Wellbeing Wednesday – Body love

  Just a few quotes I’m feeling today for #wellbeingwednesday 🙂

It’s always so hard for us what with all the media images of “perfect” “ideal” bodies to feel comfortable in our own skin and embrace what we have.

I’ve had eczema since I was a baby and it was always so conscious about it and it wasn’t until I started dancing with Rewind Dance Crew that I started feeling more comfortable in my own skin.

Now pregnant the second time around I keep thinking how is my body (particularly my tummy and thighs) going to look after Baby arrives? Will it be soft and squishy again? How will I get back to feeling ok with it? But I’m not going to let those thoughts take over. I won’t have the time or the energy for that! I will just enjoy the time I have watching these little ones grow up whilst enjoying some of the things I’ve missed the past few months like dance classes!! Can’t wait to get back into it!! I will also try to eat a lot more veggies!

How do you work on your wellbeing when the body love is not happening!? Why are we so hard on ourselves!?