Sunday Reflections – Joy

I haven’t posted one of these in a while! I think the last one I did was this one here.
So here is a little excerpt from our weekly parish bulletin since it is Advent after all and a time for reflection and preparation. You can find previous bulletin publications here if you’re interested.




There is a clear note of joy in today’s liturgy.
Joy is a blend of laughter and tears.
It consists in having a love affair with life.
It is having a heart aglow with warmth
for all ones companions on the road of life.
It is looking for the happiness that comes in small packages,
knowing that big packages are few and far between.
It is making the most of the present,
enjoying what is at hand right now.
Joy is love bubbling over into life.
And it can coexist with pain.
Joy is the flag we fly when Christ, the Prince of Peace,
has taken up residence in our hearts.

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