The Big Freeze Festival Launch 2016

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The Big Freeze Festival 2016 – Cranbourne
Open for a limited time only – Saturday July 2nd – Sunday July 10th, 2016

It’s been a warm start to winter so far this year but the past few days have brought in what may be the start of the chill. We love that no matter what kind of weather is thrown at us, Melbourne always seems to have an answer to it. With an abundance of festivals, events and exhibitions taking place in Melbourne throughout the year, we are always given the opportunity to learn something new and share the wonderful experiences with family and friends. Last weekend we took our little ones out for a taste of some cold, winter fun at the launch of The Big Freeze Festival.

334A2277The snow sisters from Magical Princess Entertainment were amazing! So talented and lovely to chat with!

The Big Freeze Festival is a fun filled event coming this July that aims to:

– provide an affordable snow experience close to home for Melbourne families and,

– help families re-discover how to have fun together over the winter months by promoting physical activity, encouraging creativity and remembering the joy of imagination play.

We had a little preview of the upcoming festival with some live performances and photo opps with the snow princesses and some snow play. The festival opens in July and will feature the following zones and more:

Snow play (be sure to get in and book your session early!)
Snow globe photobooth
– Regular snowfalls through the Snow Forest
Stage performances and Meet n Greets
Superhero training
Rainy day arts n crafts
Construction play
Workshops: Learn new skills in the workshops series. Select from activities such as hip hop dancing, learn a magic trick, kids’ yoga & music classes. Check out the festival timetable to plan your visit.
Tiny Tots Zone

The Urban Ma Jacqui
Mummy daughter time 🙂
Big Freeze partners
Hot apple cider from Those Girls was sweet and soothing after some time out on the ice! Sweetcheeks Cookies and Cakes & The Marshmallow Club had a nice spread of colourful treats for us.

Entry to The Big Freeze Festival not only gives you the opportunity to play in the snow and the above interactive zones, it also includes a 4 Park Pass to Phillip Island Nature Parks (Penguin Parade, Antarctic Journey, Churchill Island and Koala Conservation Centre) when you purchase a Child ticket (2-12yrs) for only $28. Further info on dates and prices can be found on The Big Freeze Festival website and if you would like updates on any event giveaways and competitions don’t forget to subscribe here!
334A2361334A2353He wanted me to go faster so we could “drift”! Thank goodness I could hold onto him and his seal for balance…I hadn’t been out skating in so long!
The Big Freeze Festival The Urban Ma blogHe didn’t want to stop!…looks like we’ll have to come back for another visit to Docklands for some more laps of the skating rink.

Thank you to You’re Melbourne for the awesome pics!
334A2395Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. We attended the launch by invitation and found it to be so much fun we just had to share it with you as we know that you love hearing about the latest events and things to do. If you would like to see more photos or daily posts you can find The Urban Ma Blog on Instagram. Also don’t forget to subscribe for upcoming event giveaways.

Good night and have a great long weekend!


Mama Mondays – 6 months post partum

6 months with Hannah

Mama Mondays – 6 months post partum update

Height/Weight: We put Hannah on the scales yesterday and it said she was weighing 7.9kg. Not sure if that’s right because she feels so much more heavier now and I just looked back at last month’s update and it said she was 7.7kg at 5 months. Not sure how long she is but her size 00 onesies are starting to get really tight on her especially at her feet! I have now started taking out the size 0 onesies for her to wear so her toes are not cramped.
I’m sitting at 63.4kg this month and after going to my first ever body building event to support a friend on the weekend, I feel like I really need to get started on exercising more regularly and not just saying I will.

Routine/Sleep: Hannah has three naps a day – a short one at around 10am or so, a long nap from around 1pm to around 3pm if I’m lucky and then another really short nap around 4:30pm. She still isn’t sleeping straight through the night and wakes a few times but then goes back to sleep after a few minutes. I still can’t wait for at least one night where I can sleep straight through a few hours.

Eating/Feeding: Hannah is now eating pureed food three times a day at breakfast, lunch and dinner. She gets really angry if I don’t have any prepared for her and she’ll want more than just breastmilk! She’s slowly starting to eat more food than she pushes out with her tongue. So far she’s liked everything we’ve given her…lots of fruits and veggies.Hannah 6 months old

Milestones: Hannah can now sit up unaided for a little while and will no longer fall left or right but will fall backwards, so I still need to make sure I’m around so that she doesn’t hit her head. She’s also sitting in her high chair now and I just can’t believe how quickly time has flown by and how strong her neck and back have gotten!
Hannah seems to be developing a really loud voice…it’s not a tiny little sound but a big sound that comes out when she’s wanting attention, bored or angry! Her colourful personality is really coming out now and is sometimes a little diva-ish – I don’t remember Daniel being like that at all!
We’ve been our first few fishing trips with her and Daniel lately as the hubby and my cousins are all starting to get into it now. We’ve been setting up one of those easy fold out tents and while Daddy and the rest of the cousins fish, Hannah I have been watching them from inside the tent and she’s been loving it! On the weekend we had the most delicious lunch of just fried fish that they caught, and fresh eggplants, green chillis and cumquats from our backyards. Partnered with rice and some dipping sauces made of fish sauce and the cumquats and chillis, we all ate so much it tasted so good. I posted a video of the lunch on my Snapchat and have been posting daily vlogs on there now for around three weeks straight – I’m finding it’s a great way to journal our days. My username is @jacq-fruit if you’re bored and want to see what we get up to 🙂

6 months front view The Urban Ma post partum updatesSorry for the messy morning hair and lack of make up! – I had to get the hubby to take a pic in the morning before he went to work because it gets dark so early these days so by the time he gets home from work, the sun is almost gone! My eczema on my tummy that flared up really bad last month is slowly getting better and I’m getting less irritated. I’ve been really trying to drink loads of water lately and getting as much sleep as is possible when you’re a mum of two little ones.
6 months side view pregnancy updates I still have a few stretch marks on the front of my belly and on the sides as you can see here. I haven’t been as diligent massaging body lotion and oil this time as I was after I gave birth to Daniel! Whoops! Obviously I’m not too fussed though…there have been more important things keeping my mind occupied these days…Hannah colourful at 6 monthsArgghhhh that smile just gets me every time!

