Jurassic Creatures hits Harbour Town – Docklands

Jurassic Creatures Dinosaurs Melbourne Harbour TownIMG_9687


p style=”text-align: center;”>Jurassic Creatures – Docklands, Melbourne
Until April 10th 2016

If you still haven’t heard the dinosaurs roar, gone on a fossil dig or met the crew from Dinosaur Train, then consider this your personal reminder to get some tickets to Jurassic Crrstures before its last day on Sunday April 10, 2016.

There are two or three sessions daily that run for two and a half hours. Our family visited on the opening day and we were impressed at the organisation and planning of the event.

With fossil digs, amusement rides, dinosaur arts and crafts, this interactive walk-through kept both the young and the young at heart occupied. Even baby Hannah couldn’t stop staring at all the sights!

What a fun way to engage all the senses and keep the kids active during the school holidays! We even ate and shopped in Harbour Town after our Jurassic adventure.

Have you been to see the Jurassic Creatures? What are you getting up to on the school holidays?




Mama Mondays – 5 months post partum

Hannah 5 months cotton on

Mama Mondays – 5 months post partum

Height/Weight: Hannah’s next check up with the nurse will be at eight months so it feels like such a big gap in between knowing her measurements because we’ve had them quite regularly up until now. I got her on the scales at home with me and it looks like shes weighing around 7.7kgs at the moment. Not sure how long she is.
I’m sitting at 65.5kg this month and doing a little big of yoga here and there. I need to get back into doing it daily!

Family time getting easier and easier as we learn the ropes and logistics of going to the shops, parties and going on roadtrips with two little ones in tow – we took them to Geelong and Phillip Island this month, lots of Daddy time and time with her big brother who loves showering her with hugs and kisses, she loves trips in her pram.

Routine/Sleep: We all usually head downstairs to start our day after the hubby has left for work so around 8.30am is when we’ve usually started to eat brekkie and get ready for the day ahead. Hannah sometimes wakes up earlier at 6 or 7am and when she does, we drive Daddy to the train station. Then she gets sleepy and has her first nap around 9:30-10:30am and if she’s in a pram or in the car because we’re out, she’ll normally sleep a long chunk until lunch time. After lunch and play Hannah will next get sleepy around mid afternoon and then have yet another nap at 4:30pm or so. I used to wait for hubby to get home so he could bathe her but these days always try to bathe her before he comes home so we’re all fresh and ready for dinner. Then it seems Hannah will sleep at around 8pm but keep waking up until she sleeps a big chunk from around 10pm – 2am.
It feels like it’s a little different each day and all the days just blur into one so I’m just taking it as it comes. Recently I tried not to feed her at all during the night and she cried and cried but the hubby kept settling her while I stayed in Daniel’s room. My boobs ended up so sore by the end of it but she actually survived the night right up until 4:30-5am without feeding. She slept quite well the next night but then we went away for the weekend to Phillip Island and she slept so soundly the whole night only waking up a couple of times. We shared a bed and I know remember why we ended up co-sleeping with Daniel – they just seem to sleep so much more peacefully and longer when they’re next to me.

hannah march 19th 2016

Eating/Feeding: Hannah has had a taste of sweet potato, carrot, and some other flavours including sucking on a chicken bone while at her grandparents house…ahhh no wonder kids always love it at their grandparents! – they get to eat things we wouldn’t normally give them lol! She loves melons and loves to eat. This month I will try to use less of the packet baby food and try to puree my own.

   3 little cousins with one on the way!

Milestones: Hannah is just rolling and moving all over the place now. I still don’t understand how she manages to change direction so quickly without even crawling – she’ll be facing one way to start with then within a couple of minutes she’ll be facing the other way! Hannah has also started to giggle a lot more now, especially when you playing peek-a-boo with her. Her face is so animated, the hubby said he feels like he can really tell what she’s thinking and feeling by the way she looks at him! Hannah also went on her first couple of trips away this month to Geelong and Phillip Island. She seemed to absolutely love watching Daniel and cousin Madison playing with each other day and night – she looked like she just wanted to join in already! Oh and she can now reach her foot to her mouth and I catch her chomping on her big toe sometimes haha!
I’ve been slowly wearing some of my pre-pregnancy clothes again but am also a little bombarded with all the clothes in this house, and keep thinking I should just clear out the whole wardrobe and start again, this time being very minimalistic with what I buy. But then every time I see pretty dresses or vibrant outfits on Instagram or in the stores, I think how can you not buy and wear all the pretty clothes that are out there. Ughhh I can’t make up my mind! My eczema continues to flare up this month and the doctor has given me a different type of ointment to try out. I’ve also stopped eating chocolate hot cross buns – maybe out one on the odd occassion! I ran for the first time in so long and it wasn’t even in runners, it was on the beach at Phillip Island as my brother, hubby and I were trying to get to The Pinnacles in a hurry before it was time for dinner. It felt good to get super fresh air and sweat it out but I really need to work on my fitness.

