Bump Diary #18 – 36 weeks update

36 week quote 36 week meme

How far along are you? 36 weeks and 5 days (full term in only two days!!)
How big is baby? This week Baby is the length of a large cos lettuce. On average around 47.4cms long and weighing nearly 2.7kg in a head-down position. C’mon Baby come out any time now!

Body and changes:

Weight gain I have no idea how much I weigh now but am hoping to jump on some scales at the next midwife appointment just for curiosity’s sake.

– Stretch marks No new stretch marks, just the same ones from last week which is more than I had carrying Mr D.

Sleep Another week of good sleep thank goodness! I find that having a pillow against my back and one at my front to throw my right leg over is super comfy. It may not sound like it but it is! Mr D has been sleeping well also which is great. He is still waking up in the middle of the night/morning and coming into our room but it’s all good..I love waking up to his snuggles.

Maternity clothes I bought some pj pants and a top from Cotton On Body and Coles this past week as I tore a hole in the crotch of one of my pj’s trying to fix the bed sheets. I also bought some shape wear singlets and bottoms to wear for after the birth.

The Other Stuff:
We had a scan this week which was so exciting as we got to see baby one last time on the screen before meeting her in real life! Mr D was super serious watching the sonographer check my belly and watching his baby sibling on the screen.

 36 weeks 2015 The Urban MaMy stretchies are starting to show more and more, I feel so huge. Mr D cheekily trying to sneak into the photo.

Hi there babygirl!

 Eating lots of toasted cheese, tomato and avocado sandwiches this week with a squeeze of lemon and a little pepper.  I think I’ve had it for breakfast nearly the whole week! Mr D loves it too, minus the tomato. Also loving mangoes at the moment as mum bought some from the fruit and veg store at Highpoint.

My latest breakfast/snack obsession this past week. 

Feeling grateful being able to catch up with so many friends and beautiful mamas. We’ve been swapping lots of stories and tips and it feels great to have such support and wisdom at my fingertips.

Needing to organize the pantry and fridge with a snack shelf for Mr D so that when Baby comes he can help himself whenever he gets hungry.

Wanting to go shopping, shopping and more shopping! Argghh I need to shop! Maybe after Wednesday lol!! (there’s a shopping night at Highpoint and I have a list of things I need/want to get!).

Watching dance vids on Youtube – I can’t wait to get back into class.

Bookmarking organization tips that will help us when baby #2 comes along like a snack shelf, closet organization and cleaning. It’s the little things like this that I never really thought of but I can tell will make a difference to my mood and energy!

Noticing how fast this pregnancy has gone by…this year in general has just flown by.

Enjoying watching Mr D take part in his first ever swimming lesson. It was just a trial but I think we’ll enrol him for a weekly class as he loved it so much and it would be a great skill for him to have. I didn’t start him earlier as he was already comfortable in the water. It was great to see that in his first lesson they already had to grab a stick under the water and wander away from their parents so I feel like he learnt a lot.

Soaking up the sun in the park with his monster truck, online shopping delivery from Adairs – loving the Rose Garden scent by Mercer & Reid, Mr D’s messy room before I cleaned it up and re-arranged it (the closet was worse!), cheesy baked cauliflower 🙂 

Happy baby The Urban Ma blogMr D has been the cheekiest this week! – here he is sticking stickers all over Daddy’s face and finding it so funny!
Happy Father and son The Urban Ma blog playing in puddles The Urban Ma blogFootprints and puddles on the deck
cousins with lolo The Urban Ma blogPlaytime with lolo and cousin Madison from Her Lust Palette style blog
Crafty daddy The Urban Ma blogAnother craft session with Daddy this time making big ramps for Mr D’s monster trucks to fly off!

gratefuldaniel #16
Daddy: What are you grateful for today Daniel?
Daniel: Thanks to God for Mummy, Daddy and my pillows and monster trucks. Uhhhh and thanks to God for my toys. Can we go to Noosa again? (He keeps mentioning Noosa lately!).

This little man wants to go on another holiday already! I’ll have to book something even if its a staycation in the city like we did here, or a nice quick trip like The Be Family took to Tassie – I still haven’t been!! My parents also went and said it would be a great weekend getaway to get some fresh, fleshy oysters so I think it will suit a post partum celebration 🙂

Have you been continuing to practice gratitude in the past week? What have you been grateful for?