Mama Mondays – 10 & 11 months post partum update

The Urban Ma blog post partum updates
Mama Mondays – 10 & 11 month 
post partum update

Only a few weeks to go and our baby girl turns the big O-N-E! We had such an exciting couple of months recently with our first ever trip overseas as a family of four! So this post is both a ten and eleven month update rolled into one.

Height/Weight: Hannah is growing fast and we haven’t had a maternal nurse check up this month but she already feels a lot taller and heavier! She is currently fitting into size 0 and 1 clothes and some of her dresses are still size 3-6 months old! Not sure if the label is wrong or maybe that brand just has bigger sizing.

Routine/Sleep: This month Hannah has been waking up at around 6am and sometimes even as eearly as 5:30am…she has been going to bed at around 8-8:30pm so I’m not quite sure why she’s up so damn early! Naps are still happening at around 2-3 times during the day depending on what we’re doing and she always falls asleep in the car.

Eating/Feeding: I breastfed Daniel until he was thirteen months and I think Hannah will probably be feeding until about the same age. We have already started to slowly eliminate her night feeds. The hubby sleeps with her in our room and I sleep with Daniel in his room so she can’t smell me at all. When this is the arrangement we are able to have her sleep straight through the night. Like Daniel, Hannah loves sleeping with one of us, especially her big brother so her cot has become just a play pen!
Hannah is eating practically everything and anything. She has tried a little bit of peanuts, honey and cows milk just in this past week and she hasn’t had any reactions. She loves to hold her food and whilst she hasn’t started using a spoon on her own yet, she is getting lots in her mouth by getting her hands dirty! The other night she had a gherkin in one hand and a spear of asparagus in the other and was alternating gobbling up the two. She loves eating oranges and lemons and doesn’t even flinch at the sourness, she just keeps eating until only the rind is left.

Hannah has still not taken to drinking milk from a bottle and I think she’ll end up skipping that all together. We bought her a drink bottle from Disneyland as a souvenir and the first time we gave it to her she couldn’t figure out how the straw worked – she kept tilting the bottle to get her water. After only the second time of giving it to her she had quickly figured out how to suck the water up the straw. Babies are so smart!

10 months post partum update

Milestones: Our baby girl finally has teeth!! Two weeks ago her bottom tooth cut through and then just this weekend we saw one of her top central incisors also make an appearance. It looks like there are three more top teeth waiting to erupt any day now. I tried so hard to take a photo of them because this will be the only time we’ll ever see her cute little gums like this but it was impossible with her moving around so much. I’ll have to get the hubby to help me. And to think just two weeks ago we were wondering when her teeth were going to come! – Daniel’s first tooth erupted when he was eight months.
no-teeth-yet“Where are my teeth?!!!”
hannah-asparagus“It’s all good – I can still eat without them!”

Hannah sounds like a little beat boxer in the making at the moment. The sounds she makes are so funny! She is still constantly babbling out words I can’t quite recognise but more than twice already we heard her say what we swear sounds like “hello!”. She absolutely love it when I ask her “What does the sheep say?” because she giggles as soon as I say “Baa-baa”. She must think that sound is so funny!

Hannah can stand and sit herself down easily now while she’s holding onto something and is still yet to master standing on her own.  At ten months old Hannah went on her first ever trip on a plane! We went to Hong Kong and from there boarded an amazing cruise and I posted part one of the trip last week.  

Both Daniel and Hannah were so excited being on a plane and on the cruise. They were well-behaved as we kept them occupied with lots of games and food. As long as both of them have food, it seems they couldn’t have a care in the world! Daniel has been planning his next “family holiday adventure” ever since we got back. He’s been obsessed with making collages.

How cute are the hand/foot printed cards the kids made for Daddy!Our personalised Mickey ears! Happy 7th wedding anniversary!

