Bump Diary #9 – 28 week update 


How far along are you? 28 weeks and 5 days

How big is baby? This week Baby is as big as an eggplant! On average around 37.6cms long and weighing 1005 grams. Baby now has eyelashes and can blink her eyes and see the light that filters through my tummy!

Body and changes:

Weight gain Haven’t weighed myself this week but I feel heavier!

Stretch marks Still the same as last week and rubbing heaps of of moisturizer all over my belly especially as we spent some time in the sun and in the water whilst away 🙂 I can see a little more of the linea nigra this week.

Sleep Sleeping very soundly as I had a full week of activity – we had a 3-day conference and I loved every minute of it, meeting new people, ongoing learning and activities. By the end though of every day I was ready to knock out as soon as I hit the bed! Loved all the hotels we stayed at and I’ve got some great posts coming up in the next few weeks!

Maternity clothes? I used the maternity shorts I bought a few weeks ago all last week and they were super comfy! – highly recommend getting a pair if you’re pregnant during the warmer months 🙂

The Other Stuff: 
Been burping lots lately! A little annoying but nothing major.

28 weeks pregnant The Urban Ma28 weeks pregnant The URban Ma pregnancy update

Eating lots of mandarins and big breakfasts

Feeling relaxed and inspired after a week of both work and pleasure with colleagues and family. Feeling so blessed.

Needing to find a name for Baby! Can’t decide on anything.

Wanting to go back to the warm sun and sea in Noosa. I took Lando for a walk today as the sun was out and shining.

Missing dance classes again after seeing this video on YouTube.

Watching music videos at night on the hotel tv! Can’t believe I’d never seen the “Watch me (Whip/Nae, Nae)” video clip LOL!

Bookmarking where to go for our next holiday.

Noticing how hard my belly gets sometimes!! Like rock hard O_O

Enjoying seeing Mr D’s face light up all week with wonder and excitement at all the new places and things he was experiencing. He was just constantly excited and wanting to run around and check out all his new surroundings.

Noosa Crest resort Noosa Heads Pregnancy update The Urban Ma Noosa Heads main beach

gratefuldaniel #8

Daddy: Daniel do you want to say thanks for anything today?

Daniel: Thanks to God for the window…and the door…and the books…and reading…and my pillows…and the stars…(oh my goodness he just kept going and we didn’t know when he was going to stop!) 🙂 Then for most of the week by the time we got to our night time gratefulness exercise…Mr D had fallen asleep he was so tired from all the things he had been throughout the day LOL!

What were one of your favourite memories from last week?

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