Mama Mondays – 60 years of marriage

60th lola and lolo60th cake and flowers

Today is my grandparents’ sixtieth wedding anniversary. Such an amazing and rare milestone to reach. We celebrated the occasion yesterday. A simple family gathering by the beach with a buffet lunch. We all wore white. And even though it was just the family and very close friends, there were over sixty of us! Having many children must be their secret to a long and happy union. Growing up with a big family of many relatives, my childhood memories are full of road trips and games. So much fun, laughter, drama and togetherness. Chatting to my granddad during lunch and speaking to him about his commitment to my grandma, he was witty and had a few tips on how to stay together and enjoy growth in love.

“Live a simple, family life”.

“Get rid of your ego and just love each other”.

60th facts

What helps create peace and harmony in your marriage?