My dragon & I

Me and my dragonMe and my dragon 🙂

It’s me again!

Just thought I would do a quick post on this auspicious date of 12.12.12! It was so hot today that mummy, daddy and I stayed indoors most of the day except for a quick trip to Nando’s for lunch. I do not eat solids yet so I just slept in my pram giving mummy and daddy the chance to share a meal together as if they were on a date! 🙂 I wish we went for a walk with Lando today but it was 33 degrees and the sun must have been very harsh. Maybe they will take us for a walk tomorrow.

Anyways speaking of auspicious, I keep hearing people talking about how good it is to be born in the year of the dragon which is this year. Today I started playing with my very own dragon which I received from one of mummy and daddy’s friends that visited us in the hospital. He is so cute (he takes after me I guess!?). I can’t wait for us to go on lots of adventures together…please say hi to Drake the dragon!

Night ya’ll!

Baby D