49.95 to $29.95 – I love the packaging of the Nude By Nature make up sets because you can always use the sleek tins as storage for make up, stationery, ribbons, hair products etc! But it’s what is inside that counts. What great Christmas present idea! It has all of the following products inside from powders, illuminators and a brush. I bought a similar Nude by Nature set a few years ago and really enjoyed using the mineral finishing veil and natural mineral cover which is also in this set along with heaps more!

Airbrush mineral primer, Liquid mineral concealer, Limited edition mirror, Kabuki brush, Limited Edition Sheer Light Illuminator, Natural Mineral Cover, Mineral Bronzer, Mineral Finishing Veil, and Virgin Blush

Have you checked out the sales yet? The 40% off sale ends today!
If so what items did you pick up!? I’d love to see – I might go back today for more lol!

Thanks for stopping by and if you’re not already following along, you can see more posts on my Instagram and Twitter accounts or Facebook.

Have a great Thursday!

Fusion lunch at Chu ManChu


Chumanchu – Cafe and Restaurant
2/4 Gilbert st, Preston

I’ve never really ventured out to eat in this side of town. My grandma, aunty and uncle live just off High street but since they’re such great bakers and really know how to smash out a spectacular home-cooked meal, we hardly need to check out the eateries in this area.

So when I had the chance to check out this Asian fusion place just off Bell street I was really excited (thanks for taking us out to this place Doan!). The collaboration between Nursing Mamas and Elk Accessories was the reason we took over one corner of this wonderfully styled restaurant. We sat down at the end of an all morning photo session to a fragrant and colorful spread of Asian dishes and can I just say straight out that the chicken satay skewers and its sauce were absolutely amazing! It was either that or I was just so hungry hehe! But seriously the satay sauce was a perfect blend of flavors that I wish they sold jars of them – I would’ve bought a whole box!

We Ordered:

– Fresh house made Rice Paper Rolls (we had the vegetarian and pork and prawn ones)
– Satay Chicken skewers served with Asian herbs and house made satay sauce (Oh so freakin’ good!)
– Vietnamese Spring Rolls
– Cappucino and Vietnamese iced coffee (the hubby had had two cappucinos! Must’ve been some smooth coffee)
– Com Tam Broken rice with grilled lamb steaks, marinated in lemongrass, Asian spices and topped with fried egg and Vietnamese kim chi
– Pho Viet rice noodle soup for the soul with free range chicken
– Warm black sticky rice with shaved coconut, milk and papaya (this looked so pretty and tasted just as nice! I’ll definitely be ordering this dessert when we visit this place again)

There are lots of other options on the menu such as green lentil dahl, Japanese okonomiyaki panckes and bircher muesli and other breakfast stars. Chumanchu is both stylish and welcoming at the same time. Perfect for a family lunch date, a romantic date or a coffee catch up with fellow mama friends. It is also kid-friendly and has a kids menu with lots of space for parents with prams to move around.



Mama Mondays – 3 week post partum update

Hi everyone! I’m finally up to date with my post partum posts after posting two in a row and now this one. I will posting these updates on Mondays so if you’re interest in these kind of updates then keep reading. If this baby stuff is not your thing, then I’ll be posting my latest foodie finds, travel adventures, things to do in Melbourne and reflection type posts during the rest of the week :) Let me know what type of posts you’d like to see.

Week Three

This past week the weather has been pretty wet and grey so we used the time to rest and fix up things around the house. It was Daddy’s last week on leave before going back to work and so I watched him make the most of it by spending quality time with Daniel. He’s such a natural with the kids and I wish he had a couple more extra weeks off – with Daniel he had five weeks off. It’s such a help with him at home. Even though at times I got so annoyed and irritated, it was still so nice having everyone together.

Same as last week Hannah is still feeding and pooping around the clock. This week we’ve seen outbreak of baby acne across the sides of her cheeks, and on her neck and shoulders. Daniel never had this so I didn’t know how to treat it. Apparently though it will just go away in the coming months. I’m wondering if there’s anything that aggravates it like the washing detergent we’re using? Or heat? etc. We’ve got another check up with the nurse tomorrow so I’ll find out more information then. This week Hannah has been staying awake from 5am onwards for the past three days. I’m not sure why she’s so unsettled but I’m thinking it may have something to do with the fact that I’m not getting a burp up from her every time she feeds. She was so good in the first two weeks going straight to sleep after a feed and a nappy change. Now it looks like she’s uncomfortable so I need to work on winding her effectively. Again I’ll ask the nurse tomorrow and see if they have any suggestions.
Bonds for baby girl HannaHow cute are these pressie Hannah received from our wonderful friends! I love the colours and the tutu!!! It’s so different to the clothes Daniel has heheh!
Green smoothieTrying to make myself feel better after the lack of sleep this week – super green smoothie recipe from the Facebook group Better Bodies – Fitness for Women

I’m feeling a lot better down there this week. I actually went outside for a super short and slow walk and felt really good afterwards. I haven’t expressed any milk this week – I think my milk supply has regulated. But I think I’ll start pumping again here and there just to keep the milk supply up and hopefully get enough into some bottles so that the hubby can have a turn at feeding.

We went to a couple of photo shoots this week…Mum made an exception to my four week “confinement”! The first shoot was for Nursing Mama and their super soft and comfortable nursing singlets. The second was with Incy Wincy Photography. We didn’t get any newborn shots done for Daniel but I thought it would be nice for Hannah to use on her upcoming baptism invites! They’re so precious and so tiny for just a short period of time that I wanted to capture her tinyness! The hubby and Daniel accompanied me on both outings which was a huge help. I was exhausted after both shoots but I met some amazing mamas and I can’t wait to see how everything turned out :)

I’ve been feeling irritated this week due to lack of sleep and every little thing has been bugging me…the hubby has been on the receiving end of my rants oops! Dirty laundry, unfolded clothes, messy benchtops, rubbish not being taken out on “bin night” etc, etc. Feels like there’s so much to do but I need to remind myself to let it go! I can’t help it! When I know visitors are coming I just want to clean up. It’s pretty useless though with a little boy constantly pulling out different toys and crafty things to play with. Thank goodness for my mum and family who come over to help out.

 Here is my 3 week post partum belly pic – it’s feeling a little less jiggly this week! :)
Daniel received some home made play dough as a gift for his birthday and made it into a stadium for some Monster Jam fun!
  My favourite moments – waking up in the morning to this squad right here. It was a Saturday morning and Daddy had been out dj-ing all night but still wakes up for cuddles with our bubbas.
Behind the scenes at Hannah’s newborn photo session with Incy Wincy Photography – how cute are the three of them!
  Behind the scenes with  these beautiful mamas and their bubs for Nursing Mama Essential Breastfeeding singlets and Elk Accessories
This cafe was amazing! – post on ChuManchu will be up on the blog soon 

Waiting for Daddy while he went back to the cafe to get some coffee to take away it was so yummy!  We woke up like this – my girl and I :)