Mama Mondays – 7 months post partum

Mama Mondays – 7 months post partum update
(I know it’s not a Monday but this post has been sitting in my drafts for so long now and I just had to get it out!)

Height/Weight: It has been such a hectic month and I’ve forgotten to weigh Hannah and myself! I’ll do so when she wakes up and update this post. Hannah is growing out of her clothes so quickly and is wearing 00 and 0 sized onesies.

Routine/Sleep: Hannah is still taking around three naps a day but it’s slowly morphing into only two – a long one from mid morning to lunchtime and one later in the afternoon. She still isn’t sleeping straight through the night and wakes a couple of times and needs to be settled which only takes a couple of minutes. Even though she may cry, it doesn’t wake Daniel up which is so good! He seems to able to sleep through anything just like Daddy.

Eating/Feeding: Hannah has totally got the hang of eating and loves her veggies and savoury food. I gave her a mix of fruits and she found it so sour and sweet and spat it straight out! She has already tried some egg and didn’t have any reaction to it and we’re yet to try peanuts, honey etc. We’ve got our 8 month check up with the maternal health nurse next month, it feels like ages since we’ve seen her. Hannah also has a bit of cool boiled water after having solids. She is still being breastfed and we have tried giving her the bottle but she just bites it and plays with it instead of actually drinking properly! Milestones: So many milestones have happened in just the last month. Hannah started to move around by rolling and doing 360’s to get to her toys. Within a week she was trying to commando-crawl and now she moves around by using both her arms and legs and looks like a little caterpillar 🙂

She loves her food…and giving out lots of smiles!

Hannah is as animated as ever and both her and her big brother have the most lively and bright facial expressions I’ve ever seen.

Hannah has also been babbling away – she is quite the chatterbox (the hubby says “I wonder where she gets that from!”). She is making a lot of different sounds like “da da da”, “mmmmma”, “be be be” and clicking sounds with her tongue. She is especially chatty in the mornings and after she has eaten a meal.

This month has been such a roller coaster of emotions for us all including Daniel as we’ve had a few things happen to some of our family members including sickness and a move overseas 🙁 I’ve been quite emotional lately and even though to others it may seem like I’m always happy, this past month has just been a whirlwind of feelings and I’ve felt so drained so I’m sorry for the lack of blog posts here. I’m still posting regularly on my Snapchat (@jacq-fruit) and Instagram feed though so you can catch me on there as well. I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things now so let me know what kinds of posts you want to see here!

Happy first of the month! Good night!


Hannah falls asleep so easily with my sis and some of my aunties and cousins! Wish she was like that with me! Date night at Vue De Monde. Daniel (and myself and the hubby) so sad saying goodbye to our cousins and aunty 🙁

Refections – Restoring to Life

There’s nothing else that can put me at ease than coming home to our warm and cozy abode at the end of a long day. After finishing up some meal prep for the week and a quick clean/declutter of the place so we don’t wake up to mess on a Monday morning, I sat down for a moment and had a flick through our Parish bulletin. I thought I’d share the below excerpt in case you wanted something to meditate and reflect upon.

Have a great week everyone. Good night!

We may not have the capacity to enact a mriaculous ‘resurrection’ as Jesus did with the widow’s son, but we certainly have the capacity and frequent opportunity to restore someone to life in the manner that Jesus restored the life of the widow.

Whenever we encounter someone who has been cast out by life circumstances or by the cruel actions of others, we have the capacity to restore them to a fuller life through our actions. We restore life when we restore dignity; when we refuse to participate in grinding someone down and instead extend a hand to help them up.

How can you extend a hand to help someone up this week?

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Voyaging to Isla Nublar- Jurassic World

Jurassic World Melbourne reviewsJurassic World Melbourne Museum review

Jurassic World, Melbourne Museum
Nicholson street, Carlton

A couple of months ago we traveled to the Isla Nublar to see the dinosaurs of Jurassic World!

Loud, ginormous creatures who had captured our imaginations back when we were kids were alive and roaring fiercely throughout our time in the exhibition.

