Mama Mondays – Surviving January

Whooping cough

Whooping cough hit us straight in the face this new year. Just as January started and we were all motivated and inspired to get cracking on our goals, our poor little babies were struck down with illness for a few weeks. I didn’t leave the house as I didn’t want anyone else catching it from them and so I had the worst case of cabin fever. It was so overwhelming at the height of it that I was just so exhausted and in such a state.

Looking back now the worst of it was really only about a week and a half to two weeks in duration but at the time it just felt like forever. All of us were suffering from almost zero sleep and the kids from coughing and vomitting. Generally Mr D my two year old felt okay in between his coughing fits and was even able to dance around to all his favourite video clips.

IMG_8541 IMG_8540

It was the most tiring two weeks to date and I do not wish it upon any parent. For those parents that have been through times when their kids have been sick I salute you. I found it so hard and constantly worried about the both of them especially Little Miss H because she was just under three months old and her poor little body looked so exhausted from all the coughing. It was like we had her under 24/7 surveillance and I would bolt up in the night every time I heard her starting a coughing fit.

Midnight emergency trips to the hospital and constantly reading up on whooping cough on the internet were just some of the things we went through. Below is a list of things I found handy when dealing with our two little ones being sick with whooping cough:

– an electronic thermometer to easily check their temperature
– a plastic bag to catch vomit after their coughing fits (before I started making Mr D carry one around with him, he was vomiting everywhere and I was constantly mopping up puddles of it on our floorboards :/)
– natural manuka honey oral liquid by Brauer to help soothe the coughing
– an aspirator for Little Miss H to help pull out all the stuff blocking her nose (sometimes I even tried gently sucking it out myself because I freaked out so much about her not being able to breathe!)
– batch-cooked meals (on one of the days, the hubby cooked three soups – carrot, pumpkin and cauliflower and also cooked some other dishes to freeze. This meant that we didn’t have to cook when we were so exhausted and we were still eating nutritious meals)
– an eye mask (to soothe my hot, tired eyes)
– an accepting and patient attitude
– prayers
– help from family members and friends (a friend dropped off some jelly and Hydrolyte icy tubes for Mr D and it was so nice to see the little package when I opened our front door)

1. Exhausted and waiting to see a doctor – comforting Mr D whilst pushing Little Miss H back and forth in her pram 2. Housework piled up as two kids needed the attention more 3. Dr Daddy – as parents we need to play many different roles for our children 4. Unable to go out to the shops and places where other kids are just in case they catch the cough, we had our own little private picnics in the middle of the oval 5. Poor Mr D threw up every meal he ate ūüôĀ 6. On the mend – these two were so happy to be close to each other again!

I remember feeling so overwhelmed, tired and frustrated that I couldn’t help but cry my eyes out while both kids were crying. And one little message from one of my friends just made my day. She wrote, “Don’t worry, I cried too.” I know it know it doesn’t sound like anything profound, but after thinking that I had failed my kids yelling at them out of frustration then immediately feeling guilty afterwards, that simple text just made me feel so much better. Like my feelings and reactions were just a normal thing to go through. It was a hard few weeks but we all got through it still standing!

What are some of the things that have helped you during the tough times?

IMG_8522“Are you feeling better? Can we play now?

Will You Be My Valentine?

Happy Valentine’s Day friends!

This is a random kind of post of just a couple of things I watched this morning before heading out to mass and St Kilda Fest 2016. Thought I’d share ūüôā

Miss H woke up quite early today so I lay in bed and this video from Chriselle Lim popped up on my newfeed. I like watching her fashion vids and this one was interesting because it was a little different! Wow, yes to #1 please! But in reality I think it’s #5 for me – acceptance that that won’t happen! Do you have any other tips for #relationshipgoals? What did you think of these ones?

After Miss H got a bit bored of just laying in her cot, her and I headed downstairs for our morning yoga session but not before trying out this HIIT workout from Lucy. I found her videos through watching Anna Saccone’s What I Ate Wednesday videos and thought I’d give it a go. I didn’t even finish this workout right to the end eeeeek! Hmmm, I clearly need to work on my fitness levels!

I found this beautiful lady’s yoga videos when searching for some stretches in the new year. I woke up with an extremely sore lower back on January 1st and didn’t know what happened as my back is normally fine. I thought I must’ve slept on it wrong so I searched for some stretches and came across Brett Larkin’s channel…instantly I felt much better and became addicted! This morning routine is perfect for beginners and she has so much more helpful content so subscribe to her channel for the latest.

Then while eating breakfast, I watched this fun clip from Mute Crew as we were performing at St Kilda Fest in the afternoon and I wanted to get a little hyped up for it. It was my first time dancing again after having Miss H. I’ll link a video of our performance as soon as it’s up!

