A new Filipino restaurant in the heart of North Melbourne

BBQ skewers Reynaldo's The Urban Ma Filipino restaurants

A new Filipino restaurants hits Melbourne – Reynaldo’s Grill and Sizzles. Together with GJ’s Grill these two would have to be my favorite Melbourne Filipino restaurants so far!

Kare Kare Reynaldo's Filipino Restaurant
The Urban Ma visits Reynaldo's
Can you tell my mum is excited about the kare kare? :)

We ordered:
– BBQ pork skewers

– Kare Kare – beef, tripe and ox tail in a creamy peanut sauce served with bagoong (shrimp paste) and beans and greens (a nice, generous serving!)

– Adobong Manok sa Gata – soft, moist chicken pieces in a soy and coconut sauce served with veggies (this was sooooo yummy. My fav!

– Inasal Chicken – grilled chicken with chilli dipping sauce served with veggies

– Lechon Kawali – fried pork belly with a chilli dipping sauce served with veggies

Opening only last Saturday, the interiors and decor is still a work in progress. The place is clean and quite open able to cater for a large number of bookings. There are also lounge chairs and coffee tables in front of the windows for people to enjoy coffee and cakes while people-watching (Errol street is known to be studded with local celebrities filming various tv shows). Feels like it would be a little more cozy with some soft lighting and warmth in the color scheme, but the welcoming service makes up for fluorescent feel inside.

We were served promptly by our happy waiters and they checked up on us throughout the night to make sure we were satisfied with everything. Dory and her family chatted cheerfully about the opening of their new venture and their excitement in sharing their menu with Melbourne.

The Details:
Taking over an old bar in North Melbourne’s iconic Errol street, this latest addition to the cafe and restaurant-studded strip differs in its offerings to the existing eateries as it serves Filipino cuisine. This latest addition to the Filipino food scene in Melbourne serves its dishes not from a bain marie, but from the kitchen at the hands of a passionate chef and his family living out their dream of opening their own place to share Pinoy flavour. To cater for a wider audience Reynaldo’s menu offers steaks and pastas for those not yet ready to try the Filipino dishes which include entrees like ukoy and spring rolls.

We ordered four dishes for the five of us and were so full!

Reynaldo’s is open all day and also offers catering services.

Adobong manok with gata Reynaldo's Filipino Restaurant Melbourne Lechon Kawali Reynaldo's Melbourne The Urban Ma blog Grilled chicken Reynaldo's Melbourne Filipino Pinoy

We loved the adobong chicken with gata and kare kare which Dory tells us has been the favourite of those who have dined here in the 7 days it has been open.

Reynaldo's interior Filipino restaurant Melbourne

We didn’t get to try out the desserts as we headed off to take Daniel to see the winter fireworks in the Docklands. We had a great view from the North Melbourne station with Daniel being distracted by the trains (he loves trains!).

Melbourne Winter Fireworks IMG_6035

A perfect winter’s night out to end the work week :)


Travel Thursdays – Island Dreaming Part 1

Phi Phi Island tour
Phi Phi Island resort villa
Our own private villa amongst the tropical and tranquil surroundings

Phi Phi Island Phuket The Urban Ma travel blog
he official scent of our honeymoon was that of the simple frangipani. They were everywhere on the grounds including in our hotel room in the most unexpected places (see next week’s post!)


This week’s #tbt is Phi Phi Island resort which was our first stop on our honeymoon.
Far away from the hustling streets of Phuket, we were greeted by a cool pina colada, minus the alcohol, and spent blissful days and nights together devouring the local cuisine. One of the most memorable things we did was to indulge ourselves in deep massages, milk baths, facials and foot spas. We went through almost the entire spa menu while on our stay at Phi Phi Island Resort and with each treatment, their attention to detail was so on point. From the moment we were picked up from our villa by the resort buggy, relaxing herbal teas awaited us and soothing hair and scalp treatments, plus fresh tropical fruit concluded each spa experience.

I can’t wait to go back.