We celebrated both Fathers Day and our wedding anniversary while on our holiday. The kids had an absolutely blast! Can you tell? Hannah’s face says it all – that smile melts me every single time!img_2874

This past month Daniel and Hannah also watched their first ever live stage show. We watched some shows on the cruise and also at Hong Kong Disneyland. The live music and singing and dancing has them both mesmerised – I’m glad it wasn’t just me enthralled by the singing Disney princessses hehe!


Lately this mama has not been eating very nutritious foods at all. So I feel like I was much more fit at eight months post part I’m and now. I really need to get my butt into gear. Luckily Daniel is such an active little boy. He wants to go for a bike ride every minute of the day so at least that pushes me to get some walking done. My eczema flared up quite badly towards the end of our trip, especially the first week back home. Not sure if it was the weather or my bad diet but after heaps of moisturising twice a day and getting a new script, my skin is now slowly healing and feeling smooth again.

Hannah’s first piggy tales! Hannah’s hair is growing and at that awkward stage where it gets so messy if I put a headband on. It’s still short but strangely long enough to look wild when it’s not held back with a clipThank you Kids Business for our family night at the movies! xx

Movies with a toddler?

The firsts kept rolling in these past couple months as we took Hannah with us to the movies for the first time. With no one to babysit and Daniel wanting so badly to see Storks, we decided to go. I had my snacks, toys and patience packed and ready so that we wouldn’t be disturbing anyone in the theatre. We watched the 7.20pm session and after having some dinner and a bit of playing on the seats Hannah fell asleep towards the end of the movie since it was her bedtime. All in all a successful night out phew! If you have to bring along a toddler to the movies then our top tips would be:

1) pack lots of food
2) bring quiet things for them to play with
3) watch a session that is during their down time, not a session that’s just after they’ve woken up
4) book seats where you have easy access to the exit in case you need to soothe them or they start making noise and,
5) be flexible! I don’t expect little ones to sit still through an entire movie so if they need to get up and about then at least you’re near the exit 🙂

Hope this helps if you want to go to the movies but need to bring a baby along!

Wishing you all have a wonderful week! And if you’re heading out this weekend you might want to check out this enchanting place. It’s just over an hour’s drive out of Melbourne so it’s a great day trip out to get some fresh air and indulge in stunning scenery.

What is your favourite road trip destination?


Sunday Reflections – The importance of gratitude

How can I be a blessing to others today?

Once there was a young man who never thought of donating blood. But then his father got very ill and was hospitalised. 

One day the son was sitting by his faher’s beside as he was getting a blood transfusion. As he watched the blood flowing into his father’s veins, he suddenly realised that somebody donated the blood that was now keeping his father alive. Straightaway he made up his mind hat he would become a donor and he was as good as his word.

Many are willing to avail of the generosity of others, but few are willing to give something back. This is why gratitude is so important. It makes us want to give something back.

(Excerpt from the parish’s weekly bulletin which can be found here)

Every night Mr D practices gratitude by telling us the things he is grateful for that day. It’s so heartwarming to hear what he has to say, which lately has been all about family and holidays!

Whether it’s an action that is big or small, how can you be a blessing to someone today? 

Road tripping – Warburton Valley

Go the Doggies Western Bulldogs AFL Grand Finals SeddonOff to get some coffee just around the corner from this super cool wall of bulldog. Congrats on the win!

Little Miss H has been waking up ridiculously early lately. Yesterday, out of all days (a public holiday), she woke up at 5:30am. Really? Is life really that amazing that you have to get up so early? Turns out it is 🙂 Four hours later when the hubby awoke, we started on what turned out to be a beautiful day out with mother nature.

10am Off to get some morning coffee, we headed to Fig and Walnut, a charming little cafe in Seddon. The kids had fun in the courtyard out the back. There were veggie boxes and a wooden cubby house that kept them occupied while we soaked up the sun and enjoyed a delicious almond croissant. Mr D must have worked up an appetite in the short while we were there because he asked to order some food and drink – he had a slider and babycino which he gobbled up quite quickly. It must’ve been the effects of the beautiful sunny morning coupled with the hit of coffee that we decided to just get up and go on a roadtrip.

