Christmas 2015 recap

Christmas Eve 2015 The Yuans


p style=”text-align: center;”>Last year there were a lot of photos of the scrumptious feast we ate over the two days of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. This year it was all about these two little munchkins!Christmas Day morning 2015He loves her so much. We all do.
Christmas tree 2015So excited on Christmas morning to rip open all that wrapping paper!
Hannah's first Christmas happy 2015Warming up to the camera. Her smile is priceless.Christmas 2015 familyOur little family – 2015 🙂

10 Things We Love About Christmas

1) Solitude & reflection time – the nine days leading up to Christmas is where we attend the Filipino tradition of Simbang Gabi (Dawn Mass). In the early hours of the morning hundreds of us wake up to greet the new day and prepare for Christmas. This year with an active preschooler and newborn, I enjoyed the morning silence adorned with Christmas carols and hymns and of course a traditional Filipino breakfast for the masses! It was my me time and it was beautiful.

2) Driving around seeing houses decorated brightly with Christmas lights, or more so the look of sheer joy on Daniel’s face!

3) Christmas in the city – Melbourne really embraced Christmas this year and we loved it! It was like going on a big treasure hunt for Christmas lights and deocrations

4) Christmas tree and decorations around the home always make it feel so festive. I normally put up the tree in late October just before Daniel’s birthday so that we can enjoy the season much longer! This is nothing compared to the decorations that are up in September in the Philippines…now that’s a bit early. Over the past few years instead of collecting souvenirs from places we’ve been to, I’ve tried looking for Christmas decorations. So for example, when I went on a girls trip to the U.S.A I got some Christmas decorations from the different cities we went to! So even though the decorations don’t match, every year when we put them up we are reminded of all the wonderful places of the world.

5) Carols & music – When I hear the songs by Jackson 5 and Boney M, it always me reminds of Christmas as a little girl as mum used to always have her Christmas selection playing while we set up our tree. Hearing the more traditional Christmas carols, on the other hand, always reminds me of high school and singing in the choir. We sang “Joy To The World” in one of the choir competitions and blew everyone away, taking home the first place trophy. I loved singing in the small but elegant church in Williamstown with my high school friends. Music is bliss.

6) The uplifting mood – everyone always seems a lot merrier during this time of year and I always seem to end up conversing a lot more with strangers at the shops! I guess you could also choose to see what you want to see (I also so a bit of road rage in the carparks – calm down people!). I also love getting mail that isn’t a bill! Christmas cards with little notes to say “hi and thinking of you” are so thoughtful.

7) Santa – I hadn’t really paid much attention to Santa at the shopping centres, but this year it was different. It was sooooo cute seeing Daniel excitedly run up to every Santa he saw while we were out. He’d start chattering away in his little voice asking for a “Northern Nightmare monster truck and the school bus monster truck” hahahah! Poor Santas. Thanks for patiently listening to him and filling his stocking with them this year!

8) Time 0ff and being at home – Who doesn’t love a good holiday and time to relax whilst feasting on delicious home made treats. We love gingerbread men and this year I made my first trifle! It was also the first year I didn’t eat any Christmas ham…

9) Kris Kringle & presents – This year being three years old , Daniel was really aware and excited about all the presents – both getting them (especially all the monster trucks) and also handing them out. He made for a very happy little Santa at our family Christmas party handing everyone their presents! We also made sure we gathered up some nice toys and things to give to St Vinnie’s. I think next year we’ll also send a huge box of goodies to those in need in the Philippines.

10) Sharing a meal – Christmas Eve is always dinner with my family on my mum’s side, Christmas Day is lunch with the hubby’s side and Christmas Day dinner is with my grandma on my dad’s side. Daniel is so fortunate to have two great grandmothers to visit. It sounds a little hectic but there’s nothing like sharing a meal with those who are there for you no matter what.

What were some of the things you loved about Christmas this year?

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas this year and let’s ring in the New Year with joy and kindness.