Mums who brunch – Kitty Burns

Kitty Burns mac n cheese

When a friend suggested that I visit this cafe with an amazing menu, beautiful interiors and easy access to the Yarra for a nice walk, I couldn’t wait to check it out. Turns out Kitty Burns was a perfect place to catch up with some friends for a birthday brunch.

We picked a table outside because the weather was perfect and it was easy to get to – we came with three prams, needing two high chairs to keep us three mamas, three babies and a preschooler happy! And happy we were! How could you not be when chocolate and custard cronuts are there to greet you on the front counter?!

Kitty Burns brunch Melbourne The Urban MaKitty Burns cronut The Urban Ma

I ordered:

Kittys Greens – Charred broccoli, asparagus, avocado, spinach, mizuna, shredded house grain, roasted almonds and a poached egg (that’s what it said on the menu but I also got some yummy pistacchios) Loved this dish and polished it off my plate feeling full and content.

– a cappucino

Daniel ordered:

Mac n Cheese croquettes – these were on the kids menu but I’m sure us adults would be more than happy finishing it off if it got too much for the kids!

Custard Cronut – I’ll have another thanks! This was divine. I loved the layers of pastry and the creamy custard in between.
Kitty Burns Melbourne cafes

I almost couldn’t find the place because I was expecting to find a cafe along the street but instead I entered via an underground carpark – Kitty Burns is part of one of the apartment complexes close to Ikea Richmond (that’s an easy way for me to remember for next time!). I paid $5 for parking which gave me a couple of hours and then it was just a matter of finding the way out (follow the green paint along the ground!). As we appeared from the carpark, right before us was a lovely cafe setting with the Yarra River easily accessible by a staircase next to the cafe.

Turns out we sat in the perfect spot as Daniel was able to find hours of play along the rocky landscape, jumping and climbing with his toy Dusty in hand. He was able to keep himself occupied the entire time my friends and I sat there enjoying the food and talking about life, love and kids. I must come back to try more of the menu.Kitty Burns exteriorThe Urban Ma brunch Kitty Burns

In the DanceZone – St Kilda Fest 2016

Mute Crew Melbourne DanceMute Crew
Rewind Dance Crew Passion StudioCollektiveRewind Dance Crew Passion StudioRewind Dance Crew

I can’t believe it’s already been six years of taking over the DanceZone at the iconic St Kilda Festival. This year our special guests were Mute Crew doing their special collab with Collektive and Kstar. We had a half hour slot from 5.30-6pm and it was so great dancing with the crew again and being able to give other dance crews of Melbourne to share their skills.

There’s always such a great atmosphere and an awesome crowd at St Kilda Fest It gets pretty crowded but the DanceZone area is always spacious and close to the different stage acts, food stalls and beach.

Rewind Dance Crew St Kilda Fest 2016Rewind Dance Crew ladies – Photos courtesy of Michael Kim. Thanks for taking such awesome pics!

Some behind the scenes pics!
  He was a little enthralled attending his first Rewind rehearsalAnd he was super excited that us big kids wanted to play with him and his monster trucks
  Always a monster truck in hand…and some food! Zumba fitness before our set – these Zumba ladies get the crowd going every single year!
  Kstar about to performOur little man wanted to get in on the action and showed his breakdancing moves for a good ten minutes!
  These two little guys chatting about important things like our performance…or food…or monster trucks! Before the show – pram in one hand, Mr D in the other. So happy that my family came out to support.Rewind mamas February 2016So excited for our first dance back from having our babies last year. In awe of these mamas for making to rehearsals and always being so energetic. Thanks for being so inspiring ladies!
Rewind mums and bubs St Kilda fest 2016St Kilda Fest Rewind Dance Crew Melbourne One huge happy family – missing a few dancers. Forever grateful for this bunch and our director Vince.

Mama Mondays – Four Months Post Partum

Mama Mondays – Four months Post Partum

Height/weight: Baby – Hannah has gained 789g in the last four weeks weighing in at 6.5kg and measuring 64cms long at her 4 month check up! The nurse said she’s growing very well. I am so relieved because I thought that she might have dropped a bit of weight due to being sick but turns out she’s doing great! Yay! Go us! I’ve packed away all the 0000 and 000 sized clothing and now even some of the 00 sized onesies are getting tight.

