Bump Diary #19 – 37 weeks

How far along are you? 37 weeks and 5 days
How big is baby? This week Baby is as long as a stalk of chard. On average around 48.6cms long and weighing just under 2.8kg in a head-down position. We were excited to see Baby on the ultrasound scan last week and she was measuring in at around 2.6kg give or take 15%.

Body and changes:

Weight gain Ok so I weighed myself at the doctor’s this past week and I’m 79.6kg so I’ve gained around 19kgs in this pregnancy so far.

– Stretch marks I think I’ve got a few new stretch marks right underneath my belly button. I’ve found that I have a lot more this time than last time. I’m still using Bio Oil in the evenings and Palmer’s Stretch Mark moisturiser.

Sleep This week I’ve been sleeping well but feeling really heavy when getting in and out of bed and finding it hard to turn from side to side because of how heavy my tummy feels! C’mon Baby we want to meet you already!!

Maternity clothes I bought a long line grey vest and a pretty white dress from Sportsgirl during the Highpoint shopping night last week. I also about some tan-colored flats from Novo and some things from Cotton On Kids for the kids. I also bought a surprise for the hubby but I’ll give it to him for his birthday 🙂

The Other Stuff:
I’m really feeling the weight of my tummy this week – if I’m standing for some time my pelvic area aches and I feel like I have to hold the bottom of my belly for extra support. Quick-Eze has been my saviour in the evenings during bedtime when I’m feeling reflux and heartburn. I’ve also been trying to remember to continue regularly working on my pelvic floor exercises so I don’t accidentally pee when I sneeze or cough lol!


 Feeling more and more tired this past week and have still been trying to walk everyday in order to get even just that little bit of exercise in.

Needing to sit down and relax…maybe a movie night is in order as there are a few recent releases I still haven’t watched.

Wanting to get my hair colored but I’ll let it grow out and wait until next year.

Watching some videos on the net of numbers and letters games I can play with Mr D. I also watched one episode of The Bachelorette last week.

Bookmarking organization tips and courses.

Noticing how observant our little toddler is and noticing that when he’s seemingly “nagging” me about something, I should really listen because he actually has something important to say or explain to me.

Enjoying hearing Mr D talk about his monster trucks – he’s so excited that he’s going to Monster Jam next month that he even knows the date he’s going and has a backpack and cap all prepared to wear!
This little man was so happy last week on his trip to the city visiting Mummy, Daddy and Grandma’s work places and work friends. He wanted to pay for this coloring paper roll at the counter with Grandma serving him heheh!

Mr D was also lucky to visit the show this year with his cousin and aunties and uncles and came home with a huge minion bigger than himself and a Monster Jam showbag. Our local shopping centre also had a petting farm in the middle of the shops – I love it when they have piglets!
The weather was up and down at the start of the week and really brightened up towards the weekend! Absolutely beautiful so made sure we took full advantage and stayed outside in the garden and had fish and chips at Williamstown. We found a nest in one of our ficus trees with three brand new green eggs. We had a yummy Filipino style Sunday brunch eating tocino (cured pork), salted egg and tomato in a sweet bun.
In the gardenLittle C showing Mr D the pic of the birds nest filled with eggs from the tree right behind them. So cute!

gratefuldaniel #17
Daddy: What are you grateful for today Daniel?
Daniel: Thanks to God for my monster trucks and Mummy’s work friends. Can we see them again? (He had a blast this past week!).

Have you been continuing to practice gratitude in the past week? What have you been grateful for?