We had prepared Daniel for the dinosaurs by telling him that they were animatronic creations and they were not real dinosaurs. We had heard from friends that even the most avid dino fans might will get a little scared so we had to assure Daniel that he’d be safe during our excursion to Jurassic World.

Jurassic World collage Melbourne
Stegosaurus Jurassic World Melbourne
Instead of tears, his eyes were filled with wonder and he was so amazed. As soon as we entered into the first enclosure that housed the tall dinosaurs, some kids we were with started balling their eyes out straight away. I think this got Daniel’s guard up but by the next section he was excited and enthralled.
Jurassic World MelbourneDinosaurs at Jurassic WorldVelociraptor Jurassic WorldIMG_6107

We had been wanting to go to Jurassic World ever since we found out it was coming to Melbourne. Daniel was so amazed and wanted to keep going back to see the T-Rex and Triceratops, so we got a good long look at everything. I actually expected the exhibition to have more of a storyline of some sort related to the movie which it is named after and I was also surprised that the only velociraptors to be seen were outside the exhibition. Nevertheless, the main attraction, the dinosaurs, impressed us all not only by their sheer scale but also by the subtle little details – the way they blinked and breathed quietly while they were waiting to make their appearance made it really look like they were alive!

Jurassic World will be in Melbourne until October 2 2016.

Have you visited the dinosaurs? What did you think?

For some more school holiday fun try a visit to this awesome park and cafe or this one! – the kids and kids at heart will love it 🙂

Mama Mondays – Life Lately Mothers Day 

 Just a quick photo diary post on last weekend’s shenanigans!  Started off this year’s Mother’s Day weekend with a cute little morning tea at Mr D’s preschool. They had a nail painting station, cookie decorating station and some other few activities that the centre’s educators had organised so well right down to the lovely little decorative lace on the vases!

It was such a fun morning and which ended with a walk to the nearby park with pretty pink balloons raising money for research and awareness for breast cancer. We left before the walk though, so that Mr D could join his cousins and aunties and uncles at Barwon Heads.
  A screen shot from one of my Snapchat snaps
I didn’t realise I was pulling this face while he painted my nails – a worried kind of smile!    He was so proud of his paint job that he showed off my hands to everyone last weekend. Thankfully Monday came around and I was finally able to take the polish off!That super gorgeous smile of his – brightens up even the gloomiest mornings!
Off to Barwon Heads for some fishing which Daddy and the cousins have been getting into over the past few weeks! They’re learning every day new things like what bait to use, when and where to fish etc. They caught twelve fish that day! It was such a great day to be outdoors!We always set up a little pop up tent for Miss H and this time Thad joined her. A great set up to give Miss H room to roll around and keep the babies safe from any cool winds and rain!
On Saturday Melbourne again brought the beautiful sunshine out and we ventured to Jurassic World at the Melbourne Museum. I’ll write a more details regarding the exhibition in another post but for now here are just a couple of teasers! The dinosaurs were huge!Our little scientist!
Saturday night we were able to have a few hours of alone time without the kids as we celebrated a friend’s birthday in the city and scoffed down plates of dumplings and Hutong! Sorry for the cramped and stingy looking lift selfie but it was the only one we took of the night!

The smell of a croque monsieur grilling away in the morning wafted throughout the house as the hubby made this amazingly delicious breakfast for me. I love the little family and little home we’ve created and can’t wait to spend many more Mother’s Days with them! The Sunday was all about the mums and grandmas so the day started off with mass, then lunch with all my aunties, uncles, mum and grandparents, then dinner with the hubby’s side of the family.image2 (9)image3 (6)

Wellness Wednesday – Motherhood is different for everyone


Motherhood is different for everybody

Just getting in early to wish all the mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers and mother-figures out there a happy, stress-free and relaxing Mothers Day 2016.

We are all doing our best with what we are given…a role with no specific job description or instructions but we still manage to get everything done. There are so many helpful resources out there including our own parents, friends and relatives and also online support networks and apps such as the MyMedela app which I downloaded recently. So handy to have so much valuable information in one place! Anything that helps to makes things easier and more efficient is gold!

Do you have any other helpful apps that you use to keep everything organised ie. budgeting apps, calendar, to do list type apps, cleaning apps etc? I’d love to check them out!