Mama – This week I’m 66.4kg. If you’ve read some of my other pregnancy and post partum updates you’ll know that I’m not really concerned about the kilos but rather just fitting back into my old clothes so I don’t have to buy a whole new wardrobe a size up! I’ve been dancing every week leading up to our gig at St Kilda Fest this year and continuing to practice Brett’s beginners yoga routine (see here). I’m still feeling a bit of jiggly bits around my middle area but I’m feeling good in general and even managed to fit into one of my old pairs of jeans! Umm, I mean super stretchy jeggings, does that count?! Haha!4 month update The Urban Ma

Routine: Baby – Hannah is staying awake longer and starting to play with us a lot more. She still seems to sleep quite a bit especially if we’re out the whole day – she loves movement. So if I’m out the whole day running errands or catching up with friends, she’ll sleep in the car and then in the pram as long as it’s moving. Yesterday I went out for a birthday brunch and Hannah was so good letting me eat in peace and chatting with my friends before waking up right at the end to take a photo with the other babies!
I’ve found that Hannah normally gets sleepy around 9am, lunchtime and another nap in the late afternoon before having a bath. Then in the evenings she seems to be catnapping on and off until about 9.30pm and that’s when she sleeps a longer stretch.4 months old The Urban Ma blog

Mama – This month was a lot easier than last month. Both kids are feeling so much better so it has made such a difference to our days…and nights. A little less yelling and a lot more smiles and outings. IMG_9375 4 month update The Urban Ma blog

Sleeping: Baby Hannah is not sleeping through the night yet and at her 4 month check up the nurse said that she should be. The nurse said if Hannah wakes up in the middle of the night, I should try and put her back to sleep instead of feeding her (which is what I’ve been doing up until now) as she might not be hungry and just waking up because that’s what she’s used to. With the hubby working so much lately it’s been hard to try this out because if I’m the one that tries to get her back to sleep she totally sniffs around and tries to latch onto me! I really have to try and get the hubby to get up and settle her back down. I’m not too stressed about Hannah not sleeping through the night though – I know all babies are different, but I’ll try it out and see how we go 🙂

Eating/feeding: Baby – I can’t believe my baby has start solids! Hannah had her first taste of rice cereal last week and she loved it! She wasn’t too sure at first but then once she got into it she was almost grabbing the spoon from me that’s how eager she was to eat! She had those big hungry eyes staring at all the dinner on our table! Looks like she’s going to be a big eater like her big brother. I’m still breastfeeding and have tried to get the hubby to try feeding her my expressed milk from the bottle but she won’t take it. I think I might really need to be out of the house for her to do so?solids 4 months old The Urban Ma

Milestones:  Baby –  Hannah is now teething! – drooling everywhere and reaching for things to put in her mouth like my hands and the monkey that hangs from her playmat ensemble. She is reaching for toys and rolled over for the first time from her back to her tummy. We also heard her giggle for the first time yesterday- Daddy was playing with her after he came home from work. So many firsts this month and I know the next few months will see many more milestones! 4 month check upThe 4 month information pack I received from the maternal child health nurse

Mama – I had a few firsts this month too – my first gig back with Rewind and my first time leaving Hannah with someone other than the hubby. Gosh having two kids and a break from dancing really messes with your memory! I found it really hard to remember the chorey that I learnt for the show. I really need to get to classes and slowly get it back again! I absolutely loved being with the crew again and seeing the smiles on the faces of our audience. On different note, my eczema has flared up really badly – probably not pregnancy related and more due to lack of sleep, stress or my diet. My hair has started to slowly fall out and I remember this happened around 5 months after I gave birth to Daniel. It was back to normal by the time Daniel turned one. I can totally understand why mums end up cutting their hair short. It was a little scary seeing the shower drain blocked up with all my hair when Daniel was a baby, and on top of the normal post pregnancy hair loss, babies also love pulling at your hair! That along with little to no time for yourself makes a wash and go haircut so appealing as you try to look as put together as you possibly can.

