Mama Mondays – 3 week post partum update

Hi everyone! I’m finally up to date with my post partum posts after posting two in a row and now this one. I will posting these updates on Mondays so if you’re interest in these kind of updates then keep reading. If this baby stuff is not your thing, then I’ll be posting my latest foodie finds, travel adventures, things to do in Melbourne and reflection type posts during the rest of the week 🙂 Let me know what type of posts you’d like to see.

Week Three

This past week the weather has been pretty wet and grey so we used the time to rest and fix up things around the house. It was Daddy’s last week on leave before going back to work and so I watched him make the most of it by spending quality time with Daniel. He’s such a natural with the kids and I wish he had a couple more extra weeks off – with Daniel he had five weeks off. It’s such a help with him at home. Even though at times I got so annoyed and irritated, it was still so nice having everyone together.

Same as last week Hannah is still feeding and pooping around the clock. This week we’ve seen outbreak of baby acne across the sides of her cheeks, and on her neck and shoulders. Daniel never had this so I didn’t know how to treat it. Apparently though it will just go away in the coming months. I’m wondering if there’s anything that aggravates it like the washing detergent we’re using? Or heat? etc. We’ve got another check up with the nurse tomorrow so I’ll find out more information then. This week Hannah has been staying awake from 5am onwards for the past three days. I’m not sure why she’s so unsettled but I’m thinking it may have something to do with the fact that I’m not getting a burp up from her every time she feeds. She was so good in the first two weeks going straight to sleep after a feed and a nappy change. Now it looks like she’s uncomfortable so I need to work on winding her effectively. Again I’ll ask the nurse tomorrow and see if they have any suggestions.
Bonds for baby girl HannaHow cute are these pressie Hannah received from our wonderful friends! I love the colours and the tutu!!! It’s so different to the clothes Daniel has heheh!
Green smoothieTrying to make myself feel better after the lack of sleep this week – super green smoothie recipe from the Facebook group Better Bodies – Fitness for Women

I’m feeling a lot better down there this week. I actually went outside for a super short and slow walk and felt really good afterwards. I haven’t expressed any milk this week – I think my milk supply has regulated. But I think I’ll start pumping again here and there just to keep the milk supply up and hopefully get enough into some bottles so that the hubby can have a turn at feeding.

We went to a couple of photo shoots this week…Mum made an exception to my four week “confinement”! The first shoot was for Nursing Mama and their super soft and comfortable nursing singlets. The second was with Incy Wincy Photography. We didn’t get any newborn shots done for Daniel but I thought it would be nice for Hannah to use on her upcoming baptism invites! They’re so precious and so tiny for just a short period of time that I wanted to capture her tinyness! The hubby and Daniel accompanied me on both outings which was a huge help. I was exhausted after both shoots but I met some amazing mamas and I can’t wait to see how everything turned out 🙂

I’ve been feeling irritated this week due to lack of sleep and every little thing has been bugging me…the hubby has been on the receiving end of my rants oops! Dirty laundry, unfolded clothes, messy benchtops, rubbish not being taken out on “bin night” etc, etc. Feels like there’s so much to do but I need to remind myself to let it go! I can’t help it! When I know visitors are coming I just want to clean up. It’s pretty useless though with a little boy constantly pulling out different toys and crafty things to play with. Thank goodness for my mum and family who come over to help out.

 Here is my 3 week post partum belly pic – it’s feeling a little less jiggly this week! 🙂
Daniel received some home made play dough as a gift for his birthday and made it into a stadium for some Monster Jam fun!
  My favourite moments – waking up in the morning to this squad right here. It was a Saturday morning and Daddy had been out dj-ing all night but still wakes up for cuddles with our bubbas.
Behind the scenes at Hannah’s newborn photo session with Incy Wincy Photography – how cute are the three of them!
  Behind the scenes with  these beautiful mamas and their bubs for Nursing Mama Essential Breastfeeding singlets and Elk Accessories
This cafe was amazing! – post on ChuManchu will be up on the blog soon 

Waiting for Daddy while he went back to the cafe to get some coffee to take away it was so yummy!  We woke up like this – my girl and I 🙂