IMG_0162 spa menu Phi Phi Island Thailand The Urban Ma
It’s all in the little details. They sure know how to make your skin and body feel relaxed a luxurious

PHi Phi island resort spa timeSpa Phi Phi Island The Urban Ma travel blogger
With each treatment they braided up my hair and covered us in floral wraps.Phi Phi island resort show
Entertainment during our dinner each night

The Urban Ma travel lifestyle blogger Melbourne
hi Phi Island Resort – so glad our friends recommended it.

Back for more…this time it’s bun reiu – Co Do, Sunshine 

   When last Co Do (see post here) we bumped into a friend as we were leaving and she recommended we try the bun rieu so last month we did just that!

We ate at Co Do on a Saturday afternoon around 1pm and we were lucky we didn’t have to wait for a table. We were seated straight away near the window which enabled Mr D to car-watch while we waited for our meals, which didn’t take long at all to arrive.

We ordered:
– vegetarian spring rolls

– a bowl of bun rieu

 – a bowl of banh canh pork soup

Compared to some of the other cheap eats along Hampshire road in Sunshine, Co Do is fitted out with dark, rich colours making it feel just a little more special.

Fast and abrupt

The Details:
You can find street parking nearby and if you’ve never been to Co Do before their BBH (bun bo hue) is their specialty. The menu is extensive with lots of variety from soups to rice dishes to pancakes.

I liked the flavour of the bun rieu – it reminded me of a Filipino noodle dish called palabok. It had all the same flavors as palabok except the bun rieu was in a soup form! It had a lot of filling and even Mr D liked it!

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Bump Diary #5 – 24 week update

Father and son The Urban Ma blog

Bump Diary #5 – 24 week update

How far along are you? 24 weeks and 5 days
How big is baby? This week baby is as long as an ear of corn! On average around 30cms long and weighing 600 grams.
Body and changes:
– Weight gain Feeling even bigger than last week and hardly carrying Mr D now as he is getting too heavy. The other day I was on my feet, doing housework and was lifting Mr D a few times and by the evening I felt a bit sore down in my pelvis.
– Stretch marks Again, same as last week and still rubbing Bio Oil and Palmer’s Cocoa Butter all over my bump in the mornings and evenings. I haven’t noticed any new stretch marks.
Sleep Been getting onto the Quick-Eze this past week as the reflux and heartburn just seems to be burning my throat everytime I go to bed and it’s taking me so long to get to sleep. I need to stop eating such big servings and avoid eating to much chili, garlic and onion!
Maternity clothes?
I haven’t bought anything new but will probably do so in the next week – I just want to be as comfy as possible
The Other Stuff: Sorry in advance for TMI lol! – I never normally have the need to use deodorant but even when I was pregnant with Daniel I remember having to use it and lots of it! The hubby says he doesn’t notice anything and that I always smell nice but maybe he’s just being sweet…either way I’m loving the Dove Go Fresh Cucumber and Green Tea spray (I’ll post a June favourites this week!).

 24 weeks pregnant bumpWinter fun The Urban Ma

Eating: I have managed to resist the urge to grab a Kit Kat this week haha! Been reaching for strawberries and pears :)
Feeling a little tired this week and my bump has been feeling heavy and hard.
Needing a trip to the hairdresser desperately! Need a trim and to get my ends coloured.
Wanting to fix up my blog and update everything but every time I seem to sit down to get productive online when Mr D goes to bed, the internet is never working! Hubby says it’s time to reformat my laptop.
Missing: Being able to try on clothes at the stores and fit into everything.
Watching Sweet Home Alabama and also finally made it to the movies for a date night with the family! Mr D sat through the whole Minions movie thoroughly enjoying the experience and the games afterwards! :)
Bookmarking: Bump photos on Instagram
Noticing: My thighs double in size :/
Enjoying Papa’s prawn, gnocchi and rocket dish – Sunday dinners at my parent’s house is the best! Also enjoying spending some time visiting fellow Rewind mama friends :) Enjoyed baking these crunchy topped cinnamon muffins (below), love how freshly baked muffins and sweets fill the house with the smell of a warm bakery.

