What’s for lunch at Pusong Pinoy?

Pusong Pinoy Melbourne Filipino restaurant
Pusong Pinoy – 168 Churchill Ave, Braybrook 

We visited Pusong Pinoy late last year and enjoyed their sweet cassava heats with a cup of coffee. This time I was back for more with a hunger for some Filipino ulam (the main dish that goes with rice) for lunch. In the bain marie were three dishes, two of which were cylindrical in shape and wrapped in foil.

We ordered:

– chicken tinola with sayote (choko)

– Squid stuffed with pork mince

– Embotido (a Filipino version of meatloaf with minced pork cooked by steaming while wrapped in foil)

– donuts made on site for dessert

Pusong Pinoy stuffed squid Pusong Pinoy chicken tinolaPusong Pinoy Embotido

Mr D loves rice soaked in any type of soup dish so he devoured the chicken tinola which Kenny said reminded him of Hainanese chicken.

We each bought a meal combo consisting of a serve of rice and our choice of two dishes for good value at $9.50 – I was full and did well with the rice/ulam ratio (Filipinos know the struggle – we’ve got to have that perfect ratio of rice to ulam, or at least master the art of rationing the two so as to end the meal with nothing left on your plate!).

If you are hungry for some Filipino food in Melbourne my blog post here has twelve places where you can get your fix. Let me know if I’ve missed any and if you end up visiting any of the restaurants, let me know what your favourite dish was!