Bump Diary #6 – 25 week update

  Bump Diary #5 – 24 week update

How far along are you? 25 weeks and 5 days
How big is baby? This week baby is as big as a swede. On average around 34.6cms long and weighing 660 grams and able to touch her umbilical cord and stick out her tongue.
Body and changes:
– Weight gain Feeling quite good this week after cutting down on eating huge servings at every meal especially in the evening.
– Stretch marks Again, same as last week and still rubbing Bio Oil and Palmer’s Cocoa Butter all over my bump in the mornings and evenings. I haven’t noticed any new stretch marks.
Sleep I’ve avoided eating anything with too much chilli, garlic and onion later in the day and this has helped reduce the reflux at night. Thank goodness the acidic, burning feeling in my throat has gone away this week!
Maternity clothes?
I bought some leggings and shorts from Bonds at UniHill and bought some maternity denim shorts from Big W for only $9 to wear on our trip in a couple of weeks. I used to wear size 10 bottoms but opted for the maternity size 12 to give me more room.
The Other Stuff: Still using the Dove Cucumber and Green Tea deodorant and now onto the pantyliners…lol! So much production down there. An increase in vaginal discharge is apparently super normal during this time as there is an increase in the production of estrogen and greater blood flow to the vaginal area


 Eating lots of mandarins this week and finally got a taste of those delicious looking Kwak cinnamon scrolls
Feeling more energetic due to pregnancy pilates and eating meals that aren’t so huge!
Needing a trip to the hairdresser desperately (still haven’t had time to make a booking! Need a trim and to get my ends coloured.
Wanting D to stop saying “no” in such a forceful tone and wanting him to keep still when it’s change time – it’s so hard to chase him around trying to put his clothes and socks on!
Missing Summer but enjoying the winter layering and scarves
Watching Masterchef with D yelling out during the plating part “I want that one. I want that one.”
Bookmarking: Pregnancy style
Noticing: My thighs double in size :/
Enjoying hearing D’s little voice singing along to pop songs in the car. His favourites right now are Bad Blood, Sugar and Chivalry is Dead.



The other night we dressed D in onesie for bedtime and as he hadn’t worn a onesie in ages, he loved it and kept running around upstairs saying “Look I’m a baby, look I’m a baby!”. Then last night when he was in his normal pj’s lying in bed he said to me “Mummy I’m not big yet. I’m still a baby. I need baby pyjamas”. Uh oh! Looks like he’ll be a little jealous in a few months time!

#gratefuldaniel #6

Daddy: Daniel do you want to say thanks for anything today?
Daniel: Uhhhh thanks to God for Mater and Chugg (his new car toys) and Mama Lola’s surprise for me (grandma’s little goodies from the post office!).

What have you been thankful for the past week?

In case you missed some updates throughout last week, we checked out the newly opened Filipino restaurant Reynaldo’s, in North Melbourne and had a Travel Thursday throwback to gorgeous Phi Phi Island Resort here! My previous bump diary update is here.