Sounds of laughter shades of life are ringing through my open ears

This entry is photo-heavy šŸ™‚ did so much these past few days that I wanted to post a snapshot of life in the first half of August.

1. Wes’ view. Please excuse the crooked photo frames! Vogue, STYD, Van Gogh’s Ear – The Celebrity Edition
2. DJ Atomik for Flow single launch party
3. at Fusion, Crown
4. The talented & friendly Chris Sebastian and Jana
5. Chris & his acoustic entourage
6. dancefloor time
7. poor little random mouse in the backyard – he couldn’t move. It was like he was paralyzed šŸ™
8. colourful circus set up in the neighbourhood
9. creamy melted Camembert with cranberry on the side at City Grill Room
10. helping my bro clean out the hard rubbish
11. My winter ’11 veggie patch!!!!
12. I get excited about the little things, in this case being able to grow my very first broccoli!
13. Freshly cut broccoli which I later cooked with diced Strassburg, onions and some pine nuts
14. the old Myer Building on Lonsdale street
15. dessert crepes & a visit to the State Library – uni days haha!
16. Friday night in Melbourne city
17. Gisborne town and rainbows around
18. trying a hand at topiary work in our backyard