Mama Mondays – 1 week Post Partum Update

Hi everyone! Now I’m on the other side of pregnancy here are my post partum updates! I want to keep track of how Baby and I are going throughout these first few months of getting to know each other and becoming a family of four. So if you’re interested in following along then stay tuned for my Mama Mondays posts! For now here’s a catch up post on the first two weeks with a newborn so far!

Post Partum Week One

In the hospital
We spent the first four days post partum in the hospital followed by the rest of the week resting at home. In my post about my birth story I mentioned how amazing all the midwives and doctors were…I was a little sad to leave our comfy private room with a double bed because we were looked after so well with the wonderful staff attending to our every need. On the other hand I was really happy to be heading home because I missed Mr D. He didn’t stay over at the hospital with us as it would’ve been too hectic, so Mr D was well-cared for staying with my family. Even though he did visit during the day time I missed hugging him to sleep and waking up to his loving little hugs in the mornings so I couldn’t wait to see him again.

Hubby stayed over at the hospital with me every night I was there. He was such a big help and it was comforting to know I wasn’t on my own. We had our own room and I never really left it as I was very sore and still had the catheter in during the first 2-3 days. I’d never had one before and it was amazing how I didn’t even realise I was pee-ing – I just saw this bag filled up with fluid which the nurse had to empty it once or twice a day.

The balloon and catheter
I was recovering well according to all the blood tests and hourly checks they did on me which was good to hear.  After the trauma of having so much happen “down there”, I was so scared when the doctor said it was time for the balloon and catheter to come out – I didn’t want anyone going down there at all, not for as long as possible! The doctor explained that they would deflate the balloon by taking out half of the water that was inside (150ml) and leaving me for half an hour. Then if all was ok they would take out the rest of the water and then slowly pull the balloon out. Before pulling the balloon out they had to pull out the really long piece of gauze and I thought it was going to be so very painful…it wasn’t! Phew! I was focusing on breathing in and out while the doctor and a nurse cleared it all out. They also pulled out the catheter the next day and finally I felt free – I wasn’t connected to any machines, I didn’t have to carry around my “handbag” of pee and the two cannulas in my right and left hand had also been taken out. ALLELUIA! Finally I felt free to try and get up for a walk around the ward.

While we were in the hospital, Little Miss H had a few heel pricks to get her blood checked, she also received a vitamin K injection and Hep B immunisation. Her hearing was also checked and she looked like a mini dj like Daddy!

I attended a physio class whilst at the hospital and we were given some simple exercises to help get our tummy and pelvic floor muscles get back into shape. During the last night of our stay I also took Hannah for a walk around the ward. It was nice and peaceful walking up and down the dark corridors during the night. I could see other mamas awake in their rooms, nursing and cuddling their little ones and midwives walking around. We walked to the kitchen and made ourselves a midnight snack of toast and jam and filled up our jug of water with more ice from the machine. I was so grateful again that I wasn’t alone and that Hubby was there with me to share all these little moments.

Packing up all our belongings and clearing out our hospital room in which we spent our first few days with Baby H felt like the end of an era. Hubby thinks I get a little emotional or attached sometimes but I can’t help it lol! No more midwives checking in on me, no more meals being wheeled into our rooms…it was time for the real world now. We were off to start the next part of our journey together as a mummy and daddy and, as a husband and wife needing practice and experience on how to stay connected despite the attention needed by our two little ones.

I felt so special and so lucky walking through the hospital with our tiny, baby girl all bundled up and swaddled in my arms. Our precious little gift. As soon as we got outside I immediately felt the urge to shade Baby’s face from the bright but harsh sunlight. After four days inside the ward rooms it’s funny how you feel like you need to protect your little baby from every little thing! Some random people visiting the hospital stopped us as we got into our car to congratulate us on little Hannah, they seemed so excited for us and again, I said a quick little prayer to say thanks for our beautiful blessing. We also took the opportunity to ask them to take a photo of us standing outside the hospital (we didn’t look anything like Will and Kate when they presented Baby Charlotte to the world, but we both had the same big smiles, the smiles of proud, newly-made parents!).

 Body/Recovery: Mum made me stay home for the first month after I had Mr D – she strongly believed that it would help me get as much rest as possible and heal quicker, which it did! So the week after coming home from the hospital, Little Miss H and I stayed home except for a quick trip to the hospital into pathology to get another blood test done as Hannah had mild jaundice. During the first week, Baby fed, slept and pooped and not much else so I was able to rest up, didn’t lift a thing and basically caught up on heaps of movies on Netflix. It was still a bit sore down there and it felt good every time I had a shower and emptied my bowels (it’s funny how bowel movement becomes a popular topic of conversation in the first few days after birth – a milestone for mamas!).

