Mama Mondays – 2 months post partum update

Mama Mondays – Two Months Post Partum

This is super late as Hannah turned two months old last month but with Christmas and lots of birthday parties in full swing, I just could not find the time to sneak this post in so here it is! – Hannah is now 2 months and 3 weeks old!

Hannah 2 months

Height/weight: Baby – I didn’t make it to the maternal child health nurse check up last month so I’ll update this section after tomorrow’s rescheduled appointment! Hannah’s already grown out of all her size 0000 sized onesies and clothes and she’s now fitting snuggly into the 000’s and also a couple of 00 sized tops!
With the recent heat wave hitting Melbourne, it’s been so much fun dressing her up in dresses and airy singlet onesies!
Mama – I feel like I’ve gone backwards in terms of losing the baby weight! The Christmas and New Years parties really got to me and I just ate everything! Time to get serious now. Last month I weighed 70-71kgs coming down from the 80 or so kgs which I weighed at the top of my pregnancy. I hadn’t really been getting into any exercise other than pelvic floor ones last month as I still didn’t feel comfortable down there getting into too much activity. From the start of this year though I have been practicing yoga every morning starting my days off with Brett Larkins video here! After the busy Christmas and New Year period I have also tried to get myself out and walking everyday for at least 20mins. So far this year it’s been 4 out of 4 days, yay! Now I really just need to make it consistent and STOP eating sweets (I’ve got the biggest love handles now!).

Routine: Baby – Hannah has slowly started to get into a routine feeding less frequently every 3-4 hours instead of 2-3hours.  She is so used to the breast that when Wes tried to feed her the other week she just wouldn’t take the bottle. I was out of the house attending simbang gabi so in the end she had no choice but to take it!
Mama – Getting out and about a lot more now, Hannah seems to sleep for hours at a time when she’s in the pram and I’m walking around shopping. This was such a blessing  during the times when I would go to the shops to by last minute things or groceries for Christmas lunch and dinner! In December our routine was pretty much just get up whenever the kids got up and then go to bed late watching movies and finishing off any Christmas wrapping. This month with a fresh new start to the year, my morning routine has begun with some quiet reflection time and some beginners yoga. I hadn’t done it in so long that I felt so inflexible and found that the beginners videos on YouTube have been so helpful! Then at night I’ve tried to tidy everything up downstairs before retreating upstairs to bed.

Sleeping: Baby Hannah is a great sleeper when she’s in the pram and we’re out shopping (she must want me to shop!). Then when we’re at home she tends to nap a few times a day, sometimes really long naps around 3-4 hours long and at other times like today, she’s only be nappy for 1-2hours or not even! In the evenings she normally goes down to bed at 9pm and then wakes up at 2-3am, then 5 or 7am so she’s actually been sleeping a lot better than Daniel did at this age. She is also now sleeping in her cot which Daniel never did! Hannah has already outgrown her bassinet.

Eating/feeding: Baby – I am still exclusively breastfed and Hannah seems to be gaining weight. I’ve pumped a bottles of milk which are currently sitting in the freezer waiting to be used. My birthday is this week so I’m hoping the hubby will be able to take some time to feed Hannah so I can go out and catch up with some friends. I’ll let you know how that goes haha.The Urban Ma 2 months post partumThe Urban Ma love handles 2 months ppCurrently working towards getting rid of those love handles! Oh and our room set up has changed slightly with the addition of the cot!

Milestones:  Baby – Hannah’s scalp is almost clear of all signs of cradle cap and all baby acne has also disappeared from her cheeks and neck! She has started cooing and ahhhh-ing which totally feels like she’s trying to have a deep conversation with us. She loves it when you talk to her and smiles a lot especially at her grandad. I can’t believe how fast they develop their communication skills. Us humans are just born to connect! – or maybe she just takes after her mama who loves a good old chat 🙂
Mama – I feel like I’ve totally got the hang of taking these two littlies out on my own now. Phew! It takes twice as long to do anything and go anywhere but sometimes you just have to do what you have to do! I’ve finally made it to my first gym class and it was just a really light workout with the Sh’bam people. I’m feeling a lot better down there now and feel like I’m able to lift things and work out a little more…starting to get my sweat on! Aiming to do my first dance class this month so wish me luck! Eeeek! Feeling a bit scared to try advanced classes straight away so I’ll start with a beginner’s one and see how I go!

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Hope you’ve all had a great start to 2016!