  My baby girl and I
Argghh I love her feet!! So cute!!!   Such big, pretty eyes!
 Chilling out in bed, crafts at home, trips to the zoos and off to see the dinosaurs!

High on pie at Phillip Island’s Pieland

Shop 1/69B Chapel st, Phillip Island

*******Update 02/12/2016 Sadly, Pieland is now closed. Kris and Halina are in are thoughts and prayers. The following message was posted on Pieland’s Facebook page:
“Dear Pieland Customers,We wish to inform you that we were forced to close our food production due to an illness. It is a very sad moment for all concerned and we regret that we are unable to help with the situation. We apologise for any inconvenience as we are aware that our Pieland was a destination for a lot of customers from all corners of Australia. We would like to thank everyone for their wonderful comments on our products and services on many social sites and blogs. We wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year and please keep us in your memory. Love from Kris and Halina” *********

Memories from my childhood are filled with fun holidays and discovering new things with my little brother and mum and papa. We would often stopover in little towns on the way to places like Bright and Bateman’s Bay, and one thing I loved was seeing Papa’s face get excited when he tasted a really good pie! He was always always on the look out for a good bakery to check out their pies and, it’s good to know some things never change because last weekend, Papa found a gem of a place in Phillip Island.

Just off the main strip in Cowes, Papa noticed an unassuming little shop occupying a space no wider than our backyard as we stood in front of the more prominently positioned Phillip Island Bakery. The words “PIELAND” I’m sure, caught his eye. Either that or the words “Gourmet Pies..” did the job.

In a flash we found ourselves inside Pieland eyeing their freshly baked pies and having the loveliest little chat to owners Kris and Halina who informed us that they’ve only been open for three months. I couldn’t believe it! Having only been open on Boxing Day last December, it seems that this lovely duo have perfected the art of the pie and of good old fashioned customer service. Humble and hospitable we couldn’t resist and came the next day to take some pies back home with us to Melbourne.
The special of the day – Polish Bigos Hunter’s Stew – tender meat, Polish sausage, cabbage, prunes, and a few other ingredients and spices encased in this gorgeous freshly baked pastry. Halina explained that this Bigos dish recipe is hundreds of years old. The meat and ingredients used can vary especially the measurements of cabbage vs the meat. Pieland’s version is amazing! Just look at the pie.

On another note, how good are the two photos above taken by the hubby on his Samsung S6 phone. My pics below taken with my iPhone6 don’t even compare :/ I’m in the market for a new phone, should I make the switch over to Samsung? What do you think? Anyways I always get sidetracked…

Chatting to Kris and Halina felt like we were chatting to familiar neighbours. They told us they moved to the Island to live a relaxing and quiet life after having lived in the Melbourne suburb of Hampton Park for over twenty-five years. I laughed and joked that it may get a little less quiet if people discover their pies – they’ll be putting Phillip Island on the map not just for their surf beaches, nature walks and penguins!

I love the delightful, little chalk art details bordering their chalkboard menus 🙂Now that’s the sight you want to be greeted with when walking into an eatery – big smiles and loads of fresh pies in the making! Here Kris is putting together a batch of red curry chicken. Hearty and filling. The exterior of their charming little shop. There is a bar bench inside, perfect for devouring your pie as you gaze through the shop front, and a few chairs and tables outside to sit and relax with mates.

The hubby can’t decide on what to get…just try everything. Mmmm that Polish cheesecake looks good!This pic from Pieland’s Facebook page shows off their pavlova which we will totally have to try on our next visit.

Have you been to Pieland?

What are some pie places that you think we should try out?

We stumbled across another little cafe off the main strip called Island Wholefoods. They make nutritiously amazing smoothies with cashew mylk and you can find some great raw, organic and vegan eats for brekkie and lunch. I posted a pic from there on my Instagram.

