Work lunch #4 – Reubens and Cubanos right next door

Maison Dixon
480 Collins st, Melbourne

Last week I had another lunch catch up with fellow blogger Kenny from Consider the Sauce and this time we decided to check out the American sandwich bar in the little foodcourt next to my office building on Collins street.

Luckily for us the hubby was already waiting in the front of the line when we arrived…it almost extended out to the door! I was just here the other week trying out the firey Sri Lankan take away joint and didn’t even realise there was a new tenant in this tucked away food court. 2015/02/img_9907.jpg
In my haste to give Wes my order I told him to get me the first item on the menu instead of the Cubanos that I originally wanted to try because I’d seen it in the movie Chef

Glad it turned out that way though because after biting into half of what the hubby and Kenny ordered, I preferred The MD Reuben with its sauerkraut and corned beef. We also tried the peanut butter pie, which alternates daily with other sweet pie varieties like key lime pie and chocolate pie.

Mason Dixon American Sandwich Bar on Urbanspoon

The peanut butter pie was so damn good that I ended up coming back later to get some for take away to bring back to the family!

Get in early if you don’t want to spend your whole lunch time lining up! And make sure you try the pies!


Mummy Monday’s – Date night

After listening to Baz Luhrmann speak to us about his latest production, Strictly Ballroom, at the media call the other week, I had a feeling that the hubby and I would enjoy this theatrical experience. We were lucky to be gifted some tickets which we used for a wonderful mid week date night.

With Baz’s creative flair and his wife Catherine’s brilliant artistry in costume design, this dynamic duo has taken on Her Majesty’s Theatre for the Melbourne instalment of their movie-turned-musical labour of love.

It is the talented performers and performances, as Baz explains to us, that bring this musical to life. Performing with such passion and gusto, the cast expose their characters and themselves, so that we forget ourselves, and are drawn in to their story.


And drawn in we were. By the last musical number we had all forgotten where we were and the entire audience (yes including the hubby!) were up on their feet dancing in their seats, the aisles and on stage!

That’s one way to get a standing ovation. Loved it!


Strictly Ballroom is currently playing at Her Majesty’s Theatre in Melbourne. For tickets see here.



Sunday sessions – Two Birds Brewing in Spotswood

Two Birds Brewery The Urban Ma blogThe Urban Ma Two Birds BreweryTwo Birds Brewing x Rockwell & Sons
136 Hall St, Spotswood

It was a grey and wet day last Sunday so we headed to Spotswood for some fried chicken and beer at Two Birds Brewing. With the menu items by Rockwell & Sons, we were pleased with the fact that we didn’t have to trek across the city to satisfy our Rockwell cravings.

We were pleased to find a spacious brewery right near Spotswood station next to another Spotswood favourite of ours, Chase Kitchen. With some new apartments being built in the area, I’m tempted to move to this suburb so close to the beach, the city, and foodie haunts.

Two Birds West Spotswood Fried chicken with hot sauce The Urban Ma Rockwell and SonsWe ordered the fried chicken and it went down well with the recommended Wolf of the West brew! Can’t wait to share a meal here with some friends and family!

We ordered:

– Fried chicken ribs with buttermilk dressing and hot sauce

– Wolf of the West (“This straw colored ale is spicy, piney, and dank. Don’t be fooled by it’s pale appearance, the Wolf has just enough lean malt to support the resinous finish and lingering bitterness This beer is all about hops – in all their leafy, citrusy glory.” – Two Birds Brewery Instagram)

– Smoked Scarmoza and chorizo jam with grilled cheese, salted onions and oregano (this sandwich was sooooo good – Daniel loved it too!) Rockwell and Sons westside The Urban Ma

Check out their menu below and there are also specials up on the board.

Two Birds Brewing on Urbanspoon

Two Birds Rockwell & Sons menu craft beer Rockwell & Sons menu The Urban Ma blog interior display Two Birds Spotswood The Urban Ma visits Two Birds

For adults too!

It’s funny how toddler night time reading can be beneficial for adults too! Not only is it a nice way to wind down the day and bond with your little one, there are loads of sayings and themes that we could learn from too.
I love bedtime reading with Toddler D! xx