Mums who brunch – Kitty Burns

Kitty Burns mac n cheese

When a friend suggested that I visit this cafe with an amazing menu, beautiful interiors and easy access to the Yarra for a nice walk, I couldn’t wait to check it out. Turns out Kitty Burns was a perfect place to catch up with some friends for a birthday brunch.

We picked a table outside because the weather was perfect and it was easy to get to – we came with three prams, needing two high chairs to keep us three mamas, three babies and a preschooler happy! And happy we were! How could you not be when chocolate and custard cronuts are there to greet you on the front counter?!

Kitty Burns brunch Melbourne The Urban MaKitty Burns cronut The Urban Ma

I ordered:

Kittys Greens – Charred broccoli, asparagus, avocado, spinach, mizuna, shredded house grain, roasted almonds and a poached egg (that’s what it said on the menu but I also got some yummy pistacchios) Loved this dish and polished it off my plate feeling full and content.

– a cappucino

Daniel ordered:

Mac n Cheese croquettes – these were on the kids menu but I’m sure us adults would be more than happy finishing it off if it got too much for the kids!

Custard Cronut – I’ll have another thanks! This was divine. I loved the layers of pastry and the creamy custard in between.
Kitty Burns Melbourne cafes

I almost couldn’t find the place because I was expecting to find a cafe along the street but instead I entered via an underground carpark – Kitty Burns is part of one of the apartment complexes close to Ikea Richmond (that’s an easy way for me to remember for next time!). I paid $5 for parking which gave me a couple of hours and then it was just a matter of finding the way out (follow the green paint along the ground!). As we appeared from the carpark, right before us was a lovely cafe setting with the Yarra River easily accessible by a staircase next to the cafe.

Turns out we sat in the perfect spot as Daniel was able to find hours of play along the rocky landscape, jumping and climbing with his toy Dusty in hand. He was able to keep himself occupied the entire time my friends and I sat there enjoying the food and talking about life, love and kids. I must come back to try more of the menu.Kitty Burns exteriorThe Urban Ma brunch Kitty Burns