Reflection – Forgiveness

When we forgive we free ourselves of the burden of bitterness,
and we free the other person of the burden of guilt.
But our forgiveness must come from the heart,
which means it must be true, sincere, and warm.
A cold forgiveness is not much use.
Forgiveness should start now.
Putting it off only deepens the wound prolongs bitterness, and postpones happiness.
Life is short, time is fleeting.
Today is the day to forgive.
Lord, deliver us from the poison of bitterness,
and give us the grave to forgive from the heart
those who have offended us.
Then we will know the warmth of your forgiveness.

Excerpt from the Resurrection Weekly Bulletin 🙂

Had to have you

One of the most comfiest and worn-in items I own. Had to have this Witchery sweater-dress knit as soon as I saw it in the store (this is going quite a few years back now!). Had to run around to all the different stores to finally find the size I needed at DJ’s in the city. Now I wish I had bought two just so that I could keep alternating so as not to totally wear it out. My Longchamp bag which was a purchase on my honeymoon in Paris has also been well-worn as I use it almost everyday when I do not have the time to change bags. Quality over quantity!


Phillip Lim

“Well, it’s a dress here and the apron goes on top. So it’s like, is it one piece? Two pieces? Three pieces? The apron really abstracts the negative space and changes the silhouette.” New York September 15th, 2010 – Meenal Mistry

Really liking the pieces from this collection. Sheer organza’s, black lace, leather over t-shirts, and the neutral colour palette. Phillip Lim in my shopping basket? Yes please!