I am 6 weeks old!

6 weeks change table

I’m a big boy now!laughing

Laughing during play time!winning

Mummy’s milk? – Winning!!! 😀

Hi my name is Daniel and I’m just going to hijack mummy’s blog for a minute to let you know that…I am 6 weeks old today!! 🙂

Development: Mummy and Daddy seemed so excited because they saw me laugh and interact with them a lot more today! They were so happy! Up until now I have been sleeping and eating and sleeping a lot so I guess they are excited to get a little bit of play time in!

Singer/songwriters: Mummy and Daddy seem to like singing me songs all the time! It is probably because when they sing I feel so relaxed that I end up falling asleep! – they must think they are a pair of pretty talented composers! Hehehhe!

Cheeky monkey: I did a massive poo explosion today, the kind that filled up my whole nappy and exploded out the sides and  all up my back!! You should have seen the look on mummy’s face – she had no idea what to do!! She stripped me naked but my poop was everywhere and got onto my hair and my blankets! It was so funny!!! I thought Mummy would finally give me a bath after all that but she didn’t – I think she’s still a little scared because Daddy always bathes me and she hasn’t bathed me on her own yet. I did not mind though because she cleaned me up nicely with the baby wipes (she probably used up a whole packet!). I love my bath times with Daddy! He gets me really clean and it feels so refreshing not to be wrapped up in blankets and nappies – feels so good to be free and aired out down there!

Trip to the hospital: Mummy took me out for the first time completely on her own today! She took me back to the hospital where I spent my first 4 days in this world because it was her 6 week check up. Wherever we go it seems that everyone is so very interested that I was born in Mummy and Daddy’s car and not in a hospital. Everyone is amazed that Mummy, Daddy and I went through the labour all by ourselves! What can I say?…we make the bestest team ever! I just wanted to get out already and I saw the opening and went for it! – Big deal! I think Mummy and Daddy have re-told my birth story 50 bajillion times now! Hahahah! They must be very proud of me coming out all by myself!

Anyways I want some of that yummy, yummy milk now and I can see that Mummy is leaking all over her t-shirt so that’s my cue! I’ll catch you all later!

I hope you liked my very first post! 🙂

Baby D

Christmas DIY – Personalized Stockings!


DIY materialsStockingsFinished DIY stockings

felt letter cut-outs, craft scissors, different coloured felt, stockings from the Reject Shop and Spotlight, photo ledge from Ikea, the finished product!

I have always wanted to hang a row of stockings in my house but never had a fireplace or mantelpiece to do so. So this year hubby got his handyman on and put up some photo shelves that we can use to display all sorts of things including our personalized Christmas stockings!

Easy DIY Personalized Christmas Stockings 

You will need:

– a pair of quality craft scissors

– a pen or chalk

– double-sided tape

– plain Christmas stockings (from the Reject Shop or Spotlight)

– felt in the colour of your choice

Step 1: Draw the outline of the letters on the felt with a pen or dressmaking chalk

Step 2: Use your scissors to cut out the letters

Step 3: Stick the double sided sticky tape onto the back of your felt letters. Then peel of the other side of the tape and attach them to the ready-made stockings. (I bought 3 stockings from Spotlight and cut the pom-pom’s off them so that I could use the green space for our names. I bought the last stocking from the Reject shop for our dog’s stocking. It was very plain so I also cut paw prints out of felt – I think I made them a bit too big because they look like bear paws instead of a puppy’s paws! LOL!!).

And that’s it! Easy DIY Christmas stockings!

I wanted to personalize them even further by decorating the stockings with more shapes for example a treble clef sign on my stocking, a pair of headphones for hubby’s and a little car for baby’s! But for now our names will have to do as the days seem to get busier and busier.

They are so colourful and I like how they brighten up our lounge room!

What other Christmas decorations do you like to put up around the house?

Mummy Mondays – Rewind Generation Next!

Rewind Generation NextCamilla & RhodriHashieRhodriSusieCamillaRhodrime with RhodriRewind’s 2012 babies’ playtime

Generation Next 

Last week I got together with fellow dance mates and their gorgeous, little bundles of joy for an afternoon of playtime fun! Lots of sleeping, eating and tumbling around! Do I sense a Rewind “Gen II” dance crew in the works!?

From late night dance rehearsals at the studio to chilled out play sessions in an air-conditioned house. What a change of scenery the past few weeks have opened my eyes to! I have been experiencing so many “firsts” in these first 5 weeks of baby’s life and it is so wonderful to be able to share and trade tips with friends going through the same things! And by reaching the 4 week mark, we finally started venturing out of the house and into the world.

A week of firsts!

