Bump Diary #23 – The Finale Part Two, The Birth & Delivery

Warning: This post contains details of labor and birth and includes pictures that may be too graphic for some.

life with a newbornBaby Hannah

My labour and birth story – Baby Girl Yuan

I had originally planned to post this as soon as possible after giving birth as I thought I’d have time whilst in the hospital to write it up – hmmmm it seems I’d forgotten so quickly just how much attention babies require and that they need to be fed, changed, cuddled, fed and changed again around the clock!

So, better late than never, here is how our little daughter entered the world!
The Urban Ma pregnancy labor birth

With Baby girl being 2 days overdue I went to the hospital for a check up as I felt a decrease in Baby’s fetal movements – I could still feel her moving, just a little less than normal. I took Mr D with me as I thought it would be just a quick check up but after a CGT scan and ultrasound, the doctors decided to induce me. Mr D was with me at the hospital from 10.30am until around 5.30pm when my mum and dad took him home with them and the hubby came with our hospital bags (I had packed them way back in week 35).

After the ultrasound, the doctors explained that Baby was fine and everything looked good. They could send me back home but what if things changed tomorrow or the day after. They said that sometimes babies have decreased movements towards the end of pregnancy as the placenta functions less or as the baby gets tired becoming more and more overdue.

So after some discussion and their decision to induce, I had a doctor check my cervix which was actually 2cm dilated already. They did a stretch and sweep which I thought would hurt but didn’t. Then they took me up to the birthing suite to wait for the contractions to come.

The Urban Ma birth and labour

All the doctors and midwives I had come into contact with were so helpful and informative with every single question asked being answered so thoroughly. It was around 5-6pm when we finally made it up to the birthing suite. I was expecting it to be noisy on the birthing floor with lots of women screaming as they give birth but I hardly heard anything! – having given birth to Mr D in our car over the Westgate, being in hospital had me a little nervous and made me feel like it was my first time (I still can’t believe I haven’t had the time to post about Mr D’s birth story! I will do so before the end of the year!).

birth and labor

I was hooked up to the machine to monitor mine and baby’s heart rate and contractions, and another doctor came in and artificially ruptured my membranes (ARM) which was a little uncomfortable. It was such a different experience this time round as no one had to go “down there” at all when I was pregnant with Mr D – only for a couple stitches after the birth was finished.

After they broke my waters I felt a gush of warmth in the bed I was laying on. After a while I still wasn’t feeling any contractions. One of the midwives put a cannula in the middle of my hand and I was administered Syntocinon through a drip to help get the contractions started and occurring regular intervals. I’d never had a cannula put in before and it was a little painful and uncomfortable – not something I want to have done again!

husband and wife in labor

Once the Syntocinon was in my system it was administered at 12, then turned up to 24, then finally up to 36 (not sure what units it was measured in). I ate some jelly and a little custard during the early contractions and pictured above is one of the last smiling faces captured before all the painfulness started.

I attended a TENS class in the last few weeks of my pregnancy and ended up hiring one to use during labor as my main form of pain relief. It was so helpful! For those of you that aren’t familiar with it, a TENS machine is a small portable battery operated device that sends pulsed electrical stimulus to nerves via sticky electrodes place on your lower back. It is a drug free, non invasive form of pain relief and was the only pain relief that I ended up using during the labor.

I did ask for gas as soon as the contractions came on strong and hard with hardly any rest in between, but by the time I was yelling for the gas, my hubby and the midwives told me that it was too late! – Baby’s head was already crowning and with one more contraction I was told to push! I concentrated hard and with one hard push I felt all the pressure down there ease as Baby’s head came out followed by the rest of her body!…It was such a good feeling…like doing a massive poo…oh the relief! 😀

baby birth The Urban Ma

And just like that we became a family of four. My heart grew. Quadrupled in size! It was so fast but so amazing to feel another human being born into this world and the hubby and I were immediately in love all over again…this time with this squishy, crying, tiny little girl (insert our tears of joy and relief here!).

Two days overdue, Baby girl was 3.09kg weighing less than her brother who was five days early when he was born and weighed 3.2kgs! It was so amazing feeling her wriggling slippery around my chest and even more amazing seeing how she found her way to start feeding only a few minutes after meeting us! Truly these must be little miracles that happen everyday!

Length of pregnancy: 40 weeks and 2 days
Labour: induced with Syntocinon after a stretch and sweep
and artificial rupturing of membranes
Pain relief: TENS machine
Length of labour: 1 and a half hours in total from
regular contractions to birth of Baby
Student midwife present?: Yes
Private or public hospital: Public for this second pregnancy
Classes taken: There were classes available at the hospital for breastfeeding,
helpful labor positions, etc. Some of my friends had also participated in
calm birth classes outside of the hospital however the only
class I attended for this pregnancy was the TENS class
Stitches required?: Yes, a few
Episiotomy required?: No
Assisted delivery? (Forceps or vacuum?): No

First pic of baby Hannah Grace with mummy and daddy 🙂placenta sac birth The Urban Ma

Everyone, including myself normally thinks that once baby comes out that’s the hard bit done and dusted, and with Mr D that was certainly true. But with this second time round, after pushing out the placenta (pictured above – the midwife showed us the placenta that fed Baby girl all through these past nine months. She also showed us how it was attached to the sac and that’s where Baby lived inside me) and getting a few stitches, there was more hard work to come.

