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Chuckle Park on Little Collins st, meatballs, pork slider, the best corn on the cob EVER!, Chuckle Park menu stuck onto the alleyway wall, yummy corn, Mary on top of the caravan shop front, yummy pear cider, leafy tops

Chuckle Park Bar and Cafe, 322 Little Collins st, Melbourne 03 9654-5594

No need for expensive chandeliers or even a ceiling! – just some interesting jam jar lights and upside down umbrellas and you have yourself a quirky little place to enjoy a slider and cider. I had never really noticed Chuckle Park before as I had always known this part of Little Collins st as the place I go to to check the shoe store Zomp and other retailers such as FCUK and Witchery. But walking slower than usual, the colorful flowers at the end of this little lane way caught my eye.

Cuisine: Spanish-feel, burgers, ciders

Location: hidden in a laneway – so Melbourne! 🙂 easy access when we brought baby in the pram and a great atmosphere!

Service: We had a late lunch here at around 2pm on a weekday and didn’t have to wait long for our meals to come out. The staff were friendly and cheery which really brightened up the grey Melbourne day. They were also very enthusiastic and took the time to make sure baby also enjoyed the dining experience 🙂

Food: The menu is short and simple. Easy to read with something for everyone. The meatballs and crusty bread went down perfectly in the cold Melbourne weather and hubby ordered the pulled pork slider which looked amazing and I’m told tasted exactly that! It was the grilled corn covered in parmesan, coriander, lime and sauce however, that blew my mind!!! – it tasted like  my all-time childhood favourite…Twisties! Only with real ingredients and not just junk! I’m drooling now just typing about it. Definitely worth going back for! Apparently another place in Melbourne also serves up this corn sensation so I’ll have to check it out and report back to you.

Drink: The better half ordered a pear cider and I only had a sip or two but I am definitely going to order that next time!!

Kid-Friendly?: Having a late lunch meant that we found a table easily accessible with a pram and the crowd at the time were people on lunch from work or those catching up with friends, so it was kid-friendly as we sat away from the people smoking.

I will definitely be dining back here and maybe ordering more than one corn next time! I would also like to check this place out at night for drinks as I’m sure it would be so pretty and happening with all the cute jar lanterns and DJ!

Happy Monday everyone!

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