Dinosaur sightings in Melbourne’s West?

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It’s something that until D came along I had forgotten the simple joy of – playgrounds! Before I see his face light up, I can hear his cute little voice from the back car seat saying “Ooooooohh dinosaur!”, or “Ooooooohh slide!” in a sing song almost melodic tone. Wide-eyed and excited to explore a brand new place, D always hurriedly gets out of the car in anticipation of the fun about to be had and the hubby and I can’t help but join in his enthusiasm.

It really is the simple things hey? Either that or I just love the openness of parks right now because D is turning two and this little toddler of mine is a hot ball of energy – open spaces like parks and playgrounds means I don’t have to constantly chase after him or constantly feel anxious that he’s going to break something or take something (he loves touching and checking out everything in the stores we visit when out in shopping centres). I can just let him roam freely as he discovers the different textures or grass, sand, bark and the awesome play equipment.


Mimi the Muttaburrasaurus

 Mimi the Muttuburrasaurus
McNish Reserve, Yarraville

free parking – little shade – benches – tables – water fountain

Did you know the the Muttuaburrasaurus was a prehistoric dinosaur – a herbivore whose skeleton was found in Queensland in the 1960’s?

Mimi is a model of the dinosaur thought to be uniquely Australian.

Mimi is an interactive dinosaur with a slide for a tail and several eggshells scattered around.

The Yarraville Community Garden is also nearby.

The structure was funded by Medibank with the the support of the Maribyrnong council made by the local artists at BigFish.

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