What have you been watching lately? Care to share?

Hope you had a wonderful Sunday!


Date night excellence in Melbourne’s west – West of Kin

¬† ¬† ¬†Having a new addition to our family has brought both joy and sleepless nights but perhaps one of the biggest changes is that we’ve lost that time we used to have to ourselves. LifeBc (life before children) afforded us so much time to just sit and be, and while I wouldn’t change a thing, it was nice to finally have a date night again just us two after having baby number two.

A bright new addition to Melbourne’s restaurant scene in the west had just opened its doors and we were keen on enjoying an evening out somewhere new. West of Kin was the perfect choice with its high quality and¬†sophisticated Asian fusion menu and ambiance. As soon as we were greeted by our waiter and placed our order we knew we were in for a treat.

  We ordered:

– Kelp cured kingfish, smoked oysters, chogochujang, viola
– Jiangxi style chicken bao (the hubby practically inhaled his bao it was so tasty!)
– Yunnan style lamb ribs, sesame seeds, sweet and sour soy lacquer (recommended by our waiter and it was one of our faves of the night)
– New style son in law egg, steamed rice, house made Kim chi mayonnaise
– Sichuan style beef tartare, fried shallot and garlic, quail yolk
– Quail terrine, raisin relish
And that was just to start!

– Master stock shredded duck, egg noodle, xo sauce, spring onion, coriander, chilli, fried quail eggs (By the time we finished this dish between the two of us we were both full!)
– spiced panna cotta, scorched fruit, saffron syrup
– Chocolate de lice, golden leaf, hazelnut crumble (a rich chocolate flavour but oh so good!)

We loved everything we picked and having ordered nearly everything on the menu.
We initially drove straight past West of Kin because as soon as I saw that the address was Lacy street, I remembered that this street was where my dad used to work and wanted to reach the end of the street. At the end of Lacy street is a big factory warehouse where Pilkington used to be located before moving to Laverton and then later closing their operations in Australia. I remember visiting my dad with my brother when I was small and seeing all the big machines and his workmates. At the end of the street there are sloping hills and a park and playground and I remember Pilkington holding a family Christmas party one year where we got to meet Santa and it was so much fun. Funny the memories that stay in your head!

After reaching the end of the road still not seeing number 17 anywhere, I finished my little trip down memory lane, and we did a u-turn and realised that West of Kin was actually located in the unassuming but esteemed building that  on the corner of Ballarat road and Lacy street.

Spot Kenny! We bumped into him as he was also dining there that night and you can check out his West of Kin experience here.
For now West of Kin is only open for dinner but we are told that they will extend their service to breakfast and lunch as they settle in. The courtyard would be a great place to dine and relax on a nice day. A much needed addition to this area, we can’t wait to come back for a drink or two and to taste the rest of the menu!

West of Kin Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Mama Mondays – Planet Kids

Planet Kids Play Centre
10-12 Cecil Street, Southbank

The challenge – two mamas from opposite sides of Melbourne to catch up in a central location, comfortable for both kids and mamas to play and relax. The solution – Planet Kids!

It was my first venture out alone with my two little ones – a newborn and a 2 year old. It was a hot summer’s day and it was my first attempt at catching up with my sister in law who also had a newborn and a one year old in tow.

Planet Kids was air conditioned, spacious but not with a warehouse feel and had what us mamas needed – coffee! After what felt like half an hour of getting a parking spot and finding a ticket machine, making it inside this parents’ haven was a huge relief.

There were different areas for the kids to play in depending on their age. We loved the soft toddler play area for kids ages three and under and Daniel also loved the cars and the tall play gym structure with a huge slide. All the different areas felt clean and well looked after.

– Soft toddler play area
– play rooms with different toys in each
– party rooms where you can host a party for your little one
– open space in the middle of the play centre for kids to drive around the ride-on cars
– an interactive space also in the middle of the play centre for games and some dancing fun
– a cafe selling reasonably priced snacks and food (We had two ham and cheese toasted croissants and a cappucino. They use Five Senses Coffee.)

Planet Kids is adjacent to Cafe Ciel, and this is where you also enter the play centre if you’re entering via the ramp. It has a sophisticated, industrial feel to it and if you feel like more “grown up” snacks and food, you can purchase some here instead of the cafe inside Planet Kids. It can also be hired as a function space – we attended the launch of the Wonderful Mama online magazine at Cafe Ciel last year and the drinks and canapes were gorgeous.

Daniel had a great time!

Where are some of your favourite play spaces to take catch up with friends and kids?