So wrong but oh so right! – Sweetwater Inn

The Urban Ma at Sweetwater Inn

Sweetwater Inn – 1/60 Bray street, South Yarra

Just off Chapel lies this place I really need to visit again, Sweetwater Inn. I cannot stop thinking about the heavenly gravy or those beautifully beer batter chips that are so wrong yet oh so right (I’ll walk it off later I promise!).

I couldn’t believe I’d never been to this place before and thank goodness for the recommendation from one of my gorgeous Rewind ladies, we chose this place for a sunny Saturday catch up session. And I think it will become one of our staples.

Sweetwater Inn The Urban Ma blog Rissole sandwich

We ordered:
– Rissole Sandwich: Wagyu rissole with melted cheese dipped in gravy, served with chips and salad
Smoked Potato Croquettes: Fluffy smoked mashed potatoes with jalapenos and caramelized onions, crumbed and fried served with spicy aoli
– Calamari Salad – Chilli and herb marinated calamari, lightly fried or char grilled, served on a seasonal salad with herb aoli

(Wow, just typing out that menu made my mouth water! Note to self: reserved a date in the diary to visit this place again and try the Chip Bottie next time!)

Lovely staff

“A little bit of country hospitality in the not so country South Yarra” – a rustic type shed with wooden furnishings, a kinda cowboy feel, mini beer garden and lovely Saturday morning sun shining through. I can imagine it can get quite noisy and entertaining!

Most things on the menu offer a vegan or vegetarian alternative and the staff are happy to help make any alterations where needed. Great place for drinks and a good hearty meal.Sweetwater Inn The Urban Ma blog details

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  1. “I’ll walk it off later I promise!” OK. I believe you. BTW, I like the way you’re doing your posts with sub-heads – makes a lot of sense and looks good.

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