Pinoy Fridays – My first time baking braso…nailed it!

Nailed It Braso The Urban Ma

Ok I didn’t really nail it! The photo above on the left is my first attempt ever at cooking the sweet classic Filipino dessert called Braso de Mercedes. The above pic on the right is of course courtesy of Pinterest. Even though I didn’t nail the presentation for it to be Instagram or Masterchef worthy, it tasted every bit delicious! (just a tad bit on the sweet side – gotta adjust that recipe!).

For those of you who aren’t too familiar with Filipino desserts, Braso is well-loved soft meringue with sweet yema custard filling rolled into a log-looking shape kinda like an arm (“braso” is Filipino for “arm”). This Filipino-style Swiss roll has soft, melt-in-your-mouth meringue that reveals custard goodness inside (some versions include chopped cashews). Divine!

I thought I’d make something for all the mums for lunch and dinner (I have a heap of aunties, grandparents etc which keeps our celebrations full of laughter and chit chat! – always so festive!). I baked it as part of our Mothers Day celebrations last month where I cooked this braso dessert, macaroons and kare kare (a Filipino savoury dish, kinda like satay but not really! I’ll post up pics when I make it again.).

Boy did I underestimate the amount of work that went into preparing all this! – or maybe I just need more practice so that I’m more efficient!

All the hard work was worth it though as my aunties, grandparents, parents and in-laws have done so much for us throughout the years – always there and always with a helping hand. Love them all so much.

 Braso example cooking

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What is your favourite Filipino dish?

Happy Friday!

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