Dinner with Strangers & biryani!

IMG_4757[1]IMG_4753[1]It doesn’t look like we all just met in this photo – a meal is best when shared with others 🙂

Vanakkam India, 359 Barkly St, Footscray

As much as I like to plan and be organised, I equally love randomness and spontaneity so when I read that Consider The Sauce was organising another dinner feast (CTS Feast number 1 was last month, click here to visit Kenny’s blog), I quickly emailed in to reserve a couple of spots! – A random dinner feast with a table full of strangers, count me in!

Having never really ventured down the Barkly street eateries for a meal, I couldn’t wait to try the biryani that Kenny so highly speaks of!  The CBD has been a more central option for me catching up with friends living in different areas of Melbourne and I’m so excited to observe that recent times have seen more and more catch ups on this side of town! – seems like everyone is slowly but surely catching on to the boundless choice of amazing places to dine in Melbourne’s west that so often get sadly overlooked by so-called restaurant guides and lists.

Thanks to Kenny and Vanakka India, three tasty appetizers, one huge chicken biryani main, plenty of drinks and many a story were shared amongst ten strangers all sharing a love for good food, friendly conversation and the CTS blog! 🙂 The following dishes were brought out to us by the hospitable staff:

Gobi 65 – florets of cauliflower marinated in spices and deep fried (if you don’t like cauliflower then this is a must. Bursting with flavour, you’ll be converted.)
Onion bajji – round sliced onion coated in chickpea batter and deep fried (Onion ring goodness!)
Chicken 65 – boneless cubes of chicken marinated in spices and deep fried (these tenderly moist chicken pieces went down a treat)
Chicken biryani (the most fragrant dish I’ve I had all year. As soon as our serving spoons dug into the rice a tantalizing aroma filled the air. Thankfully the generous serving allowed me to take some home for later!)
Mango lassi (a perfectly smooth and creamy end to our meal)

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IMG_4749[1] IMG_4751[1] IMG_4750[1]

The red sauce is quite chilli! – I was a bit too generous with lashings of it all over my rice so I balanced it out with the raita!

IMG_4744[1]Vanakkam door

A nice quote above the door as you exit.

MAngo lassi

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  1. Had briyani earlier on for dinner here in Singapore! Totally envious of the basmathi rice grains which are super long just how it should be. Wish i could have been at the same table enjoying all those dishes.

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