Believing in People

Believing in people

It can happen that we lose interest in people,
and even become blind to their strengths
when we discover their limitations.
During his passion Jesus discovered the limitations of Peter.
Yet he didn’t write him off.
He continued to believe in him,
and in time he came good.
Like Peter, we are weak human beings,
who are inconstant in our beliefs
We need someone who understands our weaknesses,
who realises that it may take time for us to overcome them,
and who doesn’t write us off because we don’t produce the goods at once.

An extract from my parish’s weekly published bulletin. Click here to have a read! 🙂

Happy Sunday everyone! Make the first hour of your week a happy, relaxing and reflective one by giving thanks for all your blessings and listening to the word of God. See you at mass! <3