What’s for lunch at Pusong Pinoy?

Pusong Pinoy Melbourne Filipino restaurant
Pusong Pinoy – 168 Churchill Ave, Braybrook 

We visited Pusong Pinoy late last year and enjoyed their sweet cassava heats with a cup of coffee. This time I was back for more with a hunger for some Filipino ulam (the main dish that goes with rice) for lunch. In the bain marie were three dishes, two of which were cylindrical in shape and wrapped in foil.

We ordered:

– chicken tinola with sayote (choko)

– Squid stuffed with pork mince

– Embotido (a Filipino version of meatloaf with minced pork cooked by steaming while wrapped in foil)

– donuts made on site for dessert

Pusong Pinoy stuffed squid Pusong Pinoy chicken tinolaPusong Pinoy Embotido

Mr D loves rice soaked in any type of soup dish so he devoured the chicken tinola which Kenny said reminded him of Hainanese chicken.

We each bought a meal combo consisting of a serve of rice and our choice of two dishes for good value at $9.50 – I was full and did well with the rice/ulam ratio (Filipinos know the struggle – we’ve got to have that perfect ratio of rice to ulam, or at least master the art of rationing the two so as to end the meal with nothing left on your plate!).

If you are hungry for some Filipino food in Melbourne my blog post here has twelve places where you can get your fix. Let me know if I’ve missed any and if you end up visiting any of the restaurants, let me know what your favourite dish was!

A sneak peek into the latest Melbourne Foodtruck..and its Filipino cuisine!


p style=”text-align: center;”>Park life Altona Little JeepneyPinoy food truck in MelbournePinoy food truck menu Melbourne
The Little Jeepney – Filipino Food Truck
Various locations, Melbourne
Opening day soon to be announced

Please welcome the first Filipino food truck of Australia, set to hit Melbourne’s streets, The Little Jeepney.

It’s big, it’s bright… and it will be serving up Filipino cuisine!

We’ve loved seeing Filipino restaurants pop up all around Melbourne and if you missed those blog posts you can find some them here, here and here. Last week at the end of Fresno street in Altona, a cheerful little food truck stood out in the car park along Cherry Lake. As friends and family arrived for lunch on the sunny Sunday afternoon, you could hear their joy in their voices, “Ay, ang ganda!”, “Congrats anak!” as they congratulated one of their own on her big venutre.


p style=”text-align: center;”>Marie Puno, a former teacher, was busy preparing everyone’s orders throughout the afternoon and it was such an exciting time as The Little Jeepney began it’s maiden voyage onto Melbourne’s food truck scene. Serving up Pinoy favourites with a little fusion, The Little Jeepeney will be trying out tocino burgers and sisig tacos soon.

The Little Jeepney Melbourne Filipino food truck


p style=”text-align: center;”>On the menu for the day were the below dishes.
Little Jeepney menu Filipino food truck Melbourne

 Food, drinks and conversation was shared among the lunch-goers and everyone was super helpful in giving the Little Jeepney team encouragement and feedback.

Anyone who has started their own business knows how much hard work and sweat goes into taking a risk and following your dreams. It has taken two years for Marie to get to this point and speaking with her after the orders were all taken care of, her enthusiasm and positive nature beamed brightly as she spoke of her food truck and her journey so far.

With the adobo, caldareta and BBQ marinade all being influenced by members of her family, namely her dad and her aunties, Marie is also aware that she’ll need to cater for the tastes of those who are not familiar with Filipino cuisine. And there may be a lot of them out there which puts Marie and her crew in the wonderful position of spreading the flavours of the Philippines to a wider audience.

We can’t wait to see The Little Jeepney again when she first starts trading to the public! For now, here is a little teaser into some of the tasty Pinoy dishes you may find on the menu.


p style=”text-align: center;”>P.S Shoutout also to Marie’s mama and family who were so hospitable and walked around welcoming everyone and making sure they were all having a great time! 
Little Jeepney Melbourne food truck Adobo chickenThe chicken adobo was our fave – Mr D couldn’t stop eating it and even though the chicken was soft and well cooked, he gobbled the rice down with just the tasty sauce!
Little Jeepney Melbourne foodtruck The Urban Ma blogThe Little Jeepney caldareta Pinoy cuisine in MelbourneCaldareta, slow cooked beef with rice
Little Jeepney Melbourne Tocino BurgerChicken Tocino slider with slaw, tomato and their secret sauce
Leche ube cake The Little Jeepney Melbourne
Ube Leche Cake – moist taro cake with a layer of creme caramel on top
The Little Jeepney owner Marie
Remote control motor boats
Mr D was distracted by the speeding remote controlled boats in the water! They went round and around racing each other! A fantastic day out for the little ones.
Altona Cherry Lake The Urban Ma blogAltona lake The Urban Ma blog
This busy daddy enjoying some time out with the kids!