A note to new moms with long hair: Strands of hair can end up tightly wrapped around your baby’s tiny appendages, including his fingers, toes, wrists, ankles, and penis. This is called a hair tourniquet, and it can be quite painful for your little one. If you find him crying for no apparent reason, check carefully for tight bands of hair. – BabyCenter

Rewind girls Feb 2016

It’s been a bit of a journey getting used to being a mama to two kids and a hubby. I’m still trying to figure out how to keep the kids happy, fed, clean and entertained while keeping a clean house and keeping the family full and nourished. I feel like I’m always in an irritated mood when things don’t go to plan and I really need to learn to let that go because with kids, things never go to plan! :/

Daniel has been such a good big brother. We’ve been so lucky that he’s so great with Hannah and very helpful. He is growing up so quickly and able to do more and more things on his own. Yesterday I got him dressed and started to button up his shirt when he exclaimed “No Mummy, I can do these (the buttons). Look I’ll show you!”. About ten minutes later, he had buttoned up all six buttons by himself.

The other day on our way home from catching up with friends, he asked where we were going and when I told him we were going home he protested and said, “No I don’t want to go home Mummy. I want to go to the cafe! Can we go to the cafe pleeeeeassee?”. Ok note to self, tone down on the eating out and make sure to pack him his own food. He’s getting too used to ordering from menus and it’s getting a little expensive. Whoops. My bad.

It’s been so good being able to get out and about with the two of them after such a difficult January! I guess we’re only given what we can handle and it takes those tough times to appreciate and embrace the good ones.
Andy Warhol Ai Weiwei NGVChecking out the Andy Warhol and Ai Weiwei exhibition at the NGV with all my cousins and sis for her birthday
activities for 3 year olds
Daniel getting arty at home – I loved these ones so we put them up straight away – he was so proud! 
IMG_9329Observing his aunty’s baking skills

For daily posts, you can find me on Instagram and Twitter! Also if you missed my 20 Facts About Me post that I was tagged in on Instagram, here it is 🙂

Hope you have a great rest of the week!

xxBrother and sister

Pinoy Fridays – The Barong Tagalog

The Urban Ma barong Barong The Urban Ma ootd
On every third Sunday of January the annual Sinulog Santo Nino Fiesta is celebrated at our local parish. This year as he’s been doing since he was born, Daniel dressed up in a Filipino traditional costume – the Barong Tagalog (Filipino dress). The barong is normally worn at formal events like weddings and important meetings, however barongs can also come in short sleeved version and other colours, which can be worn at less formal occassions.

Get ready with me The Urban Ma Getting the baby ready for mass 🙂

Every year our parish (and other parishes around the world) organises a festival to celebrate the Santo Nino (Christ Child).

Lace crown and barong Sinulog Santo Nino Resurrection Parish Melbourne

Sinulog is the ritual prayer-dance honoring Señor Santo Niño or the Child Jesus. An image of the Child Jesus is said to be the baptismal gift the Portuguese conquistador Ferdinand Magellan gave Hara Amihan (Humanay) of Zebu (now Cebu) in April 1521. The image, believed to be miraculous, is housed at the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño in downtown Cebu City. – Thanks Wiki!

Sinulog Melbourne Resurrection Parish

The Filipinos in our community work throughout the whole year putting together small events leading up to the January celebration. Hours of cooking and rehearsals over the months leading up to the festival culminate into what is truly a colourful and joyous occassion that brings the community together. It also introduces people unfamiliar to Filipino cuisine and culture to the tasty and rich history of the country.

This year the attendees of the festival were treated to a plate of lechon (suckling pig), pansit (noodles), caldareta (a beef stew/cassrole type dish with potatoes, carrots and sausaget etc) and of course rice! And all free of charge.

Then the loud beat of the drums and lines of dancers of all ages dance their way into the venue in a water current-type movement – two steps forward one step back to the sound of the drums.

Lots of colour, music and welcoming smiles that Filipinos are well known for are displayed for both visitors and parishoners alike.

