Bump Diary #15 – 33 week update 

  How far along are you? 33 weeks and 5 days
How big is baby? This week Baby weighs as much as a pineapple. On average around 43.7cms long and weighing just over 1.9kg and may already be getting ready for birth by turning upside-down.

Body and changes:

– Weight gain As for most of this pregnancy I haven’t weighed myself this week and am feeling like I’m growing bigger and bigger every second!

– Stretch marks No new ones this week…not that I can see anyway! I still have around 7 weeks to go and am hoping that there won’t be too many new ones popping up.

– Sleep This week I’ve been sleeping really well except for a couple of nights were my throat felt so acidic, I was gassy and also needed to take multiple trips to the loo. The hubby was interstate and I probably slept really well because I was cuddling our little one – I love how he snuggles right up to me and sometimes even holds my face in his little hands just to reassure himself that I’m there 🙂

– Maternity clothes I haven’t been shopping this week – I have really tried to restrain myself! I have just been wearing the same stretchy clothes to work for the past few weeks now and have been lucky to be able to work from home some days so that I don’t have to face the daily morning task of having to choose what to wear to work out of my already limited wardrobe.

The Other Stuff:
I’ve been slowly trying to get Mr D to learn how to dress himself as I am lacking the energy to run around chasing after him to get him dressed to go out. Last week it was his shoes and this week we’ve been tackling his undies and pants. It’s still a little tricky for him but he’s getting there 🙂 I just can’t bend over as much anymore. I miss carrying him and so I’ve been trying to sneak cuddles in anytime I can.
I’ve been so forgetful, misplacing lots of things around the house and having trouble finding them! Ugghhh…
I’ve also starting to feel a little nervous about the birth and so this week I’ve been reading up on labour signs lol! Last time I thought I was just having Braxton Hicks but they were actually contractions, hence the speedy delivery of Mr D over the Westgate Bridge (I promise I will post something about that soon! Still can’t believe I haven’t blogged about it!!).

Hmmm sorry for the blurry photos! I’m taking them with my iPhone6 and I thought they’d be clearer than this!? 🙁

Eating lots of everything. This week we made salmon patties (see below pics of Dadddy and son looking through the ingredients and Mr D just wanting to crack those eggs already!) and after watching the movie Chef again we made cuban sandwiches for the first time complete with the roasted pork shoulder marinated overnight and pickles, melted cheese, ham…ohhhh so good! We’ll have to post up the recipe we tried. Also been devouring:
– chocolates
– green smoothies
– breakfast smoothies

Feeling re-energised and ready to get back into some more exercise. Last week I walked up only 3 flights of stairs at work and by the time I got to the last landing I was totally out of the breath. This week I’ve been walking at least 20 mins every second day and hope to make it everyday when parental leave kicks in 🙂 It helps that the Melbourne weather has slightly become a little more sunny with pretty flowers starting to bloom on the plum trees around our area here.

Needing to re-design my blog.

Wanting to re-organised Mr D’s room and also tidy up our outdoor spaces at the front and back of the house.

Watching a couple of episodes of the The Bachelor this past week and some kids movies with Mr D.

Bookmarking interior kids room designs and all things mummy…saw these cool gift boxes with lots of goodies in them on Instagram and now I can’t remember the name!

Noticing how spring is almost here! Just a day away. Sun is shining (every now and then) and the ponds around our area are filled with signets and ducklings.

Enjoying hearing all of Mr D’s latest expressions. His voice is so animated I just love listening to him talk. It’s so encouraging hearing him read his books – he either memorizes the words on the pages or just makes it up!

Had a lovely Sunday arvo first at Corinthians in Hoppers for coffee (see previous visit to Corinthians here) and then a Malaysian lunch at Tasty Gate in Werribee.My first breakfast smoothie with blueberries, yoghurt, milk, oats, honey and bananas, my super comfy outfit for work, and at 8 months pregnant I need all the ‘comfy’ I can get! Loving my pink and gold-flecked necklace from Marielle at Monday Project, she’s got such beautiful things, a Thai lunch at Pokpok with my workmate.

gratefuldaniel #13
Daddy: What are you grateful for today Daniel?
Daniel: Thank you to God for my pilots book from Daddy and my rocketship book from Myscha! (He’s got such a good memory…he remembers everything!!)

Have you been continuing to practice gratitude in the past week? What have you been grateful for?

Bump Diary #14 – 32 week update

 How far along are you? 32 weeks and 5 days (this post was scheduled to go out this past Monday!!)

