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Lazat Malaysian Restuarant, 495 Ballarat Rd Sunshine, Ph: 9312 7880

This place on Ballarat Road has been occupied by so many different business in the past few years from a souvlaki to a grill-type restaurant but with some other Malaysian eateries being such a hit in the area (i.e. Chef Lagenda up the road) I’m sure Lazat will be here to stay much longer than its predecessors.

I actually wasn’t even going to call in and book a reservation for dinner because I didn’t think that this place would be busy but luckily I did because when we arrived, the place was full house – buzzing with busyness! Lazat showcases a hearty menu with lots of choice and reasonably priced dishes. My lychee drink was tasty and refreshing and I enjoyed every single dish that we ordered at our first time at Lazat. The fried rice was full of flavour and so was the beef rendang (I still favour my dad’s version though!). We’ll definitely be going back again and I’ll do a proper post on the dishes – this first time round we ate our meals too quickly, just a tad bit excited lol!

There have been mixed reviews about Lazat and they have only been opened for several months, however I found the food to be great value and the service friendly. It was extremely busy when we visited so we enjoyed each other’s company as we waited for the staff to get a table together for us. We used this time to sneakily check out the tables surrounding us to see what other diners were ordering – don’t tell me you don’t do that when you visit a restaurant for the first time!? ;P

Have you eaten at Lazat recently!? – what did you think?

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