Mummy Mondays – Embrace


Mummy Mondays – Embrace

A big congratulations to Taryn Brumfitt on reaching her Kickstarter stretch goal and gaining the funding to create a feature length documentary that will unite women across the globe to love their bodies.

I first met Taryn at a bloggers brunch when she amazed us all with her storytelling as she spoke of the Body Image Movement. With children as young as 7 years old wanting to go on diets or work out at the gym in order to get that “thigh gap” (what the?!), and both teenage girls and grown women alike hating on the very body that allows them to do so much, Taryn got us thinking. Thinking as to how we can embrace our bodies more and be more positive with how we view ourselves. See her video here.

After hearing Taryn speak, I realised that sometimes I am a bit too hard on myself…no I don’t look like those tall, gorgeous models on the Victoria’s Secret catwalk but I shouldn’t be so harsh on my body…after all it housed a little baby for 9 months and fed him for another 13 more. It’s not always easy but we really should try to not compare ourselves with all those photoshopped, edited, wrinkle-free stars in the magazines. Easier said than done, I know.

Every body is different and every body is beautiful, we’re not meant to all look exactly alike…now we just have to try to remember that 🙂

The Urban Ma with Taryn Brumfitt