Sunday family time – Pt 2: Toys & Crepes

The Urban Ma at Becasse Banoffee crepeThe Urban Ma Becasse menu
Becasse, Melbourne Emporium
Level 2, 287 Lonsdale street, Melbourne

With a full tummy from my sister-in-law’s yum cha birthday celebrations, we decided to take a stroll down to the shiny new Emporium for a bout of shopping and to check out if any more new retailers had finally opened their doors. Victoria’s Secret was open but with a line just to get in so we decided to come back later and make our way to Myer Kids Emporium. Toddler D again fell into the lure of the Thomas the Tank Engine wooden table and train track set, and easily spent what felt like an hour with Percy choo-chooing around the railway! I absolutely love watching him concentrate so hard with his eyebrows furrowed and his lips pursed. There were quite a few amazing bargains in the kids clothing section and I found myself scoring a few Bonds items from $2 – $6 each (there was 30% off already reduced marked prices!). Daniel walked away with some Crayola markers, Edward the train and a Cars playset! The spacious wide aisles of level 4 made shopping a breeze and enjoyable even though there were lots of kids and parents around the place.

After spending time lots of time with the toys we searched for somewhere to take a break before heading back to the car. We found ourselves at the elegant Becasse Bakery on level 2. With clean white walls and rich dark accents, we were immediately seduced by the ambiance and the pretty, little, sweet treats in the window. Smooth saxophone riffs played while the hubby devoured his salted caramel milkshake topped with toffee popcorn and a soft macaroon. I had the banoffee crepes…oh the caramel sauce! Drool!

Bécasse on Urbanspoon

The Urban Ma Becasse kitchenIMG_1627The Urban Ma Becasse Salted caramel toffee popcorn milkshake The Urban Ma Becasse urban spoon The Urban Ma Emporium Melbourne Becasse The Urban Ma Daniel ootd

The Urban Ma Myer Kids EmporiumThe Urban Ma Thomas the Tank Engine
The Urban Ma at Myer Kids Emporium
IMG_1640The Urban Ma daddy and sonThe Urban Ma Russell street Melbourne

Sunday family time – Pt 1. Yum Cha lunch

The Urban Ma visits Crystal Jade Palace MelbourneThe Urban Ma yum cha treat

Crystal Jade Palace
154 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne

It was a happy birthday celebration that brought us all together for Sunday lunch at Crystal Jade Palace. First time here and it was bustling with happy chatter and trolleys full of tasty dishes ready for the taking. I never know what to order when going to yum cha and because I eat anything (except for the chicken feet!) I gladly tried out the different pickings of the day including eel and tripe! Daniel loved it and ate everything we gave him, even sipping the tea when he got thirsty. We were seated towards the back end of the first floor restaurant and it was perfect being next to the large windows as Daniel was able to watch he cars below driving down Russell street after he finished eating. With $10 all day parking a few steps away, Crystal Jade Palace is conveniently located in the middle of all the action.

Crystal Jade on Urbanspoon

The Urban Ma sticky ribsThe Urban Ma foodie yumThe Urban Ma yum chaThe Urban Ma blog Crystal JadeIMG_1566The Urban Ma blog windowOOTD: H&M knitted jumper, Target plain black leggings and Freshly Picked moccs
IMG_1596Daniel and his yeye :)
The Urban Ma Forever new vestCuddles with baby Will
IMG_1587The YuansThe Urban Ma blog window
Looks like an ad for City Mini! – seriously love this pram! We’ve taken it all over the place including overseas and it is so easy to maneuver, fold and push along (I’ll have to write up a separate blogpost on it!) 
The Urban Ma Melbourne Little Bourke street yum chaAll rugged up with a nice big coat to protect him from the chilly Melbourne winter day





Australian Dance Crew Championships – Melbourne Prelims 2014

ADCC peopleIMG_1323IMG_1362

 The Australian Dance Crew Championships – 2014 Melbourne Prelims
Presented by UEG Events

Last Saturday after a play date with our mummies group at Kidzmania, we made our way to the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC) at Albert Park to get our fix of the latest dance shows choreographed by Melbourne’s finest urban dancers. It was so encouraging to see a range of crews from those with years of experience performing together, to those only a few months old! The crowd was filled with supportive patrons and very proud mums and dads cheering their kids on from the stands. I always love seeing the dancers give their all doing something they love. Hours and weeks of rehearsals culminated in amazing performances witnessed by those lucky enough to make it to the event.

