Mama Mondays – Pregnancy, The Sequel. Bump diaries #1


 In case you hadn’t noticed by my choice of clothing or food/drink lately (see my Fat Duck post here! – no wine for me!) we’re expecting and so excited about welcoming Baby #2 into the family!!!

So far this time around its been extra tiring and I don’t know whether it’s because each pregnancy can differ so greatly, or just because I already have an active little toddler to chase around leaving less time to myself and for rest.

Right now I’m just loving seeing Daniel grow and understand everything around him more and more. Every night he wants to say “goodnight” to the baby and once he pulls up my top and wishes Baby goodnight, he follows it with the sweetest sounding “I love you baby!” you’ll ever hear. Uggghh love him to bits! 

Best night time routine ever!

Speaking of night time routines, if you missed my blog post last Monday you can read up on it here. Mr D is continuing practicing his gratefulness!

#GratefulDaniel #2

Daddy: Do you want to say thanks for anything before tulog time? (sleep time).

Daniel: Yeyahh!

Daddy: What do you want to say thanks for today?

Daniel: Uhhh, thanks to God for my bed and my stars (his bedsheets and pillows are covered in stars). It’s so cozy! 

Ahhhh bless! I just want to squeeze him so tight!!! 

Especially on freezing cold day and night like today it’s so lovely to see him be thankful for the simple things that unfortunately not everyone has access to.

What are you grateful for today? This week? #graceandthanks

 My favourite little toes ever! – Getting his haircut with Daddy looking all serious – Imagination and yoga at Little Organics last Saturday – with his cousin and Daniel wants to sleep in! Do you blame him? I would too if I could! – this weather is crazy cold. 

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