A balcony, cozy booths and good, cheap dishes


Spring rolls, salt & pepper pork with fried egg 

Red Silks, Level 1, 200 Bourke st, Melbourne

I’ve been going to Red Silks since back in my uni days. Perfect for catching up with friends as they have big cozy booths, cheap but tasty dishes and are open ’til late! The menu is extensive and you can choose to share the mains or opt for your own single serve dish. I come here when feel like sharing a meal in a relaxed environment with great company and conversation.

I don’t think Red Silks specializes in any particular Asian cuisine so if you’re looking for authentic nasi lemak then it’s best to go to a Malaysian restaurant. Red Silks, however, offers generous sized meals and my favourites are their nasi goreng, lemongrass pork with fried egg and their salt and pepper dishes! They also serve the flavoured iced drinks with pearls and I like the taro flavoured drink!

IMG_9662IMG_9661IMG_9659IMG_9669IMG_9668Nasi goreng, chicken & cashew with rice, cute twiggy decor, signage outside, sneak peek of their menu

If you’re up for cocktails they also serve Cosmo’s and other alcoholic beverages which you can enjoy on their large outdoor balcony that overlooks Bourke st.

I keep coming back to this cozy little nook as the meals come out promptly and they never kick us out when we get too carried away having a girly catch up session 🙂

What’s your favourite relaxed hang out?

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