The Little Jeepney family MelbourneLots more to come from this Little Jeepney family!

Disclaimer: The Urban Ma dined as guests during the soft launch. This post is not sponsored or expected. We love supporting and exploring new local businesses and are passionate about sharing our findings with you. If you have any favourite places you think we’d like, send us an email or comment below and we’ll check it out! In the meantime eat and be merry! xx


p style=”text-align: center;”>Facebook: The Little Jeepney
Instagram: The Little Jeepney
Twitter: Little Jeepney

Just a few pics from my iPhone…wish it would take clearer photos! The hubby has a Samsung and it seems to take much better photos than mine. Does anyone else find this? 


Mama Mondays – Starting off on the right foot

Bobux Melbourne launch attendees

 Mr D, Little Miss H and I were among twenty-two adults and eighteen young cuties that spent a fun-filled morning with New Zealand footwear company, Bobux at their rebranding and launch event of their Play range of kids footwear. As you can imagine, with that many little ones running around and excited parents chatting away the Together Fit gym, the morning was alive with energy and buzz.

The moment we arrived Mr D just wanted to head straight to the refreshments and nutritious wholefoods catering by Heal.Thy Self Co as if he hadn’t just had breakfast. However as soon as he was fitted a pair of fresh new kicks from the Blaze range, he was ready for some play time. I gave Mr D the option to choose the colour #IWalkBlaze he wanted to get and without hesitation or even looking at the other colours, he went straight for the green high tops. Green is his favourite colour and the pair he picked were a vibrant green, with the pretty colours of pink and purple on the sides in the image of a finch.


p style=”text-align: center;”>IMG_9314Instead of face painting, he wanted a Monster Mutt monster truck painted on his hand.
Shoe fitting Bobux Melbourne relaunchBlaze Hi Finch BobuxHe’s been wearing these almost everyday since he got them!

His new pair of kicks are super comfortable and so stylish that I saw the lightness in his step as soon as he put them on! I was curious to find out more about the design after hearing Bobux representative Greg Parmenter speak about the Bobux brand, their values and research kids foot development. So I went on their website and found that the reasons why Mr D seemed more agile, speedy and stable on his feet!

– Super lightweight due to the flexible Tetraform rubber! It only weighs 92 grams per shoe so he is able to climb and run a lot more swiftly than before. No more limited coordination – more lightness and flexibility.

– Each shoe has an animal graphic on it which helps Mr D put them on the right way – he was always getting muddled up and putting his shoes on the wrong foot but now he knows the finch goes in the middle!

–  The extended micro armour toe cap means more abrasion resistance for more extreme play


p style=”text-align: center;”>- The custom tread on the Blaze shoes are inspired by Formula 1 tyre tread and designed for good grip on heel plant and toe drive (Mr D totally tested this out in the playground, zoo and playcentre. No trips or falls for him.)
IMG_9304 IMG_9303Hmmm I wish they came in adult sizes…his Blaze pair look a million times comfier than my pointy pumps!

There was a fun photobooth, gym equipment for the kids to play around with, friendly staff that helped out with any questions, amazing food and drinks and face painting! It was a great way to spend our weekday morning and being so close to the beach, we headed out to Williamstown afterwards because Mr D wanted to see the yachts and run along the pier.


p style=”text-align: center;”>Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored or expected, but seeing Daniel move so differently with them on made me think we’re on to a good thing here, why not share. 
Bobux goodie bagsThanks for the amazing goodie bag! Such quality itemsBobux Be Young The Urban Ma blogLove their simple, grey and white design.

Does your kid have a favourite pair of shoes? If so, comment below so we can try them out too!
Do they have a pair of Bobux shoes? I’m thinking of getting Daniel a pair of the black or brown Outback ones! Let me know if you have any others from their range and what you think of them.

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by. If you’re on Instagram you can find my daily updates here 🙂


P.S You can use the discount code Media_Pass when ordering Bobux shoes online to get free shipping! 