The Urban Ma bakes .24 bump diary update collage


D has really been developing such longer sentences and every day he continues to say phrases that I’ve never heard him say before. Every morning though, I feel so bad leaving him as he certainly knows how set me on a guilt trip, “Mummy don’t leave me. Don’t leave me. Only daddy can go to work, you stay with me and Daddy will go to work by himself”. Wow! So thankful I get to watch the hubby and son play and enjoy lots of time together playing cars, but also outside on bike rides and watching the soccer games in the park nearby.

#gratefuldaniel #5

Daddy: Daniel do you want to say thanks for anything today?
Daniel: Thank you for watching Minions and uhhh thank you to lolo for cooking yummy dinner.

I can’t believe how fast a toddler can pick up new words, phrases and feelings.

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Bump Diary #4 – 23 week update

23 weeks baby bump

Bump Diary #4 – 23 week update

How far along are you? 23 weeks and 5 days
How big is baby? Apparently the size of a large mango! On average around 28.9cms long and weighing 501 grams.
Body and changes:
– Weight gain I think I’ve doubled in size this past week! So uncomfortable in some of my clothes and had to store more away into boxes. I really need to watch what I’m eating and eat more veggies and fruit rather than chocolate!
– Stretch marks Again, same as last week and still rubbing Bio Oil and Palmer’s Cocoa Butter all over my bump in the mornings and evenings.
Sleep Sleep has been better than last week and I’m using one of those long body pillows that I used last time when I was pregnant with D. Work’s been super busy over the last couple of weeks so it hasn’t taken me long to fall asleep at night.
Maternity clothes?
I’m so tempted to buy some more maternity clothes as it is SO cold in the city these days but I’m trying to make the most of my wardrobe right now and mix and match everything before jumping onto ASOS to check out their maternity options! I can’t believe I didn’t buy anything from there last time.
The Other Stuff: The lower part of my tummy has been super itchy and I’ve tried so hard not to scratch it but have had a couple of moments of weakness :/ Slathering on the oil and cocoa butter definitely helps soothe the itchiness. I’ve also been feeling so full and feeling a bit of heartburn every time I go to bed. I really need to ease up on the quantity of food I’m eating as it gets really uncomfortable.

23 week update pregnancy

Eating: Still loving the Kit Kats but now I’m onto a mission to find those amazingly delectable cinnamon scrolls I’ve seen on my feed a few times from Kwak Scrolls!
Feeling: Feeling really productive both at home and at work. Been trying to de-clutter a lot of unnecessary and unused things around the house like paperwork, clothes, and general household items and dust collectors!
Needing: Still needing a foot and leg massage and trip to the hairdressers for a trim and colour. Also needing some warmth and sun so we’ll be heading up to Noosa next month! I’ve never been there before so let me know if you have and any places you recommend we eat, play or stay at :)
Wanting: to decorate and fix up D’s room and our upstairs area but it never seems to get done with unfinished wall hangings and empty photo frames lying on the ground waiting to be displayed on the walls.
Missing: Dancing.
Watching: Tangled – D has been watching it quite a bit lately and when I told D that I loved him, he replied back with “I love you more” which I’d never heard him say before and then he told me, “That’s what Rapunzel says”. He’s picking up things so quickly these days and we really need to watch what we say as he copies everything!
Bookmarking: Interior decor for kids rooms!
Noticing: Lots of tempting sales on at the moment. We went to Highpoint on the weekend and I just wanted to buy everything from boots, to jewelry to tops and skirts!
Enjoying: Brunch and dinners out – recently we dined at Lux Foundry in Brunswick and Yim Yam which we hadn’t been to in ages! Love their toasted coconut rice and pad thai!! So saucy!

23 week collage


D has learnt to sing a Filipino nursery rhyme this week and his Tagalog is so good! :) The other night, I heard his sweet little voice in a sing-song manner and saw that he was singing in Daddy’s ear. My cousin had been teaching him and it was only recently that I’d heard him sing so clearly! So thankful for all the people D has around him, caring for him and nurturing his growth in all areas. Bless!

#gratefuldaniel #4

Daddy: Daniel do you want to say thanks for anything today?
Daniel: Thank you for mummy’s arms and thank you for the moon.

Uggh I love hearing his little thank you notes every night! Such a perfect end to the day.

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