Congratulations to all the crews who took part in the preliminary round and can’t wait to see what Sydney has to offer. I missed out on the Canberra prelims but you can watch all the Canberra dance crews doing their thing here.


Melbourne Prelims – 2014 ADCC, July 5
Judges: Shane Clarke, Vincent Calingasan, Naomi Valodia

Junior Division
A2D Juniors~Steptronik~Mini Mob Squad~Choice~Urban Force Juniors (2)~TDC Teenies~Babysteps Juniors (3)~Kstar Gen II (1)

Varsity Division
Young Kreationz Crew~Gen Reset~Beat Hustlers~DFX Mob Squad (equal 3)~UF Alliance~Kstar Varsity (1)~Babysteps Varsity~                    Urban Force Varsity (equal 3)~A2D Varsity (2)~Xx K.I.D xX (Kstar Infamous Divas)

Open Division
Sole Symphony~2iC~Hollabak~Collektive (2)~A2D Open (3)~BKode (1)

Canberra Prelims – 2014 ADCC, June 20
Judges: Eman, Pania, KG

Junior Division
DKC (1)~Legs~FreshFunk Fire (2) ~Elite (3)

Varsity Division
J4 Crew Bombfunk (3)~Legs~Project Beats One~Fresh Funk Flow (1)~DCV (2)

Open Division
Legs (2) ~Fresh Funk Open (1)~Elite XI (3)


IMG_1448Full house
ADCC productionIMG_1421Lights, camera, action! Weeks of preparation in production saw high quality sound, lighting and MC-ing from a newcomer to the ADCC show – MC John

IMG_1360ADCC openSole Symphony, Collektive and Hollabak struttin their stuff on the floor
IMG_1466Toddler D trying to get in on some of the trophy action
IMG_4998The always entertaining and improving Bkode – they took out first place in the prelims last week!
IMG_1469Nothing but support and love from all the parents, friends and family of the crews. Keeps our dreams alive.

Tonka Melbourne

Tonka headerIMG_4687

20 Duckboard Place, Melbourne

It was a cold and wet night when we finally headed out down Duckboard place for a night at Tonka. With the former Head Chef of Jacques Reymond, Michael Smith joining Executive Chef Adam D’Sylva and Chef Ved Navghare we were treated to an Indian fusion of wonderful flavours and quality wine.

- Pani puri, crispy parcel filled with spiced potato, mung
beans, date and tamarind chutney with aromatic water
– Soft-shell crab pakora with pickled cucumber, lemon, chilli
and mint
– Mughlai vegetable curry, baby eggplant, snow pea and
tempura jalapeno
– Chicken biryani with Sella rice, saffron and cassia
– Thirlmere corn fed chicken from the tandoor
– Roti
– Ginger beer cake, walnut cream, caramelised milk, pear
sorbet and poppy seed glass
– Banana and jaggery parfait, chocolate mousse, lime
sherbet and coconut sorbet

A memorable night and already craving for more.

Tonka on Urbanspoon
IMG_4687The unmistakable works of Naomi Troski. Creative talent commissioned by Tonka for this installation, Drift 2013
IMG_4690 IMG_4691 Tonka entreeAn absolute perfect start to our dining experience, panipuri is a popular street snack. Pour the aromatic tamarind water into these crispy, little parcels and eat them whole!
Tonka soft shellTonka mainsThoroughly enjoyed each and every single one of the dishes Mario ordered for us since we were all open to trying everything.
IMG_4713Dessert was bliss! – I had the banana parfait with chocolate mousse and lime and coconut sorbet. Mmmmm.
Tonka dessertGood conversations with great company 
IMG_4720The blue city, Jodphur, and Jaipur’s pinkish tinge are the inspiration for Tonka’s aesthetic appeal. Naomi’s pieces on the ceiling make you feel like you’re in a dream!
IMG_4721Melbourne and its laneways – so much character. Love this city.
Tonka alley

Mummy Mondays – Embrace


Mummy Mondays – Embrace

A big congratulations to Taryn Brumfitt on reaching her Kickstarter stretch goal and gaining the funding to create a feature length documentary that will unite women across the globe to love their bodies.

I first met Taryn at a bloggers brunch when she amazed us all with her storytelling as she spoke of the Body Image Movement. With children as young as 7 years old wanting to go on diets or work out at the gym in order to get that “thigh gap” (what the?!), and both teenage girls and grown women alike hating on the very body that allows them to do so much, Taryn got us thinking. Thinking as to how we can embrace our bodies more and be more positive with how we view ourselves. See her video here.

