Bump Diary #17  – 35 weeks

  How far along are you? 35 weeks and 5 days
How big is baby? This week Baby weighs as much as a honeydew melon. On average around 47.4cms long and weighing just over 2.6kg with fully developed kidneys and its liver able to now process some waste products.

Body and changes:

Weight gain As with the other weeks I haven’t weighed myself but found this breakdown of pregnancy weight gain in “What To Expect When You’re Expecting” that I found really interesting. All weights are approximate.

Baby –  3.3kg
Placenta – 750g
Amniotic fluid – 1kg
Uterine enlargement – 1kg
Maternal breast tissue – 1kg
Maternal blood volume – 1.8kg
Fluids in maternal tissue – 1.8kg
Maternal fat stores – 3kg
Total average – 13.5kg overall weight again (I reckon mine is probably double that!)

– Stretch marks Those reddish stretch marks from last week are becoming more prominent and I feel like holding the bottom of my belly up when I’m walking around to relieve some of the weight my tummy is carrying.

Sleep Again this past week has been good in terms of sleep. This first week of parental leave has proved to be very busy with all the cleaning and general household duties with a toddler in tow making me exhausted by the end of the day that it’s very easy to fall asleep, even with a huge belly in the way. My feet and legs have been tired from being up and about all day and I’ve managed to make myself nap twice with Mr D this past week during his afternoon nap.

Maternity clothes I haven’t bought anything new this week as I found some new things in my wardrobe with tags still on them that I hadn’t even worn yet! Thanks to Helen from Recycled Interiors, I’ve been following along with her 30 day challenge to a happy, healthy home and one of the challenges this week was to re-organize the wardrobe. It’s still not as neat as I would like it but bit by bit it’s getting there.

The Other Stuff:
Feeling loads of kicking and fetal movement again this week and I can see Baby’s elbow, bum and feet just pushing out and stretching my tummy. I can also feel Baby pushing up into my ribs and I didn’t really ever feel that with Mr D.


 The Urban Ma Humble Bundle flowersLoving this gorgeous bouquet from my workmates…it has lasted already one whole week without wilting…really brightens up our dining area!
The Urban Ma recipesOne of the meals we had last Monday for a meat free Monday dinner – vegetarian pad thai 🙂

Eating lots of homecooked dinners this week – yay for parental leave + meal planning 🙂 Feels great to have a nice hot meal ready early by the time hubby gets home instead of both of us rushing home from work only then to start cooking straight away as soon as we walk through the door. Now we have more time to play with Mr D and relax on the couch together!

Feeling like there’s still so much to do around the house before Baby arrives…but then again, the housework is never-ending is it?

Needing to pack by hospital bag and organise Mr D’s room.

Wanting to tidy up both our’s and Mr D’s room plus plan Mr D’s birthday party.

Watching Mr D enjoying the sunshine outside during the gorgeous weekend that we just had.

Bookmarking weekday activities for Mr D to get into like boys hip hop classes, swimming lessons or those pre-school storytimes at our local libraries. When I was on parental leave last time I used to take him to toddler time and Mini Maestros etc and I think he enjoyed it! He definitely learnt a few things from going to the various organised classes and activities.
I’ve also been loving looking at kids bedrooms and gender announcement ideas even though most people already know what we’re having!

Noticing how many things we have around the house that we don’t really need or use much. If only I had the energy to have a garage sale.

Enjoying the sunny weekend weather and hanging out with all the cousins. We tried out the new burger joint in Maribyrnong, St Burg’s on Saturday and then went long-driving with the other side of the family to Buxton Trout and Salmon farm where Mr D had a blast!
I’ve also really enjoyed being able to catch up with so many friends this past week and have time to clean some of the house as well but I think I pushed myself a bit too much that today I’m feeling so run down. I had to take a nap in the arvo.

Buxton Trout farm The Urban MaA sneak pic of some pics showing what Mr D got up to this past weekend!

sophie post partumHave you seen Sophie’s 10 day post partum pic after delivery her twin girls via c-section!? Loving the colour theme of her twin girls’ nursery!

gratefuldaniel #15
Daddy: What are you grateful for today Daniel?
Daniel: Thanks to God my monster trucks and my monster jam truck tickets (we received some tickets in the mail this week and we both got so excited!). Oh and thank you for playing with Madison (Mr D’s little cousin was over our house for 2 days in a row and he loved it!)

Have you been continuing to practice gratitude in the past week? What have you been grateful for?

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