Birthday brunch for my little sis – a Melbourne day out

Operator 25 exteriorOperator 25 green teaOperator 25 benedict Operator 25 soft shell crab burger Operator 25 smoothie bowl Operator 25 salmon Operator 25 bulgogi burgerOperator 25 table setting


Birthday brunching with my cousins for my little sister’s birthday last month. We started our day with a sleep in then headed to the city for some delectable treats from Operator 25. City sightseeing and a tram ride led us to the NGV and the Andy Warhol Ai Weiwei exhibition that is currently on until April 24th. There was something for everyone with the Studio Cats installation appealing to the kids with a photobooth and interactive activities.

A walk along the Yarra led us back to our car and the colourful and intricate structures of the Chinese Zodiac signs. A quick pit-stop at home to refresh, then out to Rustique restaurant to end the day with my little sister’s birthday dinner. Family, food, art and sunshine – what a birthday!

IMG_9383Mr D taking in the hynotising arrangement of over 1500 bikes in Ai Weiwei’s Forever Bikes (2015) installation which for Ai, symbolise the freedom to move
IMG_9384Entering the summer mist garden, the perfect place to walk through on a hot summer’s day
IMG_9393So agile and adventurous in his new shoes!
IMG_9408The shade of the Summer Architecture Commission developed by John Wardle Architects, is a structure that combines an outer layer of precision engineered steel with a mass array of 1,350 hand folded elements that provide colourful shade by day and a unique nocturnal glow.
IMG_9385 IMG_9422Ai Weiwei’s Letgo Room (2015) Plastic. Composed of more than three million plastic building blocks featuring Australian activists and champions of human rights and freedom of speech. This installation was originally intended to be constructed with LEGO pieces. Visit the exhibition to find out more.
IMG_9423Ai Weiwei’s S.A.C.R.E.D. Maquettes (2011) Fibreglass. A series of architectually scaled dioramas depicting scenes from the detention cell where he was held without charge by the Chinese government for eighty-one days in 2011. This cast him in the dual roles of rebel and victim of oppression.
NGV water window Melbourne Andy WArhol Ai Weiwei NGV Melbourne Studio Cats NGV Melbourne The Urban MAAndy Warhol and Ai Weiwei – For Kids. Interactive, fun activities to get the little ones involved in the artists’ mutual love of cats.Studio Cats Andy Warhol Ai Weiwei for kids

(1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005)

It may prove to be a stressful year for the Roosters in 2016, so do take care of your health. Improve your stamina by eating right, taking up some calming activities and spending more time with your loved ones.
You may experience some stagnation in your career progression and frustration may build up. However, it may be time for you to upgrade you skills through taking up courses or look to further your studies. It may also be time to apply for that sabbatical leave and take a break from work to unwind.
Some misunderstandings may arise this year between married couples. So learn so communicate better with your partner and be more understanding of their emotions. Singles can expect to have better romance luck towards the end of the year so do not fret!
Your wealth luck is not too favourable this year. Be realistic and be wary of unattainable financial yields. Things that look to good to be true, are probably just as the seem, so do not be swayed by greed and use common sense when such situations arise.
– Prepared by Grandmaster Vincent Koh – Singapore Feng Shui Centre 2016

(1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1999, 2003, 2015)

The goats were in charge in 2015, but it is time for them to transition to the year 2016. It may be a slow year for the Goats, but plans will still progress well and remember to strive towards success, and be motivated throughout the year.
If your career seems to be in a limbo this year, do not dwell nor be pessimistic. Stay positive and keep your morale up. This is an opportunity for you to take up self improvement courses or that advanced certification that you had been mulling about.
For singles, don’t be cooped up at home. You will have to widen your social circle in order to meet your prospective partner. For those married couples, be adventurous and seek out new activities and dates to spice up your relationship with your spouse. Maintain a harmonious relationship by making your feelings known to your spouse and express yourself with sincerity.
Try to be more economical with your spending this year. Consider to invest modestly and seek passive returns to supplement your monthly earnings. The period of late winter will bring some favourable wealth luck. Goats are known to help others out, but this year, try to be careful with who you lend money to.
– Prepared by Grandmaster Vincent Koh – Singapore Feng Shui Centre 2016

These Chinese zodiac sign summaries were found underneath each sculpture of our signs in the Crown atrium.