Life Lately – 2013 The Year of D

2013 has been nothing short of amazing. Not only have I spent a lot more time hanging out with my family but I have also had the most memorable and eye-opening experiences mainly thanks to my little man who turned one just a couple of months ago. Having a baby not only leaves you sleep-deprived and tired it also gives you another view of the world – a more simpler, happier and down-to-earth view. I have never been so excited to see bubbles blowing in the air or so enthralled by little feet with toes as soft as marshmallows that I just want to bite them every time they push into my face (yes our 1-year-old still sleeps in our bed!).

Baby D has definitely been the highlight of 2013. I now realise why so many proud mums can do nothing but talk about their kids all day long! Thanks to Baby D and the better half these past 12 months were filled with:

– Food…and lots of it!

This year we continued eating our way through an array of amazing cafes and restaurants, and chased foodtrucks around Melbourne. I am so grateful that there is always an abundance of good food to be had and in case you missed some of my blog posts, see here, here and here to see some of the places we loved!

– Personal growth and development
I love learning new things about myself and the world. Just because you finish, school or uni it doesn’t mean the learning should stop there. Thanks to Baby D and a nice long round of mat leave, I attended seminars, networking events, and completed a course which gave me the opportunity to meet many motivated people. Their success and passion in doing what they love has kept me uplifted and inspired and hopefully I have inspired others also!

– Shopping and blogging
As a girl who loves to shop I was blessed this year to have the opportunity to shop for myself and my little one having participated in the Shop Til You Drop 2013 Shopper of the Year and also becoming a UniHill Ambassador (see posts here and here!). This year I took full advantage of the time I had to devote to blogging as I had done so much with Baby D and taken so many photos of the things we got up to. I want to thank you all so much for following the start of our journey together and all your support, comments and requests! Through my blogging I have also had the chance to meet fellow Melbourne bloggers from foodie bloggers to mum bloggers and also likes of inspiring people like Gok (see post here). I have enjoyed blogging more regularly this year and am so grateful that you have enjoyed it to! I can’t wait to show you what 2014 has in store. 😉

– Dancing post partum
I wasn’t sure if I was going to get back into dancing after having the bub having not danced for a year but I am so grateful to have such an amazing dance family in Rewind and Mishanda – I was able to perform at the 2013 St Kilda Fest and also a couple of club gigs around Melbourne. Some fellow first time mums and I also got together along with some talented choreographers and videographers to put together a fun little clip that we released on Mothers Day 2013. Click here to watch it 🙂 Dancing is such a fun way to let go and just be. It’s also an awesome way to burn off all those calories from all the cupcakes I ate this year! I’m so grateful to have such a hardworking dance family and also grateful for UEG Events for continuing to give aspiring dancers the opportunity to shine on a huge stage during their annual Australian Hip Hop Championships. Stay tuned for more to come in 2014!

– New experiences
Being on mat leave I decided to try out signing up with an agency and the hubby and I were excited to be part of the Moving Victoria TVC (currently being aired)! Baby D was also cast for his first ever still shoot and even though he started crying halfway through it was still a fun experience. Hopefully in 2014 you can also try something you’ve always wanted to do! – just go for it and stop making excuses. 😉 Whether it’s entering a singing contest, travelling to Helsinki, proposing to your girlfriend or whatever else you might be thinking of I wish you all the best and would love to hear all about it! Comment below with a link to your blog or social media page.

– Family and baby time…and lots of it! <3

The Urban Ma Baby D ootd

No words can describe the joy and wonderment Baby D has brought into my life this year. Bring on 2014! More friends, family, food, travel, special occasions and love! Life really is about the simple things so wherever you are enjoy the now and love like there’s no tomorrow! See you next year!

P.S. To ring in the new year with a bang, I’m happy to share with you a special new year’s mix by the one and only DJ Atomik! See here. xx

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