After hearing Taryn speak, I realised that sometimes I am a bit too hard on myself…no I don’t look like those tall, gorgeous models on the Victoria’s Secret catwalk but I shouldn’t be so harsh on my body…after all it housed a little baby for 9 months and fed him for another 13 more. It’s not always easy but we really should try to not compare ourselves with all those photoshopped, edited, wrinkle-free stars in the magazines. Easier said than done, I know.

Every body is different and every body is beautiful, we’re not meant to all look exactly alike…now we just have to try to remember that :)

The Urban Ma with Taryn Brumfitt

2014 Australian Dance Crew Championships


Dance the school holidays away with the 2014 Australian Dance Crew Championships Melbourne Prelims
Presented UEG Events – Saturday 5th of July 2pm
Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC), Albert Park

Energy, entertainment and highly passionate dancers will be competing tomorrow at the Melbourne prelims for the 2014 Australian Dance Crew Championships which will be held at MSAC in Albert Park. I can’t wait for Toddler D to see all the talented crews from the juniors (7yo) through to the open age dancers. Daniel already loves to bop along to his favourite tunes (which at the moment is still Happy by Pharrell) so hopefully he’ll get excited by all the action tomorrow!

Tickets will be sold at the door so come along and support these dancers who have put in the long hours and rehearsal time doing something they love. Meanwhile check out the video above to get a feel for what will be on offer tomorrow, Saturday 5th of July. See you there!

For more details click here.

Mummy Mondays – Lego Brick Zone


Lego Brick Zone Preview event – Watergardens Town Centre Monday 23rd June – Sunday 13th July, 2014

 It was a bit of a hard gig trying to get up Sunday morning after an intense but fun Saturday night (see here) but it was worth it. The hubby, Toddler D and I made it to the preview event of the Lego Brick Zone at Watergardens ready for this year’s winter school holidays. Daniel excitedly got straight into some Lego building after spotting the colourful Lego Brick zone near Boost Juice.

We started our Lego morning off with some Spanish coffee (thank you Watergardens and Chocolateria San Churros!) and a tour with the officially certified Lego master builder, Ryan McNaught. The Brickman himself took us through a Lego treasure around the centre telling us stories of his Lego building adventures and interesting facts about his work displayed at Watergardens.

 IMG_4616Lego Love BoatIt took Ryan 6 months to complete The Love Boat (an ’80’s tv show set on a cruise ship) and with a cross section open to reveal tiny little rooms and compartments of the ship, Ryan has included 6 movie references within his labour of love (see if you can spot them!). Ryan spent 3 nights sitting in front of his tv building all the beds and bunk beds to furnish the cabins. This model is built solely with Lego blocks, with no glue being used to hold everything together. The Love Boat breaks up into 13 different sections so it is able to be transported around. 

IMG_4621Lego ElvisWith a 100,000 pieces of Lego, Ryan built this incredible model of “The Elvis” in under a month. This $25,000 model of the Erickson S-64 Air Crane famous for assisting in fighting fires here in Australia is strengthened with steel and is designed to be motorised.
IMG_4630Lego Opera HouseIMG_4634This Sydney Opera House model was one of my faves of the day due to fact that Ryan was able to construct the compound curves of the Opera House so well, with the help of an overseas co-worker. I also liked all the tiny little details from the grand piano concert to the wedding couple – so cute! This model is broken up into two sections in order to be able to be transported and is made from around 75,000 Lego bricks and 300 hours of work.
IMG_4641Lego Apollo 11Our final stop was at the enormous model of the Apollo 11 (the spaceflight with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin). 5.7 metres high and constructed from around 120,000 Ryan showed us some panels that were able to be opened and explained that this model is also designed to sue dry ice in order to add a dramatic launching effect :) 

Ryan McNaught is one of only 13 certified Lego professionals and has travelled the world with his creations even having works commissioned by Myer and David Jones. Imagine getting paid to make Lego models! Originally from the corporate world, Ryan is married with twins and loves making models that people can be inspired by and interact with. Daniel was so impressed with the huge Lego treasures in the shopping centre that when we got back to the Lego Brick Zone he hurriedly started trying to put Lego pieces together – the bigger Duplo ones of course.


We were also treated to a family friendly viewing of The Lego Movie which I had not seen before and we had such a great time, we were singing “everything is awesome” the whole ride home lol! If you’re looking for something to do with the kids (big and small) over the next few weeks make sure you check out Ryan’s labours of love displayed at Watergardens Shopping Centre. Maybe you’ll be inspired to do what you love…you never know where it can take you.



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