Morning coffee and nutella donuts at Daniel’s Bakery

The Urban Ma visits Daniel's bakery Nutella donuts

I never thought I’d ever get to sleep in again after having a baby. I remember everyone telling me how hard it was and how they wake up really early and you’re just non-stop. It got me a little anxious about having a bub but at the same time I was thinking it couldn’t be that bad could it?

It’s not! The start of a long weekend was began with Toddler sleeping in and waking up wanting to buy a “Dinoco Blue car” – he is obsessed with the Disney Cars movie both 1 and 2 – they’re such great movies, you’ve gotta see them if you haven’t already! Instead of going straight to the shops, we drove out to Hogan’s Corner.

Quality time with Grandma and D was spent spotting diggers, dumper trucks and cranes along the back roads of Hoppers Crossing on our way to Daniel’s Bakery.

We arrived to a line of people who had most likely seen their scrumptious Nutella donuts on Facebook or Instagram and it was so great to see a local business doing so well!

We ordered:
– Nutella donuts (a box of 6 for $7.50, or you can get a double shot size for $4 each)
– lemon meringue donuts
– salted caramel donuts
– peanut butter donuts
– a soy latte and flat white
– vanilla slice and,
– blueberry and chocolate scones

Don’t worry we didn’t finish these all ourselves! (although Toddler D finished two of them whilst I went to the grocery store to get a bottle of water, eeeeek!). We got a variety of flavours to take home to our families!

Even though there was a line out the door, the service was fast and you could tell the bubbly sales ladies were excited by the crowd as they served up donuts, coffee and fresh bread with a smile. You could even hear the baker at the yelling “fresh Nutella donuts!” from the back where they were working hard catering for the demand outside 🙂

A bakery with a few tables outside so you can enjoy your donuts fresh on the premises

Located in a little shopping village called Hogan’s Corner
Daniel’s Bakery
150 Hogan’s Road, Hopper Crossing

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