2 week post partum update – my top 10!

**Ok this post is 3 weeks late but better late than never! I wrote this 3 weeks ago and forgot to publish it! Arrgghh!**

My Top 10 Essentials – 2 week at home post partum!

After spending 4 nights at the hospital where everything was so well prepared and planned out to keep bub and I as  comfortable as possible, below are the top 10 essentials that I would recommend to make the transition from hospital to home a smooth & comfy one.

1) Childcare Montana Change Centre from Baby Time 2) Baby K moses basket from Mothercare 5) Canon 600D DSLR 7) What to Expect When You’re Expecting – borrowed from a friend, Save Our Sleep by Tizzie Hall – bought it from Big W, Baby Love by Robin Barker, The Australian Pregnant Book by Dr Derrick Thompson

1) Change table/bath

 Originally not thinking that a change table was something we needed to buy, after one day being at home without one, hubby and I realised we were so wrong! The Childcare Montana Change Centre is a lifesaver! With our beautiful newborn needing a nappy change more than 6 times a day this change table has proved to be more useful than we gave it credit for! It also has a pull out bath for us to bathe and change baby with ease 🙂 No more bending over the couch or bed and laying out a change mat, this all-in-one change table is a must! P.S Thank you to MIL – bought it from Baby Time on Old Geelong Road.

2) Moses basket

Along with a car seat and pram, a moses basket was the only other thing we put on lay by from the baby store. I know there a many different sleeping arrangements that parents choose to adopt with their new baby. With the moses basket and its separate stand, we have been able to move from our day time area in the downstairs living room, to our upstairs night time area with our baby next to our bed! Baby will quickly grow out of this but I still think it’s great to have for the first few weeks/months! Plus, I think the colours on it make the place look so cute!!

3) Water Bottle

Looking after a newborn makes you thirsty. Instead of having to get up to get a glass of water having a good sized water bottle next to you at all times helps you get comfortable, especially when breastfeeding (I always get thirsty when baby is feeding!).

4) Snacks 

For both myself and the constant show of excited visitors, I have found that having some snacks ready to go within easy reach is so handy! Anything from shortbread, to nuts, to chocolate always satisfies the nibbles.

5) Camera

A camera – A MUST HAVE!!! We have captured so many once-in-a-lifetime moments with the DSLR we purchased a few months before my EDD. We have been able to keep long distance relatives and friends up to date and have also been able to capture a the start of baby’s many “firsts”!

6) Laptop/TV

I have my laptop, tv remote and phone set up within close reach. This keeps me in touch with the outside world during the first few weeks of being at home (mum wants me to stay home in the first few weeks in order to become well-rested and healed).

7) Baby Books

I have been lucky to have many friends and family share their advice and experience when it comes to all things baby, from pregnancy to parenting so I bought a few baby books that they recommended. In our flurry of nesting (yes, even hubby got the nesting urge!) we bought a wall shelf from Ikea to house these books and some home decor. These books I’ve been reading have been so helpful with tips on breastfeeding, sleeping and general baby care.

8) Swivel Snuggle chair

With lack of sleep hitting me within the first few days of motherhood, this snuggle chair is super comfy and big enough for hubby and I to snuggle in when we don’t have the strength to climb upstairs to bed!

And the most important essentials…

9) & 10) Family & Husband

If your family live far away then make sure you have your friends around and don’t be shy to ask for help. Bringing up a tiny human life is not always straightforward or easy and having to look after a newborn PLUS yourself while you recover from your labour is made more enjoyable with family around. I am so very grateful to be blessed with such a loving family and such a patient and adoring husband. They have made the first few weeks of motherhood so special and I can never thank them enough. It’s the little things but big things that they do around the house that I am so thankful for! – washing clothes & dishes, vacuuming/mopping and general household cleaning, changing nappies, giving baby a bath, cooking dinners/preparing lunches, grocery shopping, watering the plants and feeding/walking the dog etc.

What did you find most helpful in your first few weeks at home?

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7 thoughts on “2 week post partum update – my top 10!

  1. We didn’t get a changing table, so I wasn’t even going to get one of those changing pads that goes on the table, but someone told me to just get one and put it on the dresser. So glad I did! I still use it for night time diaper changes on my 18 month old and I can’t imagine not having it. It’s our makeshift changing table and it has been a life and back saver indeed!

    • My husband and I LOVE the idea of having a change mat on a dresser with drawers but we couldn’t find one that was the right height and price for us. Luckily we got our change table as a pressie! I still want to buy a dresser coz we still don’t have one 🙁 Where did you get your’s from? 🙂

  2. Love the comments on the photos! Your place is very nicely decorated and looks very cozy. Your baby is going to enjoy snuggling with his mom and dad there! 🙂

  3. Your house is so gorgeous! 🙂 And that swivel chair makes me want to take a looong nap! Hahaha. Love it. Hoping you’re recovering well 😀 What a good idea to put the laptop nearby 😀

    – c

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