Mummy Monday’s – Date night

After listening to Baz Luhrmann speak to us about his latest production, Strictly Ballroom, at the media call the other week, I had a feeling that the hubby and I would enjoy this theatrical experience. We were lucky to be gifted some tickets which we used for a wonderful mid week date night.

With Baz’s creative flair and his wife Catherine’s brilliant artistry in costume design, this dynamic duo has taken on Her Majesty’s Theatre for the Melbourne instalment of their movie-turned-musical labour of love.

It is the talented performers and performances, as Baz explains to us, that bring this musical to life. Performing with such passion and gusto, the cast expose their characters and themselves, so that we forget ourselves, and are drawn in to their story.


And drawn in we were. By the last musical number we had all forgotten where we were and the entire audience (yes including the hubby!) were up on their feet dancing in their seats, the aisles and on stage!

That’s one way to get a standing ovation. Loved it!


Strictly Ballroom is currently playing at Her Majesty’s Theatre in Melbourne. For tickets see here.