Mama Mondays – What a weekend! Learning a few lessons.

Daniel met such a friendly Santa at the shopping centre the other day!

Life Lately – December Week 1

‘Tis the season for lots of parties. December has gotten off to a seriously festive start with our weekend jam packed with birthdays and celebrations. This past weekend the boys went off on a road-trip to Canberra for the 2015 Australian Dance Crew Championships finals while Hannah and I attended milestone birthdays and baptisms.

Things are really turned up a notch going from one child to two! Props to all the parents out there for all the patience they constantly have to pull from somewhere to keep everything together. Three years experience of being a mum and I still have so much to learn!

   Stretchy, stretchy. Magandang Umaga! (Good Morning!) – Hannah streches so much as soon as she gets out of her bassinet in the mornings!

 Apart from pooping everywhere and every time I put a dress on her, Hannah was so good sleeping through all the birthday parties and letting Mummy eat and chat with her friends. I will however need to get her car seat detailed after an icky explosion :/

Mama lesson #1 – Make sure you have at least three set of spare clothes for a newborn when going out.
IMG_7978A Christmas BBQ catch up with the Comms team!

Mama lesson #2 – Bring folding chairs when having a catch up in the park so that you don’t have to try and secure one of the park tables and benches
Mama lesson #3 – Aldi have some good ones! It’s always good chatting with different people because you can always learn something new – this weekend I learnt a few organisation and household hacks

After coming home tired and sweaty from several engagements, it was time to do some cleaning around the house while Hannah slept. How do parents get the cleaning done with kids in the house? Tips please!

Meanwhile, these two cousins are wondering “Where are all the people?” in this small town of Gundagai in New South Wales.Brother and sister“I missed you” – Sibling love.