I was bleeding.

And not just the normal after birth bleeding that you carry maternity pads for.

I could hear the midwives weighing the amount of blood I lost…it was about a litre. And it wasn’t stopping. Doctors came in and checked me, a midwife kept checking my blood pressure and oxygen levels. Then they offered me the gas. I was like huh? Gas? I didn’t even use it for the labor but they were offering it to me now? It was because they were about to go up and try to get rid of the blood clots that were starting to occur in my uterus. Of course I said yes to the gas because I didn’t know what to expect. Oh. My. Gosh. With a doctor all up in there and another one pressing hard down on my stomach, I sucked in the gas like no tomorrow…it was the most painful thing EVER. Even my hubby was in pain seeing me suffering. It felt like it went on forever. I never EVER want to experience that EVER again.

I was breathing the gas in and out so hard that I immediately felt all airy fairy in the head. I could hear more talking and in the end I heard that they needed to take me into the theatre. I thought OMG I’ve pushed out my baby already, why can’t we just be done with everything and taken to our room. I was tired – Baby was born at 10.52pm and it was around 2.20am when I was rolled to the theatre/operating room.

It was dark in the corridors and all the lights were turned off since it was the middle of the night. An anesthetist spoke to me about either doing a spinal block or putting me under general anesthetic. She was so good at explaining everything to me (I won’t go into all the detail. You can ask me later if you want to know more). After weighing up all the risks and benefits of each, the anesthetist decided to put me under GA.

Around 4.30am I came to, and was rolled back into the birthing suite where my hubby and baby were waiting for me along with my mum and dad. I was so relieved to see them all and they looked super relieved to see me too. During the time I was out, they had found that I had a tear in my cervix and a few membranes left around in my uterus, so they had fixed up the tear and put a balloon in my uterus to put pressure in there to help stop any further bleeding. The balloon was inflated by using about 300ml of water which a taken out a few days later.

I was monitored all throughout the morning, until the sun came up and right through until the afternoon. Mum stayed in the birthing suite room the whole time and the midwives had inserted a catheter so I didn’t have to worry about going to the toilet to urinate. They also put those extremely tight knee high sock thingys on the lower part of my legs to help prevent blood clots as I was in bed the whole time.

Every single nurse, midwife and doctor was so helpful and reassuring, explaining everything along the way and having my family there gave me such comfort. We were finally taken to our room in time for dinner – we were put up in a private room not sharing with anyone, and had a double bed so that my hubby was able to stay with me the whole time we were there. I was so grateful.

Daddy and daughter bonding time, our own little private room and double bed, a smitten Daddy’s shopping haul for his baby girl – teeny, tiny onesies for her to fit in to, proud Daddy with his son and daughter


Every pregnancy and birth is so different, looking back I couldn’t believe how lucky I was with Mr D’s impromptu car delivery (I will post a link as soon as I’ve written his birth story up!). This time round I’m so grateful that the bleeding was stopped.

I hope you found this interesting and I didn’t bore you too much with all the details! – I tried to cut out some detail already and it still feels like this post is so long! We are all doing well so far and settling into life with a newborn and toddler at home and just trying to rest up as much as possible to help me have a speedy recovery. If you have any questions at all please feel free to ask me in the comments or on my Facebook page. You can also connect with me on Instagram here.

Thanks for all your messages and greetings so far!


 On the way home after four days in hospital – not quite like Kate and Will when they left the hospital but smiles all round nonetheless 🙂 (I did pack a dress to wear as a going home outfit but what was I thinking? – a T-shirt and harem pants were the pick of the day!) So happy as we take our beautiful baby girl home for the first time for many more firsts to come!

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  1. You do birth dramatically!! Loved this story. Defo write the car birth story. You had Christina and I on the edges of our seats!! Congratulations again. When things settle, a catch up would be amazing xo

  2. Wow Jacqui, I was just thinking of you yesterday – that your baby must be due soon.
    What a tale! I remember joking with you at Problogger that you better get to the hospital the second the contractions start. Seems baby girl preferred to take her time. I am so glad you are ok. Stories like this make me so grateful that we are in a country with the best medical care.
    Hannah is gorgeous. Congratulations and all the very best

    • Yes this time baby decided to take her time! And yes absolutely so grateful that we live where we live. Thanks so much for your comments!

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