In my car

Being in my car is like being in a confessional booth – my little sis and I talk about anything and everything and I am so grateful to be able to share meaningful and meaningless moments of blah with her. This pic was taken when Josephine bought a packet of Hubba Bubba and I hadn’t had one since those childhood days when you used to blow the biggest bubbles that would burst and cover your face. I tried to make it big but this was all I got! Might need a little more practice ey!?

Move your body

It was a dance crew’s playground in October ’11 with the likes of choreographers and dancers such as Jun Quemado, Brian Puspos, Pat Lam, Andye J, Keone & Mari and JP San Pedro rockin’ Melbourne city. I was so excited to learn from all these amazingly talented people and hope to see them…soon!