Had to have you

One of the most comfiest and worn-in items I own. Had to have this Witchery sweater-dress knit as soon as I saw it in the store (this is going quite a few years back now!). Had to run around to all the different stores to finally find the size I needed at DJ’s in the city. Now I wish I had bought two just so that I could keep alternating so as not to totally wear it out. My Longchamp bag which was a purchase on my honeymoon in Paris has also been well-worn as I use it almost everyday when I do not have the time to change bags. Quality over quantity!


One thought on “Had to have you

  1. Love your longchamp bag!! I have been dying for one and just cannot decide on color/size! How did you decide? lol And when you put stuff in it, does the bottom of the bag sag since there’s no support on the bottom of the piliage totes?

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