Lippy, heels and my mamma friends

IMG_5535Ms Collins, 425 Collins st, Melbourne

Saw a post on Instagram last week which got me thinking… Once upon a time we went out on a Thursday (to Odeon), a Friday (to Next Blue), a Saturday (to Zos) and a Sunday (to Mercury Lounge). 4 nights in a row, I don’t know how we did it. These days with full time work, a 2 two year old, extra curricular activities and a house to make feel like a home, it take me 2 weeks to recover from even just one night out let alone a couple in a row!

But once in a while we just want to throw on those heels, a pretty dress and take to that dance floor with drinks and girlfriends in hand.

The scene has changed quite a lot with higher entry (I remember paying $8 plus a free drink card at some clubs), a change in music (from sexy rnb tunes to EDM), and a toilet full of girls wriggling around taking 120 selfie pics before they’re satisfied with one that they filter, edit and crop before posting online. The below Instagram post had me giggling thinking about all the gossip and friendly ladies in the bathroom happily chatting to each other acting like they’re best friends, even though they know nothing about each other except their expensive taste in designer handbags. No camera phones to distract from the babbling about boyfriends, jealous rants or the excited feelings of being bought a free drink from a cute stranger. Ahhh I wonder what they’re all up to now! ­čÖé


┬áLove these people! – Happy Mother’s Day 2015

  Forever grateful for all the experiences, beautiful, tough and indescribable, that come with being a mother.

Never-ending learning about just how much love us humans are capable of.


P.S Thank you to this gorgeous little boy for giving me Mother’s Day, my strong and loving hubby for his soothing calmness, my parents for giving me such a deep and meaningful understanding of what it means to be a parent and all the other mother-figures (my aunties, friends, workmates etc) out there who’s support and friendship I’ll always cherish. Hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day 2015.  

      A beautiful tribute to mothers who have passed on at the Sunday morning mass. How sweet are they!? Freshly squeezed orange juice with a yummy breakfast!       

What Mother’s Day looked like this year 

So wrong but oh so right! – Sweetwater Inn

The Urban Ma at Sweetwater Inn

Sweetwater Inn – 1/60 Bray street, South Yarra

Just off Chapel lies this place I really need to visit again, Sweetwater Inn. I cannot stop thinking about the heavenly gravy or those beautifully beer batter chips that are so wrong yet oh so right (I’ll walk it off later I promise!).

I couldn’t believe I’d never been to this place before and thank goodness for the recommendation from one of my gorgeous Rewind ladies, we chose this place for a sunny Saturday catch up session. And I think it will become one of our staples.

Sweetwater Inn The Urban Ma blog Rissole sandwich

We ordered:
– Rissole Sandwich: Wagyu rissole with melted cheese dipped in gravy, served with chips and salad
Smoked Potato Croquettes: Fluffy smoked mashed potatoes with jalapenos and caramelized onions, crumbed and fried served with spicy aoli
– Calamari Salad – Chilli and herb marinated calamari, lightly fried or char grilled, served on a seasonal salad with herb aoli

(Wow, just typing out that menu made my mouth water! Note to self: reserved a date in the diary to visit this place again and try the Chip Bottie next time!)

Lovely staff

“A little bit of country hospitality in the not so country South Yarra” – a rustic type shed with wooden furnishings, a kinda cowboy feel, mini beer garden and lovely Saturday morning sun shining through. I can imagine it can get quite noisy and entertaining!

Most things on the menu offer a vegan or vegetarian alternative and the staff are happy to help make any alterations where needed. Great place for drinks and a good hearty meal.Sweetwater Inn The Urban Ma blog details

Sweetwater Inn Melbourne bars The Urban Ma blog

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Longrain with my mamma girlfriends

IMG_8022[1] IMG_8023[1]

Longrain Melbourne – 44 Little Bourke street

Sometimes all you need is to get away for dinner and drinks with your girlfriends to talk, vent, relax, listen and unwind.

People who understand what its like to be run off your feet trying to juggle the demands of family, household, full time work and a marriage and still try to look appealing and energetic…

Seems like Thai is always the go-to cuisine for catch ups as I remember going out to one of the Thai restaurants down Keilor Road and observing that about 95% of the patrons were made up of females catching up with their girlfriends, mums, daughters etc! Lol!

It was my first time at Longrain and we ordered the banquet menu with an additional dish.

Favorite dish:
The caramelized pork hock, five spice, chilli vinegar


Loved the interior of this place. I remember thinking as soon as I walked in that it would an awesome venue to hire out for a 30th birthday or some sort of occassion. Long communal tables for groups and smaller tables next to the windows for a group of 4 like us.

Our banquet menu was $65 and required a minimum of 4 people. Good sized dishes and a great tasting plate for dessert!

Bookings for dinner are only for larger groups. As were we weren’t in any rush, it was actually nice to take a seat at the side bar which served good drinks a yummy starters and we were able to chatter away. However if you are the type of person that likes to make reservations for dinner just come in early when it opens and you’ll be sure to grab a table. They fill up pretty quickly though!


If you want to check out some great Thai eateries you can find some more blog posts here, here and here!

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