– first outing without daddy, filled my first bottle with EBM, Mummy and Daddy’s first night out together, first time sucking boogers out of baby’s nose (sorry about the language! ha! Poor bubba sounded like it was so hard to breathe), first time going out in a top without needed to wear a bra (just breast pads LOL!), first visit to Daddy’s office, first time wearing super high heels again (I had to stop wearing heels towards the end of my pregnancy), first time making a chocolate ripple cake, first time taking Lando for a walk after giving birth, first time having only one sip of Rekorderlig, first time having coffee again after 9 months, first time having sushi, a McDonald’s sundae and brie!, first time feeling the most purest form of love in the world. Phew! – looks like last weeks was a pretty busy week and I’m definitely feeling it now this Monday morning!

Joining the 30’s club this year, I never thought I’d experience so many firsts! Just another one of the joys of having new life in the family – it makes you experience everything again as if it were your first time! 🙂 Amazing!

Baby’s day out!

ANZ DocklandsDocklands, MelbourneDaddy and work

Baby’s first outing to daddy’s work

Yesterday I took baby out for the first time to visit daddy at his work in the city with the help of my sister! It ended up being a very eventful first outing without daddy – hot weather, Docklands during corporate lunch hour, a visit to daddy’s office, a dead car battery meant a call to the RACV Roadside Assist truck, an exciting visit to some friends with babies in Balaclava and peak hour traffic on the way home. Seeing everyone in their suits made me miss dressing up in crisp shirts and heels for work (I’ve been living in t-shirts and leggings these past 5 weeks!).

I am slowly practicing taking baby out and have found that it is all about organisation, preparation and patience. It was quite warm yesterday and I was exhausted by the end of the day, however visiting daddy and some friends and their babies made it all worthwhile! Baby was so good and slept in his pram and in the car through most of the day – even during the 20 minute wait for the RACV man! I think after yesterday’s shenanigans, I should be able to handle a more easy trip to the shops on my own 🙂 Practice makes perfect!

Happy birthday Mr Hubby/Daddy/DJ Atomik! (Today is Wes’ birthday!) 

What baby travelling tips can you give a first-time mummy?

Happy birthday to Mr Husband/Daddy/DJ Atomik!

Wong Daddy’s hotpot!

Alyssahome made fish ballshot pot dinner partyWong Daddy with Camilla IMG_0315

Alyssa and I, homemade fish balls, okra, tofu and meat, Steve with Camilla, the hotpot spread

Foodie Friday! – a hotpot dinner party!

Normally I would post a foodie entry from a restaurant/eatery I have visited but the star of this Foodie Friday’s blog entry is a delicious dinner party at the Wong residence.

A few months ago I went to a friend’s house for a catch up and he wowed us all with his hotpot spread! It was the perfect dinner party – good company, good conversation, a comfortable setting and amazing food! There was an abundance of seafood and meat and I even ate heaps of okra (I never used to like okra)! The home made fish balls were a highlight!! Thank you Mr Wong! 🙂

What is your favourite dish to serve at a dinner party with friends?

A bundle of joy

“I feel keenly aware that my life will never be the same. Yet I wouldn’t go back for all the treasure in the world.”

sweet baby

We have been showered with presents from our friends and family on the arrival of the latest, most beautiful addition to our family. During the quiet time in our day, I sometimes read a page from a book we received from one of our godparents. I take the time to reflect on how blessed we are and how our lives have been filled with such joy. Here is a beautiful excerpt from a book by Angela Thomas titled “Prayers for My Baby Boy”.

sweet feet

Wonderfully Made – Angela Thomas

O God, This child You gave us is already so precious to me. He is Your creation, fearfully and wonderfully made. You deserve all my praise. I hold him against my tummy and cannot believe he came from me. Although I tried, I could not imagine the magnificent work you were doing in the secret place of my womb.

His skin is the softest I have ever touched – his fingers and toes, perfection. His full head of hair swirls in a silly and wayward fashion. It must be pure silk just spun by an angel. His big eyes with little eyelashes, his little bird mouth, his tightly clenched fists – I am intrigued by every part of him. Even the smell of his newness thrills me. I could linger forever at the nape of his neck, praying that I will never forget his fresh fragrance. I am awestruck by Your creation. I want to shout from the highest place, in my loudest voice, “My God is almighty; my God is miraculous.” I hold him tightly, and I sing. I sing hymns. I sing lullabies. I just sing. I praise You for this child who has come and filled a place in y heart –  mommy place that was there all along and waiting for him.

I feel keenly aware that my life will never be the same. Yet I wouldn’t go back for all the treasure in the world. How did I ever live without him? Thank You, sweet Lord, for the immeasurable  gift of our baby. “Your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” Hallelujah. Amen.

Book title: Prayers for My Baby Boy. Written by Angela Thomas. Photography by Julie Johnson. Harvest House Publishers

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Travel Tuesdays – The Grove LA

The Cheesecake Factory, California Cheesesteak, Caesar salad, Farmer’s Market.

The Grove

The Cheesecake Factory at the Grove was where I had my first meal in LA. The servings were huge as expected and my California Cheesesteak was tasty and so filling! It was a nice sunny day as we ventured out in the Grove and the first place we stopped was Forever21 for some shopping. After a taste of how much cheaper the shopping was here, our next stop was Melrose Avenue!

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