Will You Be My Valentine?

Happy Valentine’s Day friends!

This is a random kind of post of just a couple of things I watched this morning before heading out to mass and St Kilda Fest 2016. Thought I’d share ūüôā

Miss H woke up quite early today so I lay in bed and this video from Chriselle Lim popped up on my newfeed. I like watching her fashion vids and this one was interesting because it was a little different! Wow, yes to #1 please! But in reality I think it’s #5 for me – acceptance that that won’t happen! Do you have any other tips for #relationshipgoals? What did you think of these ones?

After Miss H got a bit bored of just laying in her cot, her and I headed downstairs for our morning yoga session but not before trying out this HIIT workout from Lucy. I found her videos through watching Anna Saccone’s What I Ate Wednesday videos and thought I’d give it a go. I didn’t even finish this workout right to the end eeeeek! Hmmm, I clearly need to work on my fitness levels!

I found this beautiful lady’s yoga videos when searching for some stretches in the new year. I woke up with an extremely sore lower back on January 1st and didn’t know what happened as my back is normally fine. I thought I must’ve slept on it wrong so I searched for some stretches and came across Brett Larkin’s channel…instantly I felt much better and became addicted! This morning routine is perfect for beginners and she has so much more helpful content so subscribe to her channel for the latest.

Then while eating breakfast, I watched this fun clip from Mute Crew as we were performing at St Kilda Fest in the afternoon and I wanted to get a little hyped up for it. It was my first time dancing again after having Miss H. I’ll link a video of our performance as soon as it’s up!

What have you been watching lately? Care to share?

Hope you had a wonderful Sunday!