Mama Mondays – 2 week post partum update

2 weeks post partumOur two week old baby girl – she makes so many different facial expressions

Week 3 post partum

Hi everyone! This is another catch up post that I was unable to post in real time. The second week home with a newborn was pretty hectic as we had the first of Daniel’s party celebrations and lots of visitors. It was so much fun seeing everyone meet Hannah for the first time! We also recently got a new pergola built and the hubby and cousins were busy painting it and also putting a new coat of oil on the decking.


Hannah has been growing so much and is looking different every single day! We had our second appointment with maternal child health nurse who was happy to see Hannah gaining weight. At 2 weeks Hannah weighed in at 3.48kg (she gained 176gms in 5 days) and was measuring 52cms long. She is still fitting into her 0000 sized onesies and we received some gorgeous new baby clothes from family and friends. Hannah is feeding well, every 2-3hours, and continues to just eat, sleep and poop!


As for me I’ve been trying to sleep when Hannah is asleep but it’s so hard sometimes because I just want to stay awake to play with Daniel or organize things around the house. I started breast pumping here and there this week just to relieve the soreness when my breasts got really full. I gained 21kg in this pregnancy reaching a weight of 81kg at the end of my pregnancy. I weighed myself whilst still in the hospital and found that I was down to 76kg. This second week my weight is 72kg. I’ve been eating so much in these first few weeks at home and haven’t been doing anything except breastfeeding and changing nappies. I won’t be getting into any heavy exercise until a few months down the track i think – I just want to focus on breastfeeding and looking after Hannah and making sure I heal and recover well.

Here is a wrap up of Week 2 post partum in pictures 🙂


Proud Daddy with his daughter – this was actually taken in the hospital straight after they did all the checks on HannahBaby's first bathBaby’s first bath – she loved it!
  My 2 week belly shot – lots of stretchies still visible and my skin was still feeling soft and jiggly
My battle scars! – A close up of my stretchy belly. I got a lot more stretch marks this time round than I did when I was pregnant with Daniel. How weird does my belly button look! I still can’t believe Hannah was in there and connected to me. Our bodies are crazy amazing in what they are capable of 🙂

She’s gripping onto me so tightly – my hope is that we always stay as close no matter how old she is (especially in those teenage years. Wishful thinking I know!)brother and sister 2 weeksMonster truck baby toddler giftSuch a loving and gentle brother, Daniel has started teaching Hannah all the names of his monster trucks!
Monster truck birthdayJust two of the many monster truck pressie Daniel was lucky enough to receive for his 3rd birthday! He was so stoked and started playing with the remote controlled Grave Digger even though he’s been scared of remote controlled toys in the past!
Kids Halloween costume ideas  Halloween dressups with his cousin Madison from Her Lust Palette Blog
Not quite sure what these three little monkeys were getting up to in the morning but Hannah totally wanted to join in! Daniel watching over Hannah as Daddy bathes her. Baby Hannah’s close up selfie 🙂

Milk drunk after being squirted by Mummy’s milk!  Our pretty baby girl. Feeling so blessed. 

Let me know if you have any questions or comments! I love hearing from you. We’re all caught up now so Hannah’s 3 week update will be out today! If you missed out on her birth story or week one update you can find them here and here.

Have a great Monday!