5 days to go

5 days to go.
No Monday-itis to be found today! Sun is shining and the weather is great! My Twitter & Facebook feeds have all heralded nothing but positive updates which is nice to see! (sometimes there’s just so much emo-ness and negative musings on there). Bubs is due on Saturday and until today there haven’t really been any signs of his impending arrival. Today I think I’ve been feeling an onset of BH? – a few pains here and there feeling like a tightening of muscles or period pain…not too sure…but it’s probably the most discomfort I’ve felt these past 9 months (apart from the never-ending reflux at night).
Lunch with mum and sis at Chef Lagenda, a trip to Bunnings to buy some potted colour. one load of washing and tidying up the kitchen is all I’ve managed to get done so far today as I needed to nap to help these pressure pains go away.Thought I’d take some pics of the simple, pretty things around our home today ūüôā
I also used PicMonkey to create a quick collage of some of the pics of my baby bump throughout the past 9 months! I hope you like!