I also attended a few exciting events in the past month and if you want to check them out, I post daily on my Instagram account. Thanks also for all your comments and for sharing one of the recent posts I wrote about advice from my mum. If you missed it you can read it here. Let me know if you would like more of these type of posts…I normally just write them in my journal but if it helps you at all then I can type it up here on the blog as well!

Hope you’re having a great week so far.


Ka Pies – home of Australia’s Best Pie 2016


Ka Pies – Hampshire road, Sunshine

The other week we were craving the scrumptious pies from Pieland in Phillip Island where we met a lovely Polish couple. Kris and Halina’s homemade pies warmed up our trip to the Island and had us wanting to make the two hour road trip back there just to get our hands on their pies including their “Hunter’s Stew – Bigos” pie.

Being a weekday mid afternoon we decided against driving to the other side of town and chose to see if there was anything more local worth trying. A quick message to our foodie friend Kenny asking for suggestions of good pie places in Melbourne’s west led us to Ka Pies.

Amongst the array of cuisines along Hampshire road that take you all around the world from the tastes of Asia to Africa, Doug and Adrian’s Ka Pies brings a taste of New Zealand to the masses with their Hangi Pie (smoked pork, potato, kumara in gravy)! They also have classic meat pie flavours such as steak and mushroom, steak and cheese as well as their 2016 award winning vegan option their Thai Vegetable Curry pie as judged by the Bakers Association of Australia.

  We arrived just before they were closing and got ourselves just under a dozen pies for around $5 as we just bought whatever was left (we didn’t get to try their Thai curry pie)! Their service was super friendly and helpful and we satisfied our meat pie craving…for now. Tasty pies with light, soft pastry. Well worth trying out!

 We’re still dreaming about those pies from Pieland so we’ll really need to make our way down their soon.

Wellness Wednesdays – A is for Attitude

As I journey through life and this phase of motherhood I am constantly learning more and more lessons about myself and the world…from my kids and my parents.

They constantly teach me how much patience and love I have in me. I’m not quite sure where it is stored or comes from but it’s there…in overwhelming abundance. And I am so grateful to be blessed with the experience.

Today I had a lovely chat and interview on the other side of town and I was asked, “What’s the one piece of advice you would give to new mums?” When you first become a mum there seems to be an avalanche of tips and advice that is thrown over to you by well-meaning people. Out of all of the ones I’ve received so far, nothing beats advice from my mum about attitude:

I was so exhausted and delirious from the lack of sleep I was getting the other month. It was just one of the days where nothing would go “right” and the kids wouldn’t sleep, I had no rest, I wasn’t able to get any cleaning, washing, blogging, or anything else done. I was so fed up and frustrated that I just snapped at everyone and got irritated by everything turning my day/week into a miserable one.

Mum said “It’s all in your attitude. You cannot control everything. But the one thing you can control is how you deal with the things that happen around you. Your attitude determines how your day will go and you must remember that you are never given anything in life that you can’t handle. Always have faith and trust that you can do it, that you can handle it. You are strong.”

I’ve heard this before from different people at work, on podcasts and books. But the thing that made the difference is the timeliness of the advice. And Mum seems to know when I need to hear different things!

I also recently read a page of a book to my 3 year old, Daniel, which covered the topic of attitude on its first page and gave a couple of quotes that again served as a reminder to me to stop and breathe before I get angry at something and just find a way to deal with it.

Whether you think you can or think you cannot, you are right.
– Henry Ford

One of the few things in life that we have total control over is our attitude. Notice how much easier it is to get things done when you decide to try.
– A is for Attitude – A little book of inspiration and encouragement for people of all ages.
Written and Illustrated by Julie Davey

I can’t remember where I got this cute little picture book from…I think it was from one of those bounty bags you get that’s filled with helpful things for mama and baby but it echoed the same advice Mum gave me.

So to all you new mothers out there who are up right now…or at 3am in the morning feeling so exhausted, drained and unsure, remember that it’s these low times that make the highs even more amazing and special. Enjoy the ride!

Good night friends!



Mama Mondays – 60 years of marriage

60th lola and lolo60th cake and flowers

Today is my grandparents’ sixtieth wedding anniversary. Such an amazing and rare milestone to reach. We celebrated the occasion yesterday. A simple family gathering by the beach with a buffet lunch. We all wore white. And even though it was just the family and very close friends, there were over sixty of us! Having many children must be their secret to a long and happy union. Growing up with a big family of many relatives, my childhood memories are full of road trips and games. So much fun, laughter, drama and togetherness. Chatting to my granddad during lunch and speaking to him about his commitment to my grandma, he was witty and had a few tips on how to stay together and enjoy growth in love.

“Live a simple, family life”.

“Get rid of your ego and just love each other”.

60th facts

What helps create peace and harmony in your marriage?

Style Saturdays – Brights

Hannah in Bonds and Big W

Loving this super bright patterned Bonds singlet! It captures perfectly how happy I feel when I see these two starting to interact with each other more and more each day . So in love with our little minis.
Bro and sis“Kuya, can I have some of your hair?”
Hannah Bonds and Big W

Cardigan – Pumpkin Patch

Singlet – Bonds

Leggings – Big W

Headband – a gift from my cousin from a cute little stall at Highpoint that sells hair accessories and also sunnies.