1:00pm Destination Warburton Valley. About an hour and a bit drive from Melbourne City along the M3 there were lots of things outside the window that kept Mr D entertained from animals to cars to the artwork along the Eastlink. I love seeing the shades of grey with white centrepiece at Mullum Mullum tunnel. So pretty!

2pm The kids fell asleep by the time we got to La La Falls so the hubby stay in the car with them while I hiked up the 3.2km return trip through the lush Mountain Ash Forest. It was actually a good thing because we didn’t have the baby carrier with us and it would’ve been a hard walk having to carry Little Miss H the whole way. So it ended up being “me” time!

Since it was such a spontaneous drive, I think I was a tad bit inappropriately dressed with my super white Converse sneakers – everyone I walked past was commenting that they’d be brown by the time I walk back hahah! Surprisingly they weren’t! The track wasn’t flat but it was pretty family-friendly with lots of families with school-aged kids and people walking their dogs. With the babbling streams being heard and seen here and there and small stone bridges along the way I just kept thinking Mr D would love it here. It was like I was expecting to bump into an elf or hobbit along the way.

 So peaceful and picturesque this is a wonderful walk with sights and sounds to soothe the soul.

3pm We stopped by Warburton’s town centre to grab some pies from the local bakery and check out the handy information centre along the main strip. They were knowledgeable and friendly sharing other wonderful attractions to visit. Armed with some maps and info sheets we drove only about 7km until turning off left onto Cement Creek rd. The road was unsealed and we drove over a one-lanes wooden bridge that Mr D loved! Within only a few minutes we were at the car park.Warburton BakeryWarburton Bakery Pies
Passing through the gates was the fascinating Redwood Forest. Over 1457 Californian Redwood trees (sequoia sempervirens) were planted as part of the hydrology research program on canopy interception (read more about it on this information site). Planted in a grid arrangement the trees so tall, between 20-55metres in height, stand in appealing straight lines and it was captivating being amongst them. We felt so small and fully enveloped by nature. There were no echoes when we talked to each other – it was like the air was cushioned like a well-sound proofed theatre room! Mr D was engrossed in it all and loved the open grassy area just to the side. A perfect picnic spot. Like with La La Falls there are no toilets at Redwood Forest but the town centre close by has all the amenities.Redwood forest warburton Redwood Forest Warburton tall trees Victoria Redwood Forest photography Victoria tall trees road tripkid friendly Melbourne forest walks Redwood forest warburton

Warburton is absolutely beautiful and it was such a lovely way to spend the public holiday. Next time we’ll have to leave earlier in the morning or even better, stay over night to see:

– the Rainforest Gallery where you can walk among the tall Mountain Ash treetops along an elevated walkway. Some of the beech trees also found in the area are up to 400 years old!

– the summit of Mt Donna Buang

– the Lilydale to Warburton rail trail. Bring the bikes along and ride this 40km iconic trail for walkers, cyclists and horse riders!

– so many walking trails around the area where you can take it all in and get active amongst the greenery.

Tip: If you need a quick pit stop, check out the cute, little Thomas Avenue playground in between the main road and the Yarra River. A great place to stretch out after a long drive. There are toilets on site and the playground has many stepping logs, some swings and animal sculptures including a big wombat and tortoise. Walk a little bit further down and the banks of the river boast ducks and other wildife – you may even see a platypus if you’re lucky!

Family day trip Warburton tall trees Vicotira Redwood ForestLoving being among all this fresh air and soothing surrounds.
Warburton Redwood forest

What’s your favourite road trip destination? Hope you’re having a great long weekend so far whether it’s being out and about or relaxing at home enjoying watching the Doggies win!

Night! -xx-