Hopefully we’ll see you at the Santo Nino Festival next year! Keep up to date with the festival announcements here.
Filipino food caldaretaThe Urban Ma sinulog MelbourneSanto Nino statuesSinulog Festival Resurrection Parish MelbourneSinulog celebrations Melbourne The Urban Ma

Things To Do – Ron Barassi Park, Docklands

Ron barassi Docklands playground

These pics say it all! D had an awesome time at the Ron Barassi park in Docklands. We met up with some friends for some quality play time and the kids made the most of all the sand and water play. Luckily I brought a spare pair of clothes for D!

digger at Docklands playgroundD had such good coordination – he was able to work these diggers in no time!
IMG_9217IMG_9219Our little babies had a fine time napping!
IMG_9224Quite a unique playground making use of the space underneath the Bolte bridge – it gives you a whole new perspective of the huge bridge 
IMG_9222A rare sight – no monster truck in his hands because D was too busy with the playground equipment!
IMG_9221Eating some crispy grapes, strawberries and crackers that we packed for snacks. We ended up having lunch at one of the cafes at Harbour Town in Docklands as it was really close by on the the way out! D was so excited he saw lots of big things! – the big bridge and the big Melbourne Star Observation wheel!
water fun playground Melbourne IMG_9207 IMG_9208 IMG_9209Big sandbags served as a place for us mamas to sit and chat while watching over our kids and D also had fun jumping and running along them
Docklands playground The Urban MaDaddy and D getting busy with all the sand play pulleys, chains and tubes! Literally hours of fun, so don’t forget to pack the sunscreen and hat!
IMG_9218You get a panoramic snapshot of Melbourne city and the lush green grass makes you just want to run straight across it!
IMG_9223IMG_9220Washing up after all the water and sand play
IMG_9224Bolte Bridge Melbourne Docklands playgroundA cool view and nice shady parking spaces.

We went in the morning and it was super sunny so if you want a bit of shade whilst playing it’d be best to visit in the afternoon when you get the shade from the bridge. There are toilets and baby change facilities available and bbq’s, picnic tables and a water fountain.

Yet another great Melbourne playground for you and your family to explore! And maybe do some shopping on the way home at the factory outlets in Harbour Town while the kids sleep in their prams – that’s what we did!

What have been some of your favourite playgrounds you’ve been visiting this summer?

Wellness Wednesdays – Getting to Know You

In case you missed my Instagram post earlier today, I’ve been tagged by a few people to share my #20factsaboutme so here it is!:

1. I was born here in Melbourne and have 2 wonderful kids (Birth story for H is here and I still have to write about D’s entry into this world!)

2. I met my husband at a band night & later auditioned to be in his dance crew by dancing in front of him and a few other dance crew members. They also “interviewed” me before they said yes ??? (Some of my dance related blog posts are here and here)

3. I used to hate green peas. I couldn’t stand seeing them all squished together in that foil packaging on the Red Rooster ads & I used to pick them out of my fried rice. I can eat them now – dunno what happened!

4. I gave birth to my son over the Westgate bridge in our car while my husband was speeding ?

5. My favourite subjects in high school were music, Japanese and Economics

6. My worst subject was Maths ?

7. The last book I read was “Something Other Than God” I couldn’t put it down!

8. I’m currently watching & loving is Parts Unknown

9. I first joined Rewind Dance Crew in 2001 & the last gig I danced with them was just last weekend at St Kilda Fest

10. My favourite perfume is by Annick Goutal. I also love Bombshell by VS (random I know ?)

11. I was extremely shy at school & didn’t like people using the words “nip” or “gook”. I think it ended up affected my self confidence

12. That all changed when I found dance at 19. You couldn’t keep me away from the stage and I talked so much I even ended up working in L&D as a facilitator for 7 years!

13. The hubby & I had 2 honeymoons ?

14. I have eczema & have had it since I was born ☹️

15. I started playing the piano since I was 7 & played violin for 2 years in high school. I really wanted to learn to play the saxophone but the violin was cheaper! ??

16. What I find attractive in people is old fashioned manners, being on time, passion and genuine kindness

17. I love my family & pretty much most of us live within 15mins of each other max including my aunties and uncles lol!

18. The next few places I want to visit are Iceland, Japan, the Philippines

19. If I won Tattslotto I’d buy an apartment in each of my fav cities. Then I’d give the rest to a charity that helps kids nurture their given talents.

20. I get excited about a lot of things!


What are 20 facts about you? I’d love to read them 🙂

Happy hump day and have a great rest of your week xx