How big is baby? This week Baby weighs as much as a bunch of celery. On average around 42.4cms long and weighing just over 1.7kg. Baby is gaining weigh fast putting on more than half her birth weight between now and when she’s born.
Body and changes:
Weight gain Heavier and waddling a lot more.
Stretch marks Still the same stretch marks as last week and still rubbing moisturiser on my belly in the mornings and oil in the evenings.
Sleep has been better this week than last and I’m loving that Mr D is also sleeping in til 9am or a little past that on the weekends! Best toddler ever!
Maternity clothes Haven’t bought any new clothes, just one of those black belly bands from Target that you wear around your waist to help extend the wear of your pants that you can no longer zip up! I had one when I was pregnant with Mr D but couldn’t find it. It’s so handy!

The Other Stuff:

Relfux, the pregnancy waddle, baby brain and weight gain are just some of the things I’m continuing to experience this week. My bag is filled with Gaviscon, panty liners, deodorant and snacks…hahah!

32 weeks pregnant The Urban Ma

Eating lots of homemade cinnamon scrolls this week and party food with a few birthdays during the week (we have a big family with over 22 cousins!).
Feeling really out of breath again this week after walking only three flights of stairs…
Needing a nice hot tea or glass of hot water with lemon after dinner to soothe my full tummy and feel more relaxed.
Wanting to plant more veggies in the backyard.
Watching Friends and also had a date night with the hubby where we watched Mission Impossible 🙂
Bookmarking Father’s Day pressies.
Noticing the beautiful pink flowers blooming along the street leading up to the train station. Such a pretty sight each morning 🙂
Enjoying some relaxing time with the hubby after his constant work trips to Sydney. Mr D loves when he comes home with a new book for him to read during bedtime!

Simple green smoothie The Urban Ma
My first time making a smoothie and I twisted the wrong thing out of the blender! I managed to save enough for one serving!

week 32 collage

Enjoying the simple things like a delivery of non-alcoholic drinks from Maggie Beer, a strawberry and Golden Gaytime flavored cupcakes and picnics in the park across the road with Mr D.

gratefuldaniel #12

Daddy: What are you grateful for today Daniel?

Daniel: Thanks to God for Mummy’s arms and for Mummy and Daddy working so we can go on the plane again. LOL!

Have you been continuing to practice gratitude in the past week? What have you been grateful for?

You have got to try the kaya bread at this new Malaysian joint – Makan Place

Makan Place Pacific Werribee Urban DinerMakan Place interior design

Makan Place Shop RE10, Pacific Werribee
Cnr Derrimut Rd & Heaths Rd, Werribee

An impromptu visit to see Nanna on the weekend led us from Bunnings to the new part of Werribee Plaza or should I say Pacific Werribee’s Urban Diner area. The $370 million redevelopment sees 15 new restaurants open in June this year and a great new space to hang out and enjoy a meal and some entertainment with friends.

Nanna and Aunty told us to meet them at Makan Place, a Malaysian restaurant with authentic Malaysian cuisine with a long menu filled with Malaysian favourites like nasi lemak and aromatic curries.

We ordered:

– Prawn wonton soup (it also came with prawn crackers)
– French toast with Kaya and Peanut butter (this was a perfect combination of super soft bread with a nice blend of kaya spread and peanut butter – totally ordering this again next time!)
– Fried Kway Teow
– Nasi Lemak – Malaysian, Indian -spiced fragrant rice served with homemade sambal, acar (pickled vegetables), crispy anchovies, peanuts and a half a hard boiled egg
– Fried rice, Nasi Goreng Kampung, Spicy fried rice served with sambal prawns, chicken wing, chicken satay and topped with a fried egg (the sambal had a real spicy kick to it, the chicken satay skewer was cold and dry but I really enjoyed the fried rice and the fried chicken. They’ve got to do something about that chicken satay skewer though…)
– Teh Tarik (hot)
– Milo (cold)
– Mango special

– beautiful and clean decor, lots of different options for table seating and also family friendly with high chairs. Mr D liked the bicycles displayed and the patterns of tiling were quite pretty.

– there was a long line when we got there but we were seated within 10 minutes and the scrumptious looking photos on the menu were very enticing. The dishes served up to us weren’t exactly like the ones in the photos but were still very filling that we didn’t have enough room to order cendol for dessert! We ordered our meals by using the self serve sheets of paper and even though I had written that I wanted my egg well done, it was still runny in the middle.

The Details:
Make sure you order a creamy drink from the extensive drinks menu if you are going to have anything with sambal in it as it is very spicy but also very tasty. Overall we liked the food and will be back next time to try the desserts and also have some more of that smooth, delicate kaya bread.