There was healing down under, sore and engorged breasts and tired eyes as we settled into life at home with a newborn. So overall after feeling battered from the labor and birth, my body felt tender and soft in Week One but slowly healing.5 days post partum wrapTightening up my tummy with a wrap from the hospital’s resident physio.
5 days post partumMy tummy 5 days post partum – linea nigra still quite dark and noticeable stretch markts have turned from a reddish colour to a more brownish colour.
post partum week 1Baby Hannah and I five days post partum – she’s so tiny but I still can’t believe she was inside me!

Height/Weight: Little Miss H did extremely well with maintaining her weight gain in the first week. H was born at 3.09kg and left the hospital four days later weighing 3.02kgs which the midwives were really happy about. Then when the midwife came to visit us at home two days later, H was up again this time to 3.17kg. Another two days after that we had the maternal child health nurse also visit us at home and weighed H in at 3.31kg. Nice work Baby girl 🙂 Height or length wise, Little Miss H was 48cms long when she was born.1 week old Bonds peach TUMReally enjoying the bright, pretty colours of Baby’s new onesies!

Routine: Little Miss H feeds every two to three hours, poops and wees all day long (she has about 8 or more dirty nappies a day!) and sleeps snugly all swaddled up! The night time feeds were hard at the start but now it just seems like my body is used to the lack of sleep.

Sleeping: Little Miss H has a cute, little bassinet that Mr D used in his first three to four months of life so she has been sleeping in there. It is portable so we’re able to bring it upstairs or downstairs whenever we like. I’d forgotten how to swaddle but after a quick couple of tries, it all came back to me and the hubby!

 I forgot that newborns just sleep and eat. There’s no playtime yet and Daniel and cousin Madison can’t wait for playtime to come around! I also forgot how much milk comes out when it’s “let down” time – I just hear Hannah cry or think of her and I leak…our laundry load has more than doubled!

Eating/Feeding: “Breast milk is a living fluid containing antibodies to protect your baby from infection and disease, factors to help with gut and brain development and is easy to digest and absorb. Your own breast milk is uniquely matched to your baby’s needs so your baby doesn’t need any other foods or drinks for the first 6 months.” I breastfed Mr D until he was 13 months so I’m really hoping I’ll be able to do the same with Little Miss H.

Hannah has been a natural when it comes to breastfeeding so I feel lucky with the teamwork we have going and hope it continues. I didn’t get cracked nipples this time like I did with Daniel – with Daniel I was rubbing on the Lasinoh like no tomorrow! This time round my nipples are ok and it’s just the engorgement that hurts, which will get better as my milk supply regulates.

  Go team Mummy and Hannah! Enjoying the peaceful mid morning feeds despite the lack of sleep!

As for the family and I, we’ve been lucky enough to have all our relatives, especially mum and dad bringing us meals every day. I don’t know what I’d do without them – so very blessed to have a big family who love to visit. Hubby has been home too and he cooked up a vegetarian feast the other night along with my cousins – so yummy! We’ve been eating lots of soup type dishes to help get my water intake up – lots of Filipino dishes like nilaga, tinola and bulalo!  🙂 I love my family so very much.

Sizes: In Week One Little Miss H hardly filled up her onesies sized 0000. I remember with Mr D, he only wore size 0000 clothing for about a week or two, so this time round we didn’t really buy anything for H. When Hubby saw how tiny she was in the clothes we did bring for her, he went on a bit of a shopping spree while were in hospital and brought some cute tiny size 0000 onesies from the nearby Target!

 As for me, since my tummy and “down there” was still tender and healing in the first week, I just wore super comfy, light, cotton pieces. No squeezing into jeans or anything yet for me. And also because I was just at home, I felt much more comfortable not wearing constricting bras especially while my milk supply was still regulating. I did however wear those really, high and tight underwear to help bring my tummy together – the physio at the hospital also gave me a tight wrap wear.

Milestones: During the first week it felt like everything we did was a “first” and it was all so special!
– first time Little Miss H latched on straight after being born
– first time putting Little Miss H in a carseat/first car ride
– first time Mummy did a poo
– first time Hannah did a poo
– first bath time (the hubby is our bath expert!)
– first time Daniel met his Baby sister. He has been amazing with her! A few friends told us to get him a present from Hannah and the hubby secretly bought him a Monster Mutt Dalmation and he was so excited he gave his sister a soft his on the head! Mr D has been so gentle around his baby sister and loves showing her off to anyone who visits. He has also been really great playing on his own and during meal times and bed times. I love him so much and can’t wait for the day I can carry him again – I haven’t been able to do so since I got pregnant because he’s so heavy!

The Urban Ma pregnancy updatesWe missed Daniel so much while we were in hospital that we were grateful for Facetime as we were able to keep connected to him and say goodnight and “I love you” every night.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and all the well wishes so far. Let me know if you have any questions or comments and don’t forget to subscribe by leaving your email address. I appreciate every single one of you and hope you have a great week!

Good night!