Bloggers Brunch 2015

Kids Business Bloggers Brunch – Nov 2015
Encore – St Kilda 

Baby Hannah had just turned four weeks old and I was officially four weeks post partum when I took her out on her first official outing. For both my kids, Mum insisted that I stay home for the first month to rest up as much as possible and not exert myself too much. Have any of you heard about confinement? There are a few different cultures around the world that exercise it. It sounds harsh but it didn’t feel like that at all for me. Those first few weeks after giving birth are so precious and delicate that being home and having family and friends help out around the house and with Hannah was a blessing! Everyone’s different though. It worked for Daniel so I did the same with Hannah and towards the end of the four weeks I was totally ready to get out and about to Bloggers Brunch!

The Event

Bloggers Brunch is an annual event organised by the amazing people at Kids Business helping brands and bloggers to connect with each other and create meaningful relationships. It’s a win win for everyone as reputable brands are able to showcase and educate us about their new products and we get to share our findings to help out our readers discover new products, services and events!

 The Guests

It is was my second time attending and I really enjoyed meeting not only the people behind the brands but also the bloggers that I usually interact with online. I was also extremely excited to meet Adriano Zumbo and Lah-Lah’s Big Live Band. The talented duo provided live entertainment for the kids but oh my goodness even I was enthralled and bopping along to their funky double bass sounds and pitch perfect vocals.

The Brands

Nude Food Movers
Such colorful packaging really motivates you to reduce, reuse and recycle waste
We gobbled down so many packets of the salted caramel popcorn from this Australian brand. Nothing artificial, organic and natural ingredients…no wonder we finished them in no time.
Lite ‘n Easy
I haven’t tried these meals yet but I will be needing these nutritious dishes in the new year after the wrath of silly season!
With the hubby being a DJ and our love for music now even more diverse as the kids start listening to their own favorite artists, I was impressed by Yamaha’s MusicCast app and the sleek and sexy look of their new products. I totally need to try their products out to fill my home with music this Christmas!
My parents had an ASG education account for my little sister and it really helped her get through uni so it was great to see this familiar brand at the brunch! It was also really beneficial learning that they’re not just an education fund but also provide other services to help our kids throughout their education journey – when we got home I downloaded a letters and maths program for kids 3yo and above and Daniel has been loving it!! He says that he’s a “little learner” and he likes Maths…what a champ!
– Kambrook
I loved their goodie bag which came with one of their products – green smoothies and pureed baby food is going to be so much easier this time round! With Daniel I pureed up his first solid foods with a fork!
– Medela
It was so nice talking to one of the ladies at the Medela stand. She gave me some great tips on breastfeeding and expressing! Even though I’d done it all before with Daniel, it’s surprising how much you forget and how different each baby is! It was also encouraging to know that this brand prides itself on evidence based research in order to develop truly advanced products for the market.

I wasn’t able to get around to each and every brand but some of the others were,
– Licetec
– Jura
– Infasecure

The Venue

Bloggers Brunch this year was again held inside the gorgeous Encore event venue next to the St Kilda Sea Baths. The venue, the food, the sound and lighting were all on point. Kids Business had also organised professional carers and some fun activities (a big ball pit, coloring in station) for the toddlers and babies that came along with us mamas! There were even comfy couches in the middle, comfy enough to enable me to breastfeed Hannah on demand.

The Speakers

And if all that weren’t enough to get you out and about on a beautiful Melbourne day, the team at Kids Business had also organised a few inspirational speakers. I always love this part! I love hearing different success stories and lessons learnt. We heard from:
Genine Howard
Award-winning magazine publisher and life stylist. Owner and editor of Little One Mag.
Kate Christie
Time Management specialist and author of “Me Time” – The Professional Woman’s Guide to Finding 30 Guilt-Free Hours a Month
Shusannah Morris
Shusannah is Co-Founder/ CEO at Life’s Little Treaaures Foundation and Australian of the Year nominee with a vision and commitment to support families of premature and sick babies across Australia.
Tina Harris
Tina is best known for her acting gig as Lah-Lah from Lah-Lah’s Adventures. Tina and her husband worked together to create on of the highest rating TV shows and is also a breast cancer thriver – Tina is an exemplary example of someone who embraces passion and purpose and collaborates with people to achieve her big, audacious goal.

This year some of the messages and stories included “Start with the low hanging fruit”, “Identify your rejects”, “Time is money – teach them how to put their shoes away”, “Is this the best use of my time?” and loads more golden nuggets of info.

The Charity

This year Life’s Little Treasures Foundation was the charity that the event supported. Life’s Little Treasures Foundation is Australia’s leading charity dedicated to providing information. support and understanding to the parents of babies born premature or sick. I didn’t know that there are 76 premature births every day in Australia alone.

Smash Nude Food Movers

It was a jam packed brunch with just the right amount of time for mingling, listening, and eating as you can see in my vid at the top of this post! Also check out my Instagram for more pics 🙂

Thank you Kids Business for yet another superbly run event. I can’t wait for the next one!