Makan Place entree menu MalaysianMakan Place menu nasi lemakMilo drink Makan Place Malaysian restaurant MelbourneTeh Tarik Makan Place WerribeeMakan Place fried rice Nasi Lemak prawn wonton soup  Makan Place Noodles kaya bread Makan Place Pacific Werribee  Makan Place Urban Diner Werribee Makan place interior kitchen    Urban Diner Werribee  

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Bump Diary #13 – 31 week update

Pregnancy update – 31 weeks


How far along are you? 31 weeks and 5 days

How big is baby? This week Baby weighs as much as a coconut. On average around 41.1cms long and weighing just over 1.5kg and heading into a growth spurt, beginning to plump up with essential fat that is accumulating underneath its skin.
Body and changes:
Weight gain I’m sure I’ve gained heaps of weight again this week feeling a little more uncomfortable with my walk definitely turning into a waddle these days.
Stretch marks Those little faint lines I first started seeing last week are definitely stretch marks. I saw them a lot more prominent in the mirror yesterday morning and when I realised that they were stretch marks I immediately felt surprised as I thought that since I didn’t really get many in my first pregnancy, it would be the same with this second one. Wrong! After a few minutes, I got used to the fact that they’re normal and are only a sign that a human life is growing within me and I have accepted that it’s all part of the journey of motherhood.
Sleep I’ve been finding it really uncomfortable to sleep these days and need pillows around me to help me get into a comfortable position. Mr D has also been having a few nightmares this week for some reason…and he’s been waking up a few times in the middle of the night crying 🙁
Maternity clothes I bought a black top and some leopard print pants from Target the other day and they’re so comfy even though they’re not specifically maternity wear! I’ve been pairing them with a black blazer to dress them up a little for work 🙂

The Other Stuff:

Reflux is still hanging around this week. I’ve been getting Mr D to learn how to put his shoes on by himself this week so as to help me out since I can’t bend over that low these days. My tummy has also been feeling a lot heavier this week and it feels like it’s really weighing down into my pelvis and I can feel pressure down there. Baby is moving so much this week especially when we went for a dip in the pool yesterday!


Eating lots of cucumber, tomato and cheddar cheese at work lately
Feeling really out of breath again this week and less mobile – I took the elevator to go down two floors today when normally I take the stairs! Tsk, tsk, tsk!
Needing to get as much as rest as possible as I’ve found I feel super tired if I’m at it all day
Wanting to declutter the desktop on my laptop and sort through all the videos and photos on there
Watching music videos while hanging out at our hotel this week up in the Gold Coast
Bookmarking podcasts and videos to listen to and watch
Noticing how friendly people are on the planes to Mr D 🙂
Enjoying seeing just how much Mr D has loved flying and travelling with us over the past few weeks. It’s so exciting to see how enchanted he is by everything he sees and everyone he meets. This past week he got to spend some quality time with Daddy, his uncle and his cousin. Even though the two toddlers loved annoying each other, they had a great time!



gratefuldaniel #11

Daddy: What are you grateful for today Daniel?

Daniel: Thanks to God for planes and clouds and fast cars at Movieworld.

Have you been continuing to practice gratitude in the past week? What have you been grateful for?

  Feeling brave? – Tina’s will surely heat things up for you 


Tina’s Noodle Kitchen – Level 1 Highpoint Shopping Centre, Maribyrnong

After coming back from interstate travels, we felt like going somewhere familiar to shop and eat so we headed to Highpoint. I knew it was the Electrix Fields opening weekend but we were nicely surprised when heading down the escalators we were welcomed with wide open spaces. 

An urban feel with an array of new Asian eateries, this area of Highpoint felt a lot different to the rest of the centre and we were starving so we had hit the jackpot.

After wandering around checking out fried chicken, dumplings and ramen offerings we obviously had to try the most unfamiliar to us and so we sat down to peruse Tina’s Noodle Kitchen menu – it’s always an adventure with the hubby because he likes to try new things and hopefully our 2 year old grows up to be just as curious!

“The Masters of spicy surprises” Tina’s Noodle Kitchen has things on their menu not for the faint hearted – pork liver, lamb tripes, blood curd, kidneys, duck web and chicken gizzards were just some of the choices we had! There were also a lot of plant based dishes with exotic mushrooms for those who are vegetarian.

With my reflux never-ending these days I had to opt for a non-chilli dish even though I really wanted to try the Beer Duck with Konjac cake…there’s always next time! Daniel and I enjoyed the huge bowl that was presented to us with mountains of rice noodles in chicken stock soup with a variety of fillings and the hubby happily ate his way through his soup with beef and pickles. Hopefully next time we visit we can dig into the more interesting fillings.

My dad loves spicy food so I can’t wait to take him here and in turn try some of the other combinations.

We cooled down afterwards with some dessert bowls at Dessert Story also found on Level 1 which I can’t believe I only tried for the first time a few weeks ago thanks to a friend craving dessert.

This new section is now open 10am til late for you to explore the Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Malaysian cuisines.


Work lunch #14 – Lunch date with Mr Nice Guy


Mr Nice Guy Healeys Lane, Melbourne

Only a few weeks left until I start parental leave so the hubby and I decided to have a lunch date. After exploring the area with a friend yesterday, I wanted to check out more of Healey’s Lane so we met up there.

There are quite a few eateries to choose from with Korean, Thai and Vietnamese options well represented, although some were closed opening only during dinner time.

We settled on eating Thai at the place with the colorful door – Mr Nice Guy.

We ordered:
Chicken Pad Thai (the hubby said it was nice and saucy! Almost liked it as much as our fav pad Thai dish from Yim Yam in Yarraville)

Khao Kra Pao stir fried minced beef, green beans, brown onions, chilli, basil leaf, garlic and fried egg. The mince was super tasty and the green beans crunchy. Great dish!)

Jasmine tea

Busy with the lunch time crowd, this place makes good use of colour and texture with its cheerful decor. We arrived there at 12pm with the place being pretty empty but within 30mins all the tables were full with people also eagerly placing their take away orders

Fast and on point – I asked for them to cook the yolk well done and they served it up just right fully cooked through

We’ll definitely explore more of Healey’s lane in the coming weeks 🙂


Bump Diary #12 – 30 week update 

  How far along are you? 30 weeks and 5 days
How big is baby? This week Baby is as big as a cabbage! On average around 39.9cms long and weighing just over 1.3kg with nearly a litre of amniotic fluid surrounding Baby.
Body and changes:
Weight gain Had another midwife appointment tonight after work and my weight isn’t something that we measure – I still feel quite big compared to this stage of my pregnancy with Daniel.
Stretch marks I think I can see some faint red lines underneath my belly button that I’m guessing are stretch marks? My belly has been soooooo super itchy lately 🙁
Sleep Been sleeping ok but not straight through the night due to frequent trips to the bathroom and feeling thirsty and having to go downstairs to get some water (remind me to bring a water bottle to bed!)
Maternity clothes Bought this skirt from Uniqlo this week to wear to work and it is so comfy and warm. It’s not a maternity skirt but it has a good stretch to it

The Other Stuff:

Reflux hasn’t gone away since last week uggh. Finding it really hard to get Mr D ready and changed because he’s just so active and keeps running around. Shoes are the hardest to put on him! I also felt really puffed out after giving him a bubble bath the other night…can’t believe how tired I got so I think Daddy will be bathing Mr D from now on.

 Eating lots of veggies and also dark chocolate with roasted almonds…YUM!
Feeling like I get puffed out really easily these days
Needing to get started on getting organised with all the baby stuff – we need to buy another car seat and a few other things as well as getting Mr D’s old baby clothes out and washed
Wanting to declutter more of the garage and my closet!
Watching Monster Truck shows on YouTube…Mr D is obsessed with Monster trucks right now (I have no idea where he got that from lol!) It’s so funny there’s this whole other world of monster trucks and even grown men on YouTube who tape themselves playing with their Hot Wheels – they get like 5 million views on their videos!
Bookmarking blogs to read before heading off to Problogger this week 🙂
Noticing just how animated Mr D can be when he talks to us! He’s so articulate already it’s so cute and endearing to hear all the things he has to say
Enjoying some me time with a manicure this week! #itsthesimplethings I also enjoyed meeting Madriel who works at SBS Radio – she interviewed me as part of their Filipino show about Pinoy food and blogging. I’ll post the link up when the interview goes live if you’re interested in listening in 🙂 We also enjoyed some family time this week with a couple of birthday parties and a baptism.


gratefuldaniel #10

Daddy: (Daddy didn’t even have to ask Daniel what he was thankful for most of this week! – as soon as he finished with his prayers he launched into listing so many things…it was so funny!)

Daniel: Thanks to God for Mummy’s nose and my bed and thanks to God for the bones in Mummy’s arm (lol!